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  1. Martin Elworthy runs a shop near St Austell. No idea how big it is, but he is a very friendly individual. Shot with him in the 1980s, whilst on holiday - at Roger Abondandalo's ground. Pasties - try Malcolm Barnecutts - simply the best.
  2. Perhaps they should focus on anti-semitism. A more worthy cause.
  3. I can't comprehend why some are so confident that we won't leave. If the Tories don't get us out, they are history.
  4. Tamus - no trace of bias at all.😀
  5. Really unusual wooden handle - quality.
  6. The alternative to ignoring him is what? He won't engage in any discussion with anyone who knows the subject. He isn't bright enough. Whenever he is proved wrong, he just moves on to his next "scoop". He appears to have no memory or conscience.
  7. Gordon R


    Vince - you have made that point on a number of occasions. As time passes, it becomes more evident to the rest of us. As for the CIA - it really didn't take them to expose Corbyn for the terrorists' friend that he is.
  8. Rust / pitting in the barrels and chambers. Splits in the forend woodwork.
  9. Gordon R


    When their own MPs admit it is happening, it undermines what Corbyn says. He is either stupid or really stupid. There is no third option.
  10. I love the way her view changes. When she first went to court, she said she felt physically sick when the Referendum result was announced. Now she says she was never a fan of Brexit. Lightweight attention seeker, who will have to stand behind the heavyweight John Major in the queue to sue.
  11. Saw one of these this morning at Rishton GC. When the action was closed, it wasn't easy to see the joint, so good was the engineering. Very impressive.
  12. Full of her own self importance. I think she is basically thick.
  13. When I see items like these, the knives, the linishers etc, I sometimes think I am living in a parallel universe. Excellent and out of my league.
  14. When someone calls "remain" commonsense, I do worry. Still in denial.
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