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  1. Gordon R


    The Lib Dem leader is about as thick as Diane Abbott, without the stunning good looks and grasp of mathematics. Cosmic blue would be in good company with those two. 🤣
  2. I don't think so. Westley - I share your view. It certainly doesn't absolve the Police, but it spreads the blame.
  3. Gordon R


    Surprised Boris hasn't used this to take the matter to court, as the remain bunch are never out of courts.
  4. Gordon R


    Consistent???? Are you having a laugh. Swinson wanted a Referendum on whether to stay in the EU, but won't live with the result. Total hypocrite.
  5. Whilst they claim it is not in their contract, the contract will not cover each and every piece of work that they do. It is just an excuse - nothing more. If you serve them with a Subject Access Request, they are obliged to provide the very same information for free. It will not be in the form of a letter, but will give far more information. It will not bear their signature, but as they are not signing to say a patient would never do wrong, a letter isn't worth a bean.
  6. David Cameron - a man with no conscience, no memory of what he said previously, no scruples, no class, but has a book to sell.
  7. Her injuries make unpleasant viewing, but the account of her former friend, the Solicitor, makes more uncomfortable reading. She flatly refutes that any assault took place and her former friend fell over.
  8. I think the comments about waiting for his release are born of frustration at the weak sentencing.
  9. I was thinking of the wrong type of air cylinder - so edited my response.
  10. CD - "Corps Diplomatique"
  11. Looks like a poor cross between a Freelander and a Discovery. It will not become car 112.
  12. Linker was a very good footballer, but as wooden as they come when presenting. Since he has been given a platform, he has ventured into telling the rest of the country how to run their lives. Lost in show business halfwit.
  13. You highlight a problem of which we are all aware, but offer little in the way of a solution.
  14. Gordon R


    A thoughtful and accurate post in my book.
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