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  1. Rupert - I could say the same, but life is too short. I apologise. ClemFandango - every now and then you pop up with snide remarks. Time has not changed you one iota.
  2. You may have a life outside the forum, but you visited the Forum after I had posted. Thank you kindly for the reply. I have lost interest as my outside life is calling me.
  3. I give up. Why do people advertise goods and then fail to reply? Beats me.
  4. What is left in 27 or 28grm? Thanks.
  5. Not surprised - very tidy condition.
  6. Honor Blackman improved with age, but Diana Rigg was the one with the appeal - forgive the pun. A true loss.
  7. A bit of sexist fun, but seriously - why did they need to pose topless to make a point? Publicity craving cretins. They do a disservice to bright women, who want to express a serious view.
  8. Vic - I don't like mine either. In my younger days, I can imagine having ten pints and ending up with a couple of these, only to remember, in horrific detail, the day after.
  9. I was surprised that they did the raid on the site, but all credit to them. I have been critical of the Police for their lack of effort on traveller sites, so I have to applaud this. Well done to all concerned. I trust any lawbreakers will be charged and the CPS don't bottle it.
  10. If one of the idiots fainted, they would be in a bit of a mess. Why are protesters so ugly?
  11. Packham might find himself under a bit of pressure from the new head of the BBC. The Countryside Alliance have wasted no time calling for him to back his words and get rid of those with another agenda.
  12. My youngest how now decided against spending money to strip the bench ends. Thanks TIGHTCHOKE - I am grateful for the offer. After spending all of two minutes with a butane blowlamp - he couldn't be bothered finding the propane blowtorch - he decided his presence was needed elsewhere. The ends sit in my garage and I can see I will have a bit of fun with the wire wheel, needle scaler and propane blowtorch when it surfaces.
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