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  1. He isn't making any reasonable point, but merely moaning about a previously unknown virus having such an impact. Naturally, had she / he been in charge, the UK would have been fully prepared for every eventuality. It is called hindsight.
  2. The scenery in the intro looked stunning. As the "stars" ambled down to the beach, I feared the worst. Badly filmed, badly directed, badly edited and amateurish. A genuine shame - a missed opportunity.
  3. My local Practice provided the records over two months after being served with a SAR. Firstly they claimed not to have received one and then said that the second didn't give them a date when it had to be returned. I wrote a complaint to the Practice Manager and pointed out that Medcert didn't have to supply a deadline day, as this was already in the law. I got a full apology, but the delay is something applicants need to factor in.
  4. I too stand corrected. I have seen many semi pistol grip stocks advertised as POW.
  5. toxo - it is quite some time since I read so much garbage, but entertaining it is. You are indeed an almost worthy successor to Burnley Dave, but you have some way to go. He is before your time, but long standing members will remember, with reverence, the way he slowly lost his grip on reality. Everyone, but Dave, could see the downward spiral of his posts as reasoning and "facts" went out of the window. He exhibited anger issues - sound familiar?
  6. I too found this very odd. How would they know that someone, who you has seen you handling a gun, was competent enough to make that judgement? What if you had never handled a shotgun?
  7. Scully - that is my understanding too.
  8. Whilst I didn't think it was a brilliant review - too many waving hands - I was a bit confused by the stock - Prince of Wales. I was under the impression that a POW stock was far more rounded, at the end of the grip.
  9. Whilst I would be very proud, it seems unlikely.
  10. Three of my grandchildren had an expensive private education. The youngest still attends. Her educational performance is fairly average, but she can play saxophone and clarinet to a high level and swims at County level. The merits of paying a small fortune for this are beyond me.
  11. By his own admission - he is a liar. You can't put it back in the box. How do you tell which of his statements is true or just another pack of lies? A shallow and bitter individual, who was dumped by the very people he is now attacking, but was happy to work with not so very long ago.
  12. The OP might have remained in ignorance, as he was banned a long time ago. His coarse and badly written posts might have had something to do with it.
  13. Brilliant doesn't seem to do your work justice.
  14. Laurona are often overlooked. Solid, made to last, chrome inside barrel and black chrome on the outside. A lot of gun for your money. Also sold as Winchester 91. Bought one new in the mid 1980s and it paid for itself many times over.
  15. Sales section, make, photos, number of gun slots etc etc.
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