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  1. They just keep thinking their opinions are the true facts. Should have had the fack hacks on screen behind them.
  2. Agreed Its not like you need to carry it. The knife I carry around the farm is not my pocket knife that goes almost everywhere else with me.
  3. 👍 Off to try again tomorrow, what's the chances. 😂😂😂
  4. If in any doubt about a police persons credibility offer to have then follow you to a station where you'll gladly turn over your items to the desk Sargent, explain to them you're concerned about their credentials and don't feel comfortable in the situation. If they agree and say "OK well go to X and speak to the sarge", fine, if they get stroppy your fears were probably correct. What you do in the latter situation is up to you.
  5. Are you channeling the cable into the wall or running it in a channel on the surface? If in the wall cables should run up, down or across from the outlet. If it's buried on the back side of a wall who would know its there?
  6. Thanks for the replies and confirmation. Having had time now to read the artical it seems our farming practices are the problem and they are hunted by various means in other parts of the EU... We have some of the most stringent farming rules in the EU but its still our farmers sharing blame with the netters and shooters in other countries.... It does seem all EU members don't work to the same welfare and standard practices.
  7. Thanks for taking the time to answer, but the point I'm trying to get to is that the EU are blaming hunting and I can't recall them ever being on the GL, and so would like to put the record straight. If not on the old GL, any shot in the uk would be illegally shot and no amount of legislation will stop the idiots that break the law anyway. Please can you confirm if in fact they where not on the old GL. Seemed a simple enough request to clarify my initial thoughts. 😉
  8. Where they on the old GL. I can't remember but don't think they were. I know they aren't on the new ones. Asking because the EU are stepping in to save them, apparently from farming and hunting. Not read the full artical yet. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/jul/25/eu-acts-to-protect-future-of-bird-facing-extinction-in-uk
  9. We can tell when it's a chin coming over ours, apart from the very distinctive noise, the very air in and around the house throbs. I love it. 😁
  10. manthing

    Best vacuum

    If you're looking a "Henry" type machines make sure you get the longer hose. In the building trade the Henry's are abused to an extent that would make Mr Hoover weep.
  11. Funny old game init. 😁
  12. Those shots GD is taking, are the distances quoted from the man to the trap or to the estimated clay length after its left the trap?
  13. 52/70. In "trying" weather and all the wrong gear.. Happy shootist today, onwards and upwards. 😁
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