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  1. manthing

    Grounds for divorce?

    What the heck is the cheeses nose? 😯😯🤔
  2. manthing

    Das Boot

    Wife's fam are gremin on the mother's side. So no, not never. 😁 No way I'm doing owt the monster in law would like... 😳
  3. manthing

    Das Boot

    Started watching but gave up, hate subtitles.
  4. manthing

    Sign this

    Its international law so it can't be done. There's no premis or precedent for it and none can be set. Unfortunately
  5. manthing

    Room at the Circus for any more Elephants?

    Really, 33 million people a week use food banks. I'm no lover of any political party and they've all taken turns at messing the country up but could you quantify that 53% figure please.
  6. manthing

    Pw page loading

    Even on my really slow rural tinternet it loads up OK. Think it may be sumat your end.
  7. manthing

    Sir Phillip Green Coming to His Senses?

    NDA's should not be allowed to be used to cover criminal behavior.
  8. manthing

    Argos - peculiar text message

    Yup. Evil little scrote trying to get your bank details.
  9. manthing

    Adjustable butt plate.

    Cheers peeps. I'll see how I get on. Consistan inconsistency is my main problem atm I think. 😊
  10. manthing

    Adjustable butt plate.

    I must have a long neck or sumat. When I mount my gun it sits quite high in my shoulder. Is an abp the best way to over come this. Fitting it won't be a problem, I have all the necessary. Was thinking a comb riser but won't that just push the butt down so I'm not lined up properly. For info I shoot right shoulder am right eye dominant and shoot left eye closed, I think 🤔😁
  11. manthing

    Huma regulator

    For a shocking moment there @Ultrastu I thought you where dissing the huma, threw me a curve as I'm looking to possibly put one in my ultra. Thank goodness I carried on reading. 😄😊
  12. manthing

    Cheap scope and mounts combo

    Yup, ns. Had one on my 97k for ages, before I went with a bigger hawke.
  13. manthing

    Concealed toilet cistern

    The cisterns are normally a stock or next day item at a decent plumbers merchant. Screw fix have some that should fit using the existing long reach lever.
  14. manthing

    Concealed toilet cistern

    Sorry when I said hi level I ment just not close coupled or sat on the back of the bowl, not the old outside bog up in the air ones.
  15. manthing

    Concealed toilet cistern

    Is your cistern not just a high level one with the extended lever bar. Or am I reading this wrong.