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  1. The lad was Richard Collins, but I can't remember his shop name - run by his partner - Kirsty..
  2. I had reservations about Boris and, although I like Nigel, there were always niggling doubts. Since Boris got the top job, he has proved to be better than I imagined and Nigel has done the right thing. Shame on the knockers, who doubted Nigel.
  3. Met him and his other half. They both seemed genuine, but when he said he might have some other bits, I took it with a pinch of salt. Perhaps my former career made me even more cynical. I would have laid money against the parts arriving - my son disagreed. I have had to eat my words.
  4. Got the engines and rolling chassis / blown engine from Facebook Marketplace. The two covers off the bay. Tyres - internet . New radiators, hoses, plastics and graphics are easily available. New exhaust - again from the bay. Silencer we already have. Kickstart - might have to bite the bullet and buy new - £70. It seems a ridiculous price for a basic part. The lad who sold us the engines said a mate had dismantled the engines and might still have some more bits. These arrived today - at his cost. In this day and age, I was surprised at the offer and free postage. Very genuine lad - owns a motocross shop in Middlesbrough.
  5. Just bought these tonight - a bit rare - brand new.
  6. Had a 12 and 20 gauge. Both worked well enough. For that sort of money you could get an older Beretta. Better gun, with higher resale value. I have no axe to grind - owned a fair number of different make autos - Remington 1100s - best handling by far.
  7. Gun cabinets vary in height, so it is impossible to answer your query. There is no such thing as a standard gun cabinet.
  8. Gordon R


    I see Bercow makes light of the Iraq war. Odious little cretin, with a "loyal" wife.
  9. I'm not sure the clutch or gearbox are faulty. A mate's son had the same problem a few months ago. The fault was a spring on the gear change mechanism. Removed clutch cover and although the gear lever was moving, it wasn't actually going into gear. Even with a knackered clutch, there should be some change when put into year and some drag - however slight.
  10. The people who cannot comprehend that he is a terrorist sympathising, serial liar, anti-semite, nepotistic idiot are not the full shilling.
  11. There has to be a pin , which could be removed with a pin punch. Easier to work on, if the whole item was removed from the woodwork. I assume the sling holder unscrews from the wood. You can either remove it and fill the hole or remove the sling holder - hacksaw/ Dremel.
  12. Allegedly 58bhp after a bit of taming by Honda. Never had problems starting them. Petrol on, flood carb, stick in 3rd gear - rock back and forth three times - adjustment of kickstart and wallop. Usually first time starters.
  13. The rolling chassis we will be using. It will need frame modifying and new plastics, graphics, bars, grips, tyres etc.
  14. Gordon R


    Spain will ensure that Scotland never joins the EU. It has too many implications for them, with their own separatists. Scotland doe not own the North Sea Oil - they are just a bit clueless about maritime law.
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