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  1. M5 Junction with M42.
  2. You chaps are very funny. 😁😁😁
  3. Nice one. Can't beat freebie food.
  4. Cheap small caliber "throw away" gun and take the stock right down, fit a but pad, add an inch at a time as he grows. The left eye right hand situation is the thing that will kerfuffle him. There are some very good adhesives on the market now that will hold everything together without the need for loads of screws in the stock. Other option would be something like the very customisable crossman co2 pistol and see if there is a collapsible stock available, think it's the 2240, there's a whole custon industry built up around these little pistols.
  5. Trying to find out what the outcome of the sale was. Any links?
  6. You could give midcounties blacking a ring, always happy to help. Don't barrels need reproffing after screw cutting as well, just to add to the cost. 🙄 http://www.midcountiesblacking.co.uk/cgi-bin/mcbweb.exe/cgi_home
  7. manthing


    Cheers. 👍
  8. manthing


    How do I find a thread I started some time ago. Can't see a "my threads" kind of button anywhere. Do I need to be on the proper site as I usually view on my phone. Tia.
  9. Trouble is even the shortest piece of exposed pipe is susceptible to freezing and splitting. I've never had an outside top fail using the straight through the wall method. Said it now though ain't I? 🙄😁
  10. One of these. https://www.toolstation.com/wallplate-tube/p33291?store=ED&utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=googleshoppingfeed&gclid=CjwKCAjw0vTtBRBREiwA3URt7o3SV_9RTGEqm_O4vH8aHIeVtPrYQmIGfzlvwKHFASgFUeKZ2U2wwRoCK5cQAvD_BwE And remember the check valve, you can get taps with them built in.
  11. Beat me to it. 😂😂
  12. Hi peeps, a petition has been started to get trespass upgraded to a criminal rather than civil offence. If you feel you can sign please do so. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/277580
  13. I have some JP stuff. Can't say I've noticed the problems others have. At its price point I'd say it's OK stuff.
  14. Thanks for all the imput peeps. Think I'll get one and give it a try. I do find rodding the barrels quite satisfying though. 😁
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