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  1. I follow him on faceache (follow not like 🤔) and when I saw his post about this I posted along the lines of "so you've lit the fire and poured petrol on it for years and now you want to be all bffs. I think you underestimate the animosity you and your mates have caused". 2 like so far I think but just waiting for the massed offended to see it.😁
  2. There was a 7.62 this morning as well.
  3. is there a glitch in the new forum software that put up loads of the same post, or is it malicious posters posting the same gun dozens of times.
  4. manthing

    Forum change

    It was either a star or a dot, bold indicated new posts star indicated you'd commented. On the mobile and tablet it was like that.
  5. manthing

    Forum change

    Hasn't that been the case for ages?
  6. manthing


    Malicious gossip certainly, general gossip peobably not. The differance is noticeable.
  7. Cavity wall insulation should have no baring on the fixing of a gun safe. Your house will have an inner and an outer skin, usually brick on the outside and some kind of block on the inner, your fixing to the inside of an inner skin, the cavity insulation will be between the 2 skins in the cavity. Or is the house a timber framed construction? In which case the best option is to remove the plasterboard where the fixing points are in the cabinet and glue and screw a substantial timber support in place before replacing the plasterboard. Or are you talking about a dot and dab plaster fin
  8. manthing

    EE scam

    Had a text from natwest saying I needed to contact them. Googled the number and was a scam number so reported it to NW fraud dept. A month later they sent me a letter so I checked on my online bank for the correct number and called them. Turns out someone had spoofed their number and they did actually need to talk to me. They where most thankfully for me letting them know.
  9. Doubt it. Its very bad for you if not administered correctly.
  10. the difference is you moved house. 🤣🤣
  11. manthing

    Philips hue

    Hue are smart bulbs aren't they. Got 1 in the lamp in the living room. The actual lamp fitting may be smart if linked to an alexa, so the fitting would use any bulb. You need to clarify what your looking at.
  12. Hate to be that guy but the one you have now is a self confessed abused of the female sex. "Grab en by the feline" Cheated on every wife hes had. A moral and financial bankruptcy. Ill mannered. Lost the popular vote by over 3 million iirc. I could go on, but thats enough.
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