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  1. Normally - take the stock off, knock out the pin retainers with a fine punch and replace.
  2. I'm gonna change to my real name of Boris Weihrauch Johnson Junior.
  3. Your posts are increasingly bizarre. Laughable was perhaps a little understated. 🙂
  4. Who could argue with a post full of facts, not opinion. Laughable. As Labour are supporting this, just how did it become an anti-Tory rant?
  5. The alternative to waiting is withdrawing the application. No brainer.
  6. He deserved far better treatment. It is about time to stop this.
  7. It is high time that the Police and CPS got to grips with the likes of Andjem Choudray, who preach this nonsense. They appear to try to find a way not to take action rather than think if there is any possible offence. I trust Angela Rayner is hanging her head in shame, but I suspect not. Calling all Tories scum is preaching hatred in my book and this applies to any politician using similar descriptions of whatever party.
  8. I have a friend who runs his own Mercedes garage and I told my lad repeatedly to go there. It is 5 miles further to travel, but he keeps on paying top dollar. I despair.
  9. AJ would get more credit for giving it a go and getting stopped, rather than another cautious points defeat.
  10. You have a point about AJ's chance, but he seems reluctant to get involved in a brawl. That was what he needed to do against Usyk and couldn't.
  11. I would watch any of those fights, but fear the outcome would be predictable. Usyk is the best boxer of the three opponents, but is too small to worry Fury. The other two don't possess Wilder's punch, but have the same chin.
  12. Tyson Fury said after the fight that any opponent would have to knock him "spark out" to beat him, because he would always get back up. Given his improvement over the years, I don't see any other heavyweight capable of out boxing him and struggle to see anyone who punches harder than Wilder. He seems to have grown as a person and a boxer. I wasn't aware of his charity donations and am a bit surprised. Not that he gives to charity, but the size of the donations. I know one of his former sparring partners, who said that there was a far better side to him than his public personae, at that time.
  13. If Andrew thinks the Met dropping their enquiry will help him, he is more delusional than I thought. As has been pointed out by quite a few posters, he is dealing with Americans in their own backyard. Hiring the female brief who specialises in making settlements is hardly a credible defence. She seems to major on negotiating settlements. Bad as it will look, my money is on a settlement with a Non Disclosure clause. Her Lawyers will hint at a victory, but won't be able to disclose details. Andrew's bunch will say little or nothing.
  14. I will admit to being shocked.
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