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  1. What guage are you looking for and what is your location?
  2. I would not drink from a hot tap where the system has a header tank as anything that drowns in the tank will contaminate the water and could be fatal if consumed. Several years ago in my local town a baker died mysteriously of a disease (can't recall what it was) but when it was investigated after a while it was found that a pigeon had got into the loft space through a missing roof tile and drowned in the header tank which the baker drank and it was said that it was this that killed him. I have read that in the past that drinking wells where made poisonous by throwing a dead body down the well and it could kill anyone not knowing it was there. So beware!
  3. No, I don't work in a pub or bar. Joking apart in the photo the bottles look like they still have tops on.
  4. May be an optical illusion but seems to be a big difference in barrel length for only 2 inches. And do the beers come with them?
  5. Bruno24


    Very sad news indeed, he was a very pleasant chap to talk to. What some on PW may not know is that Jethro was a shooting man and I met him a few times at DTL competitions in Wales. I believe when he did some of his gigs if he was near a shooting ground he would stay overnight having taken his gun and equipment with him and shoot the next day. I also believe he owned a shooting ground down in the sw of the country. From what I have seen on some news articles he died of covid and had both his jabs and the booster. R.I.P Geoff.
  6. Sorry if that sounds negative as I am sure that your offer is genuine and generous. Regards, Bruno
  7. Indeed they do as do I but not knowing what components (powder,shot and their weights etc) are in their make up things can be very risky. hope that if someone does fire these that they will still be able to stick two fingers up to me.
  8. sounds a bit scary, ps not your location.
  9. Once the males are legally allowed to stay they will be able to bring the rest of their relatives over here to live.
  10. Just had a look through all of my old loading data for nobel 78 and found some info which came with a lee load-all from years back. The only recipe for 78 is for 1 1/8 oz using plastic base wad or compression formed case, no wad info but presume plastic as that was what was recommended for the load-all they say a primer such as 209 can be used, as for the powder it says to use the .180 bush which according to the chart equates to 18.5gr. I would try to put pictures on but am not tec. savvy however if you trust me with your info pm me and I will post the charts to you as they have loads that cover nobel powders 60,62,64,78,80,82. They are tatty but readable as they come from the mid 70s. I believe that what I have put is correct but it is your responsibility if you use it.
  11. Have you looked on e-bay there are some new and pre owned.
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