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  1. If the serial number says 2005, then it was made in 2005.
  2. Gordon R

    Hughie Fury

    Did anyone else watch Hughie Fury's one and a bit round fiasco against a Canadian tub of lard? It was a complete mismatch. My grandmother, who has been dead for many years, could still beat either of them. Fury talked about re-establishing himself at World level, whilst fighting an opponent, who would have looked more comfortable in the local pub or chip shop. He appeared to have based himself in one of those for his training. Fury seems destined to remain an average domestic level fighter. I could not see him beating Derek Chisora, Dyllian White, Joe Joyce, Daniel Dubois or Anthony Joshua - ever.
  3. Hardly name dropping. I wasn't trying to drop in a name with the aim of claiming some special insight. I am ever the optimist - one day you might grow up.
  4. What exactly do you mean by the pathetic reference to a moron throwing a milkshake over Nigel Farage? It has nothing to do with what is being discussed and is rather juvenile.
  5. A quantum leap in judgement and inaccurate to boot.
  6. ditchman - I shared the same view of Haigh, until I met him some years ago. Good sense of humour and not afraid to stand his corner. The only person I know who could detect a salmon sandwich, amongst many other sandwiches on a buffet, with his back to the buffet. He said that having been to so many - he had memorised where the best sandwiches were.
  7. I agree. The UK has been humiliated by non-elected EU negotiators, who laughed behind Theresa May's back. The next PM should do tell them we are leaving with no deal, unless they dump the idiots who ridiculed the UK and agree to what we want. I wonder what has happened to Ollie Robbins, the smug Brexit Advisor. I trust he will be back to filing paper clips.
  8. Another poster said it was actually impossible, but neither is accurate. Legal advice is that any incoming leader can merely walk away from the EU, without any vote by Parliament. Of the four leading contenders to replace May, a few have said they would do exactly that. I actually feel sorry for Theresa May - promoted beyond her ability, but did her best. She lacked support from her own party, got nothing but stirring from the opposition and ended up a broken woman. I take no pleasure in that, although it is the right decision for her to go.
  9. oowee - we rarely see things the same, but that is spot on.
  10. wymberley - entirely correct. They are nothing but cowardly scum.
  11. It must have been a slow news day. One of the TV channels reported Dale Winton's birthday this week and wishing him a happy day, only for a paper to point out that he died last year
  12. It might be that for minimal effort, the cretin can be traced, with witnesses probably more willing than other instances. I don't blame the rank and file Police, but the higher echelons who decide priorities.
  13. I hadn't paid attention to the date of the results - very careless. Roll on Sunday.
  14. Correct. If young people are stupid enough to vote for an old communist and his truly thick ex, then Boris is a shoe-in.
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