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  1. Gordon R

    best place for new firing pins

  2. Gordon R

    Kelbrook Shooting Ground

    BlaserF3 and Westley - I know both of you personally and in many ways you are very similar - strong personalities, good sense of humour and straight as a die. If you met, I suspect you would on like a house on fire.
  3. Gordon R

    Kelbrook Shooting Ground

    I know BlaserF3 personally and agree with him. He is a forthright lad, with proper standards, who will stick up for himself. Some years ago, we were shooting at Kelbrook and a neighbouring squad thought it would be fun to shoot our clays. Big Nick took exception to this and proceeded to shoot their clays. I shot a couple myself. They were not happy. You should never be put in the position where this could happen - it's poor organisation. From a well spread out ground, Kelbrook has contracted into a glorified compak sporting layout.
  4. Gordon R

    Rules..for the many, or the few ?

    She has got to convince an Appeal Judge that she has grounds for appeal. I think she will struggle.
  5. Gordon R

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Lord v - no problem with what you say.
  6. Gordon R

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I despair of the idiots who clamour for a second referendum, as we have effectively already had it. Following the Referendum, both parties included honouring the Brexit vote in their manifestos, at the last election. Therefore, the electorate have voted twice - to leave. It would need another three votes - all remain - to trump that.
  7. Gordon R

    Beware cheap parts

    bruno22rf - decent suggestion.
  8. Gordon R

    Beware cheap parts

    A friend has a Saab 95 Aero and one of the rear callipers kept sticking - not on the slide, but the piston sticking. He bought a new calliper from Ebay - brought it round this afternoon - simple swap ahead. The handbrake cable was seized into the old calliper and wouldn't budge. It wouldn't knock out so we cut the calliper to release it with no damage. He had already checked the new calliper was identical and that was when the fun started. The blurb in the box said it was made exactly to manufacturers spec and should fit exactly. I then noticed that there was no hole in the new calliper to thread the handbrake cable through. In the end we had to drill a hole from scratch - no real hardship except that it had to be 13.43mm. Drilled it several times - increasing diameter each time. In the end we had to file the last 1.43mm. What should have been a twenty minute job turned into a couple of hours. It would have been easier to send the calliper back, but we had trashed the original calliper so it was the proverbial or bust. Sorted now, but a lesson learned.
  9. Gordon R

    Thread of the year

    Ditchman's linisher for me. If Burnley Dave was still on the Forum, I'm sure he would have walked it.
  10. Gordon R

    Notice from Police I didn't stop at an accident

    A sweeping statement - not really accurate either. There are good and bad in all walks of society, but to pan the Police en bloc is silly. I presume Secret Barrister has used a polygraph on each and every person in the Police. Then again - they won't have done.
  11. Spare wheel fits the above. Bought for Skoda Octavia, which is now sold. Excellent Dunlop Sports tyre 215/55/16 with plenty of tread. Having a garage clear out - free to any member. Obviously collection only - near Bolton. Provisionally gone - lad picking it up this afternoon. Photo of tyre.
  12. Gordon R

    Rules..for the many, or the few ?

    To be honest, I think things have gone too far for a token sentence. She has run two trials, at great expense to the taxpayers. She has never admitted her guilt, shown no remorse whatsoever, lied, cast doubt on the honesty of at least three witnesses and thrown her brother to the wolves. Not to mention speeding, using her phone whilst driving. In addition, she is carrying on as if she has done absolutely nothing wrong. I will be interested in hearing Christine Agnew's mitigation speech. If she goes down the road of Onasanya was ill at the time or she was under pressure - it will count for nothing, as these excuses have already drawn a blank and would be treating the judge as being as stupid as Onasanya thought the juries were.
  13. My son had one until a year ago. I have some spare parts for them. Front wishbone - rear rubber bush - both sides - plus front anti-roll bar bushes. Brand new and free to anyone who wants them. Both fit all versions of both cars.
  14. Gordon R

    Rules..for the many, or the few ?

    If she gets the appropriate sentence - over 12 months imprisonment - she will no longer be an MP and should be struck off as a Solicitor. Whilst I accept the Police / CPS went for the more serious charge, she should have attracted more points for speeding and using her phone, whilst driving.