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  1. This thread is not about what I thought it would be. 🤔🙄😁
  2. Most likely a Google message, due to location being enabled. Has its good points and bad points.
  3. As he's not an employee of the beeb how can the sack him? What they could do is nolonger require his services, but even with the new management that's probably not going to happen. He needs to lamp someone for something trivial like a steak dinner to get dropped.
  4. Had this last year, add for a semi auto went up on the wall of the Sunday shoot I go to. Called the guy that morning and arranged to meet the next shoot. There a bit windy on the arranged day but still plenty of peeps there, gun man no show so I called again and rearrange for the next meet and told him I'd got cash in pocket. Next meet no show again and when I called I just got sorry mate I've sold it. Fuming as id let another one pass up. Why can't people just stick to what they agree to.
  5. Do they still bounce baton rounds off the floor?
  6. Very true, I fit kichens and bathrooms most of the time, I've rarely had so much work in front, mid February atm. Despite having 2 months off one designer was telling me he's having his best year this year. Saving a lot of time doing virtual work. Lots of people had a stint at home and realise they arent going on a normal holiday this year and probably next so doing stuff on the house.
  7. Interested to know if your savings on travel cover the cost of extra on services. The cost of commuting into London can be thousands, I realise people don't all pay that but id be genuinely interested to see what some differences where.
  8. On my understanding of the current rules unless you have somewhere to use the gun for a valid reason you shouldn't be going out to buy one, as clay grounds are shut you don't need a gun to clay shoot atm. Thats how I see it any way.
  9. Kid in a candy shop come December id imagine. Well done Essex.
  10. Just wondering why the term "Dangerous game calibres in the uk" and not "Large calibre game guns in the uk" was the heading. Isnt the point of any calibre to be dangerous to the intended recipient, what ever that is?
  11. OK So op is cycling past a house and sees a bloke walk out of a house on the other side of the road carrying a closed shotgun. Said bloke has a smug look on his face. On the other side of the road some bloke who just got his sgc through the post that morning has just bought his first two guns from the bloke in the house and is very happy, even smirking to himself. Having had no previous training or safety talks he carries one gun out of the house to his car around the corner whilst the former owner carries the other gun behind him. Seller can't see how the buyer is carrying the gun t
  12. 30+ years in the trade. Festool are very good but not around double the money better than dewalt. For saws its dewalt for me.
  13. Theres a difference between laws and basc guidelines. The bloke carrying the gun may not be a member of any of the organisations. Unfortunately there's no legally required basic shotgun safety and gun handling course before you get your sgc.
  14. Theres a Web page you can go to thats your routers admin page, it will tell you how many and what devices are connected to your router. Theres all ways more than you think, beavering away in the background, using band width. From memory they usually start www.169........... but not sure after that.
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