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  1. Once the males are legally allowed to stay they will be able to bring the rest of their relatives over here to live.
  2. Just had a look through all of my old loading data for nobel 78 and found some info which came with a lee load-all from years back. The only recipe for 78 is for 1 1/8 oz using plastic base wad or compression formed case, no wad info but presume plastic as that was what was recommended for the load-all they say a primer such as 209 can be used, as for the powder it says to use the .180 bush which according to the chart equates to 18.5gr. I would try to put pictures on but am not tec. savvy however if you trust me with your info pm me and I will post the charts to you as they have loads that cover nobel powders 60,62,64,78,80,82. They are tatty but readable as they come from the mid 70s. I believe that what I have put is correct but it is your responsibility if you use it.
  3. Have you looked on e-bay there are some new and pre owned.
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