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  1. Still looking anyone got any?
  2. Do you come Ascot way?

  3. Hi

    Will you accept £300? Could collect Wednesday 


  4. Hi Looking for some once fired Winchester AA hulls in 28g Cheers Keith
  5. Hi

    Do you have any Winchester AA hulls in 28g for sale?.



  6. Managed to get out and shoot a few clays today and have to report that the load used was spot on no signs of pressure. I went with the load in my previous post and it smoked the clays with 1/2 & 1/2 choke. Just need to source a few more once fired hulls........
  7. Just an update in case it’s useful for future readers. Have spoken to John at Folkestone Engineering and he recommends reducing the powder by 10% and working up from there checking for high pressure. He was confident that the 21grm fibre loads on the website would be fine in the new style Winchester cases But better safe than sorry. I will post my findings once I can get back to pulling the trigger 😄
  8. Maybe I need to elaborate more, I am using Folkestone Engineerings load data as a guide which is this 70mm Fiocchi CaseFiocchi 615 primer 1.20gm PSB+2SP 4mm over powder card. 14mm Fibre wad 21gm #6.5 (2.5mm) or #7 lead shot 6 Point Star Closure O/L=60.9mm I’m currently using this 70mm Hull Case—usedFiocchi 615 primer 1.20gm PSB+2SP 2mm over powder card. 12mm Fibre wad 6mm cork wads21gm #7.5 lead shot 6 Point Star Closure O/L=60.9mm So I’m happy with the load I am currently using but my question is, is it safe to use Winchester AA used cases Instead of the Hull cases I am u
  9. I’ve got 100 Winchester AA so would like to try them 😁
  10. Hi I’m currently reloading my Eley and Hull used hulls in 28 guage using fibre wad 21grm shot which work very well. Would like to try some Winchester AA hulls and wondered if there is anything I should be aware of?? Only asking as there seems to be various opinions on wether this is a good idea?. Anyone on here reloading Winchester AA that can advise Cheers
  11. Hi 

    have you still got the .410 lever action I’ll take it

    PM me


  12. So an update and name and shame. Asked for a explanation etc said I wasn’t happy and was offered a £1 refund for the 4 bushes I deemed to be used. I rejected this and asked for a full refund on the 3 worst ones plus the cost of return postage...no answer to 2 emails asking the same. So well done Clay and Game for a disgraceful service. The reloading world is small and ever shrinking one so you would think it would be a good idea to look after your customers Even more so in the current climate. I will not be using their services again. Everyone has their own experiences unfor
  13. Just received some new Mec powder bushes and they are in a bit of a rough state and not individualy packaged, this might be normal so before I complain and make a fool of myself what do you guys think.
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254568476626
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