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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254568476626
  2. keithkilvo1

    32-40 cases

    I’ll have them You have a PM You have a PM
  3. Hi sorted them out as follows there was more than I thought CBC-242 PPU-273 MIXED-195 I’ve put them through the tumbler so nice and clean cheers
  4. 44 mag brass more than once fired £10/100 + P&PFederal large pistol primers £35/1000 collect only with ticket.1 box (500) Hardcast 200grn RNFP lead Bullets £351 box (500) Hardcast 240grn RNFP lead Bullets £35All can be collected from Bisley
  5. Optimate Opti-362. SOLD
  6. For sale 3 Optimate scopes, these are the older better versions.Optimate Opti-175-20x50Duel X reticule1” tubeVery good condition£90Optimate8-32x44Target dot reticule 1” tubeVery good condition£120Optimate Opti-362Target dot reticule6-24x421” tubeIncluding ringsVery good condition£80All prices plus postage or collect from Bisley.I have trouble posting photos so PM me your email if you’re interested and I’ll send them over
  7. Looking for a star crimp ring in 20g for model 22 star crimper as used on a redding model 16 press. Also might be interested in spares for the model 16 press
  8. Has anyone got contact details for a member of here called Pinfireman
  9. What about I I give you double what you paid....😜 it’s a win win 🤣🤣
  10. Advise taken wanted ad posted just got to sit back 🤞
  11. Looking for a Ponsness Warren reloader preferably in 28g. would consider other gauges as I could buy the tooling to suit. Preference would be a 375/375C but would consider other models, give me a shout with what you have. Cheers
  12. Yes that’s the one I was watching the 375/375C, operation seems simple just need to set it up correctly
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