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  1. Jack Charlton was a top footballer and human being. A far more rounded and down to earth individual than many. Following the demise of Norman Hunter and then Trevor Cherry, it has been a bad year for Leeds fans. I think I too was at the match referred too earlier. I have been a Leeds fan for longer than most members have been alive and my father in law was a staunch Liverpool fan. We used to go to the matches at Anfield and Elland Road. I stood in the Kop surrounded by at least a dozen Liverpudlians - relations on my wife's side. We used to assemble in a house on Skerries Road - right next to the ground - the home of my father-in-law's sister and family. She is still there, albeit knocking on a bit now. I looked up Skerries Road last week on Google Earth and she is there - in front of her house.
  2. lancer425 - you clearly believe some of the laughable stuff you post. You carry on with BASC - they need your money. I see you sent Scully a PM saying how they are fighting the fight. Why don't you post it here. Surely it might influence doubters like me.
  3. Therein lies the major problem. BASC don't seem accountable to members as to where the "increased" funding will go. Nor do they seem to want to explain in detail. I like the suggestion to get involved and change things. That would suggest that all the current hierarchy need to be replaced to get things done.
  4. Gordon R

    Pilots ,Licence ?

    Whilst there is far more at risk with an aeroplane, just how many drivers have used a stand in to take a driving test? Some years ago, I personally knew one individual who had taken 28 driving tests in Manchester, including one as a woman. His pass rate was about 50% and he blamed prejudice for his failures. He was obviously sent down.
  5. Claims to Gibraltar, fishing rights - all being dropped, as it has dawned on the EU that the Tories mean business.
  6. A not very "secretive organisation" where they leak dramatic stuff like an impending "suicide" or "murder". I'm surprised the "family friend" didn't rush to the Police to inform them of foul play. Then again, it was probably time to get another round in.
  7. He is alienating people and not helping in any way that I can see.
  8. Does the secretive organisation meet in shall we say the local pub?
  9. Once upon a time in America. Brilliant film - fantastic score.
  10. If you did actually know more about the Maxwells, you wouldn't be saying she will keep quiet. It isn't rocket science. Feel free to admit your error when she starts blabbing.
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