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  1. My Lincoln did this a few times. Make sure the barrel selector is engaged properly.
  2. I've been going the the farmers shop where I buy cartridges a lot longer than I've had a sec, I know the manager well and the lad that sorts the gun stuff out knows what I have, I always have to show my licence. I suppose they don't know when it expires so need to check.
  3. As a group we give each other banter in the stands, because we all know each other and get along, but not to other groups and people we don't know. Bad form that.
  4. Rebecca Long-Bailey gets the boot. And yet Naz Shar got promoted.
  5. manthing


    We get them returning to the feeders, the good lady likes to think it's the same adult bringing a fresh one each year. Could be but I go along and agree that it's nice to see Woody and his new son. 😏
  6. Doesn't that happen every time a sale is agreed anyway. Exception would be to meet at a ground I suppose.
  7. Good luck with that, with an 80 seat majority there's a clear indication what the countries voters wanted government to do on the eu question.
  8. We don't get takeaways, too far from town, I have to collect them and I only order from places I've been to and they don't hide the kitchens.
  9. It's a .22 using aadf The mags have o rings? Presumably inside? So, check o rings, smear everything in axle grease, lose bits of mag down the back of the settee. Anything else?😁😁
  10. Thanks for the help and advice so far peeps. Upon closer inspection the bolt seems to be in good condition and cycles perfectly without a mag in, so I'll have to run both mags though it later and see if both are causing the "graunchy" or just one. Is there a problem with the mags not lining up with the barrel?
  11. Just found this up the top farm. Needs a new seat and a lot of wd40 but... There's also some clays in the office. Lead me not into temptation, I know a shortcut. 😁 Just needs an old tractor seat and a willing idiotic operator. Or perhaps I could set a handle up to nudge the arm over the release point, then I could stand at the side and use it.
  12. Find you local farm supplies shop. Call them to see what their setup is.
  13. Don't get hung up on 1 make. The best pellet for you gun is the most accurate at the minimum and maximum distances you shoot at, and all the bits in between. Accuracy over everything.
  14. In total ignorance of the workings but could you not put one in front of the other? I think there's 1 up at the top farm, I'll have to have a look, saw a couple o dozen clays the other day by the office as well. 🤔😁
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