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  1. India got it right

    Your attempts to lecture me on the law are rather foolish, as you know little of it. I find that there is no need to counter what you say - albeit very little - as you contradict yourself. For someone attempting to take the high moral ground, you then sink to the Google level. Very predictable, if a little desperate. I look forward to seeing if you are a man of your word. I suspect not.
  2. India got it right

    You don't raise any points. You just ramble and contradict yourself. PS - I think you mean the grammar police. I don't know where the Nazis came into this. I find it in poor taste. Another freebie - "nazi" should be Nazi. There are many other howlers, but I don't have a spare hour to highlight your shortcomings.
  3. India got it right

    My tone with idiots is condescending - hence my replies to you. PS - a few freebies:- Sentences start with upper case. You don't need to use too much upper case, it makes you look limited. None Connected should be nonconnected or unconnected. etc has a full stop at the end. chineese is really Chinese.
  4. India got it right

    So you have nothing to add, but another rambling diatribe. Please don't lecture me on the law - you are ill-equipped.
  5. India got it right

    victorismyhero - according to you there can never be 100% proof, but you then move onto cite "solid evidence". You need to think before you post, or go back to school. This is a serious subject on whether members would support the death penalty, but one or two pedants want to split the odd hair. Logic is not their strong point and every post highlights their low intelligence. To those who oppose the death penalty and favour life imprisonment - a lifer murders a prison guard, because he has nothing to lose - then murders another. At what point do the apologists think enough is enough?
  6. India got it right

    Because Lord Longford might rise from the grave and claim they have converted to Catholisism, seeking their release. There is always some idiot who says a life sentence (without hope of release) is cruel. If I was a relative of Lee Rigby, I would want his killers dead. Dumbest statement yet. I want the "backward form of state revenge" - to quote the second dumbest statement yet.
  7. India got it right

    Thanks. I will have the last word. You have provided nothing substantial other than saying posters aren't reading your posts properly. I think they are reading them, but like myself, find them contradictory and frankly juvenile. PS - you were never really engaging in a debate.
  8. Another example of NO justice

    Try going to any country - Saudi Arabia for example - assault someone and then tell the court you don't speak Arabic. Perhaps they would let you off. One of the worst decisions I have ever seen. truly and utterly pathetic.
  9. India got it right

    As you provide no genuine facts whatsoever, can we assume that this is just an emotional indulgence, which would let you bow out from the thread. I genuinely despair and question whether you ever read what others post. You appear to have another agenda, developed on the Planet Zog. Consider this post as "letting you know". The emotive rubbish about "punishing scumbags" is juvenile. We are talking about the death penalty for very serious crimes. I trust you are a person who keeps his / her word - so I assume you will not post again.
  10. India got it right

    Very honest of you to own up. Do your "facts" include the cost of running trials for murderers who murder again? I think not. Spot the very slight change. You post so much drivel, it is hard to know where to start. Your grounds for no death penalty are now firmly based on economics. If I thought the death penalty would save more lives, then blow the cost. Perhaps we could make some savings on overseas aid, MPs' expenses or whatever.
  11. If you shot a semi and liked it, I presume all your illogical prejudice would disappear.
  12. India got it right

    The "facts" cited above are mainly just opinion. The opinion that prisoners cost more when they are dead, than serving a 30 year sentence is just silly. No doubt someone will start talking about appeal costs, but it's like the Remain campaign - some do not want to face the truth - they still trot out the "what if" argument. Wait any longer and someone will utter the classic line "Think of the children". I favour the death penalty for murder, but people keep bringing up past mistakes. I would only be in favour in cases which were 100% watertight. For those who still say mistakes could be made - based on that premise, there would be no prisoners in jail at all.
  13. No trace of bias against autos at all. Just about all of the alleged problems with autos could be levelled at pump actions, but the poster uses one, seemingly without the very same problems. Just a bit odd and very inconsistent. I don't like shooting around people with baseless prejudices - they seem to have "howlingly bad muzzle awareness".
  14. Watch this.

  15. Question time

    She was just on the news about Brexit - it could never work. She obviously has a positive outlook. Thick as two short planks. If you are a short plank - no offence intended.