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  1. The interior is in excellent condition, showing little sign of 96k miles.
  2. I trust the halfwit will get nothing. I notice neither she nor her solicitor have said that they regret that it was necessary to call the Police to shut down an illegal event.
  3. The cost of replacement batteries would be a major concern to me. Also depreciation, given the limited lifespan of the batteries.
  4. My eldest is thinking of buying a few. I advised buying some land - where there are no noise complaints likely - trials, motocross and clay shooting grounds.
  5. It does beg the question - why? Do black lives matter more than others? If they don't - why the gesture. If you think they do - you are a racist.
  6. Mansell had the same mouth as every other driver on the grid, but he didn't say "White lives matter" and expect his colleagues to "take the knee".
  7. In the trade we call them hypocrites. 😀
  8. Interesting. I wasn't aware that HMRC published individuals' tax details.
  9. What has race got to do with it? Black Lives Matter is racist. He is the one playing the race card, not posters on here.
  10. If he is judged on his contribution to motor racing - give it to him. If he is judged on his loyalty to the UK - forget it. If it is judged on his character - complete with his questionable standards - forget it.
  11. An astute and accurate observation.
  12. Got to say that I admire Starmer for his stance. Time will tell if he sticks to it. If he doesn't, he will look very, very weak.
  13. However badly the Tories do, Labour come up with a way of making them look better than Labour. It has to be a gift, as it is something that seems to come so easily.
  14. Interesting. You are never too old to learn. Thanks.
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