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  1. Most probably, my memory is shaky at best. 😳😁
  2. Showing my age. But I remember them from the big shop on the Wicker and they had the range around the corner by the little "bus station", Spital Hill? They then moved up near the NUM buildin, or tuck over the gun shop there.
  3. We really enjoyed it. Bet it went down well in the US. Wonder if real estate in "The Neutral Zone" was selling well after the first series. 😊
  4. 👍 Another reason to avoid the news then. 😂
  5. Isn't this done yet, it was before Christmas that he got handed his wotsit on a platter. Just be gone will you. 🙄
  6. Take piece A and insert counter clockwise whilst tilting upwards in a side down across motion into sub base C. But not before attaching extender arm B to engage the flux capacitor D. Have fun.😀
  7. Yes I'm one of them. I still don't feel the need to come on hear and whinge because a business in carrying on with what they are quite likely obliged to do. As you say the delete button works. Delete and get on with your life. It's the easiest thing in the world to sit and find fault with others.
  8. Mines £20/year, at the end of the day I'll just be happy when we can get out again. If that means I'm £5 out on the year so be it. While it's shut they aren't earning.
  9. Regardless the advertisers will have entered into some kind of contract with basc. Would you rather basc go back on an agreement and possibly take a financial hit or just send out the adds that you are free to ignore?
  10. He needs to read his tenancy agreement, but from memory growing up in Sheffield I can recall both SGC and FAC being located on council property. Don't know if it's changed though but it will be in the tenancy agreement.
  11. This stuff is generally planned weeks if not months in advance. Submission deadlines, editing deadlines and then printing deadlines all happen before it gets printed, packaged and posted.
  12. Yarlet has been gone years according to a couple of people that used to shoot there. My mates tried to find the Hollybush one a couple of times and still not managed to find it.
  13. It's strange but if you go to his faceache page and "write something to the page" it doesn't appear and if you view visitors posts there are non there. Well not on my phone.😋
  14. Surely @enfieldspares a recipe for for storage would do the same job.
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