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  1. manthing


    Well I'm incandescent with rage. 😡 Less than a month application to grant, went to Premier Guns this week and picks his gun up on Wednesday after the adjustables have been done to the stock. No silly letters from the Dr's. I had to wait nearly two months. 😕 Well done to who ever is running the Firearms dept for Staffordshire.
  2. http://www.countryside-alliance.org/anti-shooting-petition-collapses-when-signatures-are-open-to-scrutiny/
  3. manthing

    Crime and Punishment in the snowflake age

    Not at all. He knew exactly what would happen. Attention seeking little 🔔 end.
  4. manthing

    Dash cam's

    Next base. Picture quality is spot on.
  5. manthing

    electrician help

    Fairy snuff. 😀 It will probably sit beside the CE or a sticker on the item somewhere.
  6. manthing

    electrician help

    For context. I've a sparky mate whose worked in France on houses built in the 90's (when our 16th Edition became BS) and he tells me what they're like. Not pretty.
  7. manthing

    VAT on imported goods

    From outside the EU to inside yes.
  8. manthing

    electrician help

    As the manufacturer wants to trade in the EU they make the stuff EU compliant. Once we leave the bs/kite mark will return in some form but I would imagine the standards will be compatible so we can still cross border trade. I'm many ways our codes and standards are higher than the EU were and they've come up to ours. At least electrically speaking.
  9. manthing

    fine for too much ammo

    Is it something to do with the usage?Clay shooters can go through 1000's of carts a week, my highest is about 500 in a week and I don't shoot competitively. That would be an administrative nightmare given the number of competitive shooters there are, the police can't keep up with the workload now, never mind checking that as well. If a rifle barrel was used like that how long would it last?
  10. manthing

    electrician help

    Their products as in a b&q consumer unit? They sell mk, bg, wylex and the like, branded products. They should all have the CE on them some where.
  11. manthing

    Spaghetti Westerns

    Cheers chaps. Did try tubeyou but my tinternet is so slow it's painful atm.
  12. manthing

    Spaghetti Westerns

    Which one was it where one bad guy is shooting at another guy, possibly Lee van Cleif or Clint Eastwood with a revolver from a good distance and is missing wildly, then second guy unrols his saddle roll and assembles a revolver with a stock, pops the baddie one shot. And just to push it a bit further what gun was it please. TIA.
  13. manthing

    Home office guide lines.

    Some interesting replies, thanks.
  14. How are they "enforced"? A Judge has to sentence a guilty person in line with the HO guide lines but it appears police forces can just ignore them. Surely if the highest authority in law has to work within the scope of them those that uphold and investigate breaches of the law have to operate within them. What's the official rules concerning HO guide lines?
  15. manthing

    moped scum, gloves off?

    Signed and shared.