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  1. It looks a lot more work than the traditional two pillar type. I have fitted three of those - fairly straightforward - with good results. I would be concerned about the stability of a single pillar - housed in what appears to be plastic.
  2. There should be an investigation into the fact that someone at the CPS thought there was insufficient evidence for a more serious charge. Incompetence springs to mind.
  3. Gordon R


    Decent article whichever side you are on.
  4. Gordon R

    Climate Change

    That is the argument that many people peddle, but I would question the logic. When fuel duty goes up, do motorists drive less or just stump up the extra tax? It's all about making more money and nothing to do with saving the planet.
  5. Gordon R

    Climate Change

    I am sure someone will try to pick a hole in that - even though it is correct.
  6. In the short term, I think they will cash in and make a lot of money. Long term - their novelty will wear off and they will become yesterday's people - if the marriage lasts that long. In biblical terms - think, "The Prodigal Son".
  7. Gordon R


    It's posh talk for a Chinese pan.
  8. I sense jealousy, because of Bercow's beautiful and loyal wife.
  9. Done a bit of work on a mate's wife's Swift - decent motor. We have had 111 cars, but one of the best was my wife's SX4 auto. Owned it for 5 1/2 years, which is a long time for me. Our shortest ownership was a Golf TDi for an hour. The SX4 was easy to work on, although it only ever had brake discs and pads, oil, filters etc. Plugs were not needed until 90k, which I never touched,. We owned it from 5k to 65k. I think Suzukis are underrated.
  10. Gordon R


    henry d - you are better than junk like this.
  11. Jesse Ventura - Predator?
  12. Totally agree and I hope it never happens. Great people who deserve better leaders.
  13. Lad from Huddersfield collected them to start his son off. Went to a good cause.
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