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  1. Hey, a question was asked and I gave my reply. It would be helpful if a distance/travel time was stated by government instead of vague constraints on movement.
  2. Dissipates in to the air, because is a gas like air not a heavy droplet of water carrying a virus. Pesticides are "atomised" under much higher pressure to enable then to mist and spread. Next time the spray rig is up on the farm ill ask him what psi his rig runs at. Come on peeps at least try to make your case with a sensible examples
  3. True, but thats gasses not larger denser water droplets. Which is how the virus spreads, thats why you should avoid touching things, whereas vape just blows away on the wind. Some scientist. Lol Not a very accurate example and one that some would jump on to "prove" their anti everything stance.
  4. Vape is gasses. The virus spreads in water droplets, much denser and less likely to travel in air like vape gasses.
  5. Local is less than a 20 minutes walk in my book.
  6. Cheers, will have to watch later, again. 😁
  7. LOTR or The Hobbit?
  8. If you local club has a gun for sale that suits your requirements you could secure it with a deposit so its withdrawn from sale. As for shooting on your own, not allowed without a sgc.
  9. From all accounts very usable guns.
  10. That happened in Gladiator to. Not seen that one, where?
  11. manthing

    Queens Gambit

    Thanks for the heads up. We really enjoyed it.
  12. I personally think this was more to do with kids going back to school, spreading it around themselves and then taking it home whilst showing no symptoms. My neighbours kids have been into isolation at least 4 times due to school.
  13. Some of us aren't hand wringing whimps, we are protecting loved ones who are extremely immuno compromised. The difference between a supermarket and a clay ground is you're in the same groups on the clay ground but you can get around a supermarket without spending more than a few seconds near the same person. Even the app only kicked in after 15 mins contact didn't it? I saw a bloke without a mask in a supermarket the other day and thought that's odd. As that's the first one I'd seen. All I can get from that is people here are being better behaved than elsewhere. I haven't shot
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