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  1. Gordon R

    Eric Clapton

    I doubt he is short of a few quid. I remember the millions he, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce got for 3 night re-union in the 1990s, on top of his career earnings. I would imagine the royalties from "Layla and other assorted love songs" would keep most of us in luxury.
  2. Gordon R

    BREXIT - merged threads

    walshie - well said.
  3. Gordon R

    Tour de France 2018

    May the genuinely better man win.
  4. Gordon R

    Tour de France 2018

    Given Froome's gripes in the past about Wiggins, he will surely accept defeat by the better man - Thomas. If Thomas has to move aside, it would make Froome a hypocrite of the highest order.
  5. Gordon R

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I don't care what scares are thrown up every day, I just want out. The latest are more violence against gays, no milk, no butter, no flying over Eire, extra costs to travel into Europe. The heatwave has been brought about by Brexit and when it rains, it will be to blame again. It is truly pathetic. A club run by a drunk, who can't bear the thought of a member leaving. If things are going to be so bad, why don't they let us get on with it and save their smugness for that day? I am sure that some excuses will be found for Switzerland, but that is all they will be.
  6. Gordon R

    Tour de France 2018

    Less than happy about Froome's treatment. I am not a fan, but spitting and hitting him are pathetic.
  7. Gordon R

    Mercedes Vito - help!

    chrisv - that thought occurred to me, but looking at the Direnza web site - they look to be the rear ones.
  8. Gordon R

    Mercedes Vito - help!

    A lad I shoot with has a Mercedes Vito 120 Model 639 2007 - V6 200bhp engine diesel auto. It is the six seat version with load area at back. He bought a lowering spring kit - supposed to be progressive springs lowering by 40mm. Having fitted them, he is getting funny noises over bumps and isn't convinced the springs are the correct ones. He is in the motor trade - bodywork. He has taken photos of the rear springs and sent them to the seller who insists they look normal. Photos are rear springs - no load. Having looked at the photos, the centre coils are already fully compressed, with little movement left. Does anyone have any experience in this area and a view as to whether this is the normal look?
  9. Gordon R

    BREXIT - merged threads

    John - it's a shame that we need to cite dead people with principles. It doesn't say a lot for the current crop.
  10. Gordon R

    BREXIT - merged threads

    A politician with principles? That's a tough one. Frank Field springs to mind, but no others.
  11. Gordon R

    Torque wrench .

    I would be looking at car boots. The beam type - made in the USA - best option. Always plenty in the North West.
  12. Gordon R

    Trump Protests

    An astute post.
  13. Gordon R

    world cup

    Wasn't aware of this, but Vardy with a groin strain would have been better than those I mentioned. Our defence looks good enough - Harry Kane is good enough, but it is the space between the defence and Harry where we have very little.
  14. Gordon R

    world cup

    France were the standout team with some world class players - Mbappe being the best. We did well to end up 4th out of 32, considering we were lumbered with Ali, Henderson, Lingard, Dier and Sterling. Why we didn't play Vardy is one of life's mysteries.
  15. Gordon R

    grandson pigeon shooting

    My grandson started at about 6 years old on a 410, by age 8 he had moved to a 20 gauge auto.