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  1. Mixed feelings. No time for Saunders, but I would be sorry if he had to retire because of the injury. I would prefer that he saw sense and retired, rather than have it forced on him.
  2. Sonny Liston was a nasty bit of work. Muhammed Ali was awful when he systematically beat up Ernie Terrell. Henry Cooper was far from the affable "Our Enery" personae he peddled. Saunders is something else. No redeeming features at all. I think he has a slate loose.
  3. Saunders' face was a mess before the shot that broke his socket. He was three round down - bit like Amir Khan - "I was winning until he hit me" and was shipping heavy punches. I would like to see Saunders back in with Eubank. Eubank looked raw when they last fought, but clearly had no regard for Saunders' punching power. In the last few rounds, Eubank gave him a beating - too little too late. Not sure where Saunders and his inflated ego go from here. I honestly can't see a rematch, as Alvarez has little time for Saunders and his pathetic antics. I think Eubank or GGG would thrash Saunders
  4. Billy Joe Saunders said after Daniel Dubois fight:- Clearly Saunders - a man of his word, or perhaps not - should apologise to Dubois. Given his disgraceful antics in the past, it would be the first decent thing he has ever said.
  5. The French problem is that no government would like to be seen to capitulate to bullying. The ramming of the boat was pathetic. had it been the other way, i am sure it would have been seen as an act of war. They need to get their act together and file proper applications, backed up by paperwork. They don't appear to like their past fishing methods scrutinised. Tough luck.
  6. Pleased that Alvarez silenced the odious Billy Joe Saunders, with a stoppage. Saunders is fortunate he never fought GGG who would have given him a severe beating.
  7. Never understood why they did it in the first place. We don't have an England only Parliament and the tradition that Scottish MPs would stay out of votes, only concerning England, was not honoured. These assemblies - Holyrood, Welsh Assembly etc serve no genuine purpose. They are merely another level of bureaucracy that we don't need. Millions and millions of taxpayers money straight down the drain.
  8. If it ever comes to a vote and they gain independence, I don't think they will be in any position to demand. I sincerely hope it doesn't happen.
  9. Vince - we already pay. If they go it alone, the rest of the UK would be better off financially. What bothers me is when rabble rousers like Wee Jimmy continually lie to the Scots about what a wealthy country it is and how they will be so much better off. They would have no Barnett subsidy, no membership of the EU for quite a long time (If Spain ever relented) and have to join the Euro. They would then be very bit part players in the EU. By then Wee Jimmy will be pensioned off and be unaffected by the destruction the SNP have left behind.
  10. The figures cited about Scottish oil are laughable - straight from the Jimmy Krankie "Strong for Scotland" children's book. If Scotland is so wealthy, why do they not ask for the Barnett formula to be scrapped? I have a number of friends in Scotland and do not wish the country to leave the UK, but there does come a point when I think - let them go and sink. It is tempting, but the people deserve better.
  11. Just how has Labour sunk so low? A party dominated by hard lefties, who have zero chance of ever gaining office. I can't fully grasp how this deluded bunch think a move to the hard left will convince voters. I hear what they say, but think they should be sectioned.
  12. I have no time whatsoever for Peter Mandelson, but he called it right on the General Elections - lose, lose, lose, lose, Blair, Blair, Blair, lose, lose, lose, lose. He added that Labour chose the wrong brother and subsequently ended up with Corbyn.
  13. Starmer promised to clear Labour of anti-semitism. I don't recall any one person being thrown out. He is a patronising bore and incapable of inspiring anyone. He promises little and delivers less. The real question is who will succeed him? Laugh all you want, but David Milliband or Tony Blair would be worth a punt. Laughable as that might seem, I don't see the real alternatives.
  14. There are a few Tories I wouldn't give the time of day to, but this list speaks volumes. Nandy is about the only one who the public might take to. The rest seem left wing nutcases, but Labour use them on TV way too much. It would be better for Labour if they found people with a brain cell, who didn't irritate the minute they opened their mouth.
  15. Thanks for that. I have actually been - 25 years ago. It was niggling me - never considered Jersey.
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