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  1. I pointed this out to my Practice Manager. The logic seemed lost upon him. I got an apology and let it go at that. Three people served Subject Access Requests on the same Practice. Three went missing and were only dealt with when a second was served. I assume the Practice has a serial numpty employed there.
  2. Your GP might say they won't provide the information, but they don't have a choice. They don't have exemption from the Data Protection Act. Using a firm like Medcert means that they have to provide a Subject Access Request (i.e. provide your medical records) free of charge.
  3. I know that feeling. I was welding in the garage and thought it was getting a bit warm. Lifted my welding mask to find I had set my sweatshirt on fire. It burned a big hole in the top and singed my skin. The previous time, I lifted the mask to find the bench on fire.
  4. It is a poor show, if he is innocent and gets him name plastered on the web. The internet is a part of life now, but a dangerous place.
  5. ANDREW ROSINDELL ARRESTED: Tory MP Arrested Charges Explained (getindianews.com) No idea how reliable the link is, but it appears to be the only one..
  6. It is about time the Police got a grip of this online fraud.
  7. The daughter of a very good friend, has decided that she wants to be a male. She is going through the process with the NHS and is genuine in her wish. She - soon to be he, is a smashing person and I wish her / him well. It is a free country and I support anyone who is genuine and wishes to change. What I do have a problem with is the people who invent another 100 or 200 new genders. i don't believe it helps anyone. The training mentioned before is just like "The emperor's new clothes".
  8. There are two, but I seriously worry about people who try to invent multi genders. One slice short of a full loaf.
  9. That looks a lot of gun for the money. I have held a couple of these and have been tempted to buy one, because it was cheap at the time. They look well engineered to me.
  10. It's a bit belt and braces, but I would glue it and then use a plastic welder, which inserts bent wires into the plastic. If you know someone with one - piece of cake. I used mine on my granddaughters front bumper. Out of 12 fixing points on her plastic bumper, she managed to break 11. Went back a treat.
  11. Against my better judgement, I came across this as the jury voting was down to the last half a dozen. With two juries left, I thought we couldn't lose. Cue the new TV vote. Why did they have all the juries voting for a maximum of 12 points, when the TV vote amounted to over 400 points for a single song? It is a farcical event at best, but plumbed new depths last night.
  12. If the chokes are about 1 1/2" long they are Invector. If they are about 2 1/2" long, they are Invector Plus.
  13. Just glad I didn't follow his advice. They could drop a whole lot further.
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