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  1. manthing


    Separate accounts on the pc. I have me, my work and the good lady wife. Only the work one is password protected, data protection..
  2. manthing


    Never had a Starsucks or a Costa packet. And a coffee is probably the only thing I'd buy from McD's. A few years ago I was working in an empty house and across the road was a petrol station/convenience store, went in for a Costa and for the same money as a large coffee I got enough good tea coffee and suger to make my drinks all week, plus 2 small milks. Why do people bother. Also if any one looked at me all funny and uttered the words "ahh, you don't know what a flat white is", I'd ask them if they knew the difference between a King post truss and a Queen post truss, or what the minium csa is for the Earth Bonding of incoming services to a domestic residence is, or does a plastic water main need Bonding, or how would they go about setting up a 3 centered arch and building a former for it. Just make my bloody coffee you condescending twit.
  3. manthing

    foreign aid

    Foreign aid where its needed. After a natural disaster etc. Having a target is rediculous. Sure put so much to one side but it goes to cover next year's budget if not needed. Us giving money to India when they have a space program and the world's 2nd largest military force is a farce. I'm not opposed to helping those that need it, but a large dose of commonsense needs to be injected into both the guvmint and civil service.
  4. manthing


    Seriously, ask a local farmer if they want to rotate some sheep on the site.
  5. Think the maxus might be pushing it. Is there much between the sx3 and sx4? Just looking at them.
  6. Think it's a south paw. Have looked at the Armsans, the pepper is nice. Will have a look. 👍 And this is why I asked, cheers. 👍
  7. My mates just bought a 30" and it won't go in his cabinet assembled. 😲😁
  8. Hi chaps and chapesses... Looking at getting a semi auto mainly because I sometimes suffer with a dodgy shoulder and was thinking it might be a bit better. Been looking at Franchi Affinity, the 7 year warranty is impressive, they must expect it to last that long. Probably looking at a £700ish budget new, and I'm looking at new really, if there's anything else I should consider. Prefer timber to tickytackle but not set in stone. I know I could get a new Hatstand for a lot less but I just don't get a good vibe from the ones I've come across... Tia for your considered answers. 👍
  9. As long as he has a hobby as well. Each to their own, their pretty weird own..
  10. manthing

    Dentist bill

    I'd take the statement in and show them, on the way to my new dentist. And I'd tell all my friends and the local paper. If you keep to facts they can't say a word.
  11. Good reason is land to shoot on and a reason to shoot on it. Ie, this farmer has asked me to control rabbits on this land and the distance requires an fac in caliber. A club membership will usually lead to a closed fac to use at approved clubs unless you do sumat silly during the probation period.
  12. Knew someone would know someone.👍
  13. Only back the ones that will win. 😁
  14. You can paint them any colour you want. Or are we talking a wash paint job where you paint and wipe off to leave the grain visable? I wasn't talking about the laminate you get from the DIY sheds but proper engineered timber flooring, usually mutch bigger pieces.
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