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  1. Agree with what you're saying matey.
  2. On an Fac each slot is allocated a gun. On a Sgc you can just go out and by whatever gun you fancy, in tha caliber of your choice. Basically sgc is a lot more flexible.
  3. Doveridge. Take your sgc to hire gun and buy cartridges. Just in case. Can't remember the site rules.
  4. Nothing will land a CP's door as WJ is as far as I'm aware a Ltd company. He will try again. Pity the only thing he achieved was the loss of more eggs, fledglings, lambs and crops at the most sensative time of the season.
  5. manthing

    Trousers down..

    If your having a PSA test I was told no sex (or "doing the washing yourself") for at least 3 days defore they take the blood. Can give a high reading.
  6. manthing


    Queeny has sumat like 85% of the income from the Crown Estate take by the treasury and then voluntarily pays higher rate tax on the 15% she gets. The Sovereign Grant took place of the civil list and is more than covered by the 85%. There aren't that many people on the SG and the Queen gets covered for official duties. This is from memory so is approximate.
  7. manthing


    Watched and enjoyed. Its exactly as I'd imagined the old soviet block interacting with the outside world and its own. Quick question. The 3 legs of power were Party, KGB and Military. The Party and KGB had representatives on all the Military installations and assets but did the military have peeps in the party and KGB offices?
  8. I managed to lay hands on the gun today. Puy about 10 through it and it worked fine and I was no more or less accurate with it than the ou. But I've decided not to bother with this one, just a bit too bashed about for my liking. I was going to offer a bit less than the seller was asking but I'd rather wait. No rush. The felt recoil was deffo better now I think back so I'm going to have something semi auto. Thatnks for the help. 👍
  9. manthing

    sea level map

    I'm OK, according to that we're 110m above sea level atm. See me out. Google says it only goes up 70m anyway. Can't see what all the fuss is about. 😂😂😂
  10. manthing

    Ebay rip offs

    Only use it to buy new things from establish traders when I've independently checked their Web site. The only exceptions were a couple of lenses for my photon but again lots of background check done. Hate the place normally.
  11. I'd say take her and possibly (depends on how much you've done) yourself for a lesson at a decent ground that has a selection of guns an a knowledgeable instructor. That way if she's not keen you'll both know it wasn't your fault, but 100% you'll still get the blame... 😂😉
  12. Group of 4, rotating first place, first gun see's a pair regardless of layout. Last gun to arrive shoots first stand first, arrival order is reverse position order.
  13. No, but he only hits the first pair and misses the rest. 😂😂😂
  14. Cheers peeps. Its a chap at the farm shoot so I would be able to try it no problems.
  15. Might have a chance of one of these for sensible money. How do I tell the age and anything to look out for. Bonus is its a timber stocked one. TIA.
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