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  1. @Retsdon You think it's right that people should be evacuated from a city that's been locked down to prevent spread? Just because they are forigners?
  2. Before they were elevated weren't alot of them beheaded, which is why they are traditionally dragged to the chair? You know, tradition and all that...
  3. The farm cats here are quite willing to delve into the hay/straw bales and have yellow reflection from eyes in a normal torch light.
  4. And he's not stopping them smoke. Why aren't the non smokers getting the full 16 days? Fortunately when I was smoking I was in the building trade and we just smoked while we worked. Ah, the fun times before health n safety overtook common sense. 😁😁
  5. He said "Call me simple" So I did.
  6. manthing

    What 3 words

    10m would be good. With out physically moving my "position" moved approx 110m.
  7. manthing

    What 3 words

    OK, just installed and w3w has my position some 30m in the opposite direction... What system does it use to locate the handset?
  8. manthing

    What 3 words

    If your relying on the phones combined data/GPS signal to get your position its only as good as that. Just checked my position and its put me a good 80yards from where I am. How accurate is it at getting the handsets position?
  9. manthing

    What 3 words

    Cheers, might have a look then. Not that I'm often rendered speach less you'll understand 😁
  10. manthing

    What 3 words

    Does the app have the funtion to text the 3 words to someone? Maybe with a sig along the lines of. "This message has been sent via w3w and the sender may require assistance". Just thinking if you incapable of speach it'd be a good feature.
  11. Surely religion needs some sort of diety or group of them? Or a point of origins. Even the scientology lot (😂🤣😂🤣) worship to some "greater beings". Its all a bit pointless I'm my humble, we are products of our environment, and while "life as we know it" may be restricted to this planet, life as we can't yet comprehend more than likely exists all over our galaxy and the further universe. Not looking to rattle anyone's beliefs but going to Holy war over who's messiah was the invisible sky mans best mate is pointless to the extreme.
  12. If its only for dog walking get a 2 D cell led maglight. Great torches. I also have a Tracer F600 that is fab but a bit pricy for walking the dog. Get some rechargeable batteries as well. 😉
  13. It's not only anti's in Liverpool, how much did the Moors fires cost the local council after they stopped allowing shooting and moorland management on the moors?
  14. manthing

    Smart Meters

    Hehe. We pay just don't have a meter, as our supply comes off the farm office. I think we've paid the agreed amount maybe 6 or 8 times in over 3 years as most months farmer say "just have a look at this tap, rad, door or sumat and forget the electric". Works for me. 😁
  15. manthing

    Smart Meters

    We don't even have a meter, never mind a smart meter.
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