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  1. Our Sunday shoot is £17/70 members. I think Doveridge and Oakedge are 30/clay non members, don't know members prices.
  2. Dianne Abbot worked it out. 👍
  3. manthing

    Night vision

    I have 2 photons and find them more than sufficient for airgun ratting. The on board ir is not the best but at air ranges it's OK.
  4. With NW when I move wages from business to personal its straight away. Also if a customer pays via their online banking its seems to go straight in. First time you make a payment via the app to some one there's a process and limit until you pay them through the Web bank, but it's all good as far as I can see atm.
  5. manthing

    Back pain?

    I've found that mine starts to play up if stood for longer than normal, like when shooting a round of clays and having to wait at stands. Wearing a lower back support helps and some times a 400mg ibuprofen if it's aching before I set off. Don't like taking pills but sometimes needs must.
  6. Nat West seens OK. App is very easy to use as is the online main page. Not sure about business calls on the weekend as never needed to use it. Think you can pay in at the PO but takes a day longer.
  7. I suppose with the tinternet and "social meedgya" being what it is, this unfortunate incident will follow her for many years. The family are now a long distance unit. It's not going to be an easy time for her, as it shouldn't be.
  8. I'll admit to not knowing the full details but how can a non diplomat clain immunity. I was, it seems wrongly, always under the impression diplomatic immunity was only available to certain high ranking officials. Off to Google.
  9. If that upset by meat based food why go to a Greggs? If it worries you that much prepare your own food then you know what's in it. Thats what my vegan daughter does.
  10. But the content goes out on the beeb so should abide by the rules. At least for the guff he spouts on air.
  11. Citizens advice would be my suggestion. AFAIK any such contract has a "cooling off" period.
  12. I hope you've marked the date in your diary. 😂😂
  13. Agreed. I haven't flown in at least 13 years and have no immediate plans too. So I will eat all the meat I want.🍖😂 As for the food grown for animals that's very true. Grass, yummy and maize that's deffo not for human consumption.
  14. People don't see just how "red" the Labour Party are these days. They would quite happily take us towards a China or Old Russia world, just how was it for the ordinary people in these places. They have no interest in the working person other that taking away the things they've worked for. They try and garner votes by promising things they have no intention of carrying through on. Wiping out student debt went from a podium promise to a option if feasible. They do so many turns they need a caller like at a barn dance. No longer the party for me. But then at the moment I don't know who is the party for me.
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