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  1. No party comes out of it well, nor any faction within the parties. That said - when Labour announced their "Six Points" - their stupidity was laid bare. It is impossible to reconcile their manifesto with the six points. There were originally ten points, but Di Abbott was put in charge of publication.
  2. I must have misread their last manifesto, where they promised to honour the Referendum result. Then again - you are probably correct - governing the UK has nothing to do with Labour, nor will it for many years.
  3. We can't have a vote on the same thing in Parliament, but we can have a second Referendum on the same thing. Just how does that work? Imbeciles.
  4. The family have been more forgiving than I could be. First he leaves a live round in the gun, points it at his friend and pulls the trigger. Three mistakes.
  5. Just when you think he can't sink any lower - he pulls it off. Complete, slimy cretin.
  6. I saw a video a couple of weeks ago of the Fire Service actually attacking the Police - very bizarre.
  7. That amply demonstrates what can happen when poor losers start to undermine democracy. They ought to hang their heads in shame. They accepted the Referendum decision when they stood at the election, but have suddenly had a change of heart. They should have accepted what they promised and tried to help us leave with the best terms, but just leave if all else failed.
  8. Next you will be telling us that Remainers knew what they were voting for. As no-one knows what the case would be if we stayed or left, it is just silly to keep peddling this garbage. In simple terms - the terms that were on the ballot paper - remain or leave.
  9. Left handed and right handed guns open by pushing the lever to the right. Normally cast on the stock denotes which hand the gun is.
  10. Big thanks to Cranfield and Dunkfield - hard acts to follow. That said, their replacements are respected members of this Forum and I wish them well.
  11. I am at a loss as to why you cited him on a Brexit thread then.
  12. They were indeed made by Winchester.
  13. I have spent some time looking at my knife, which ditchman kindly made for me. A thing of beauty, but it makes me realise my own limitations.
  14. islandgun - I have to agree. I reloaded my own 12 gauge stuff in the mid 1980s. Making my own lead shot yielded a decent saving, but if I had to buy the lead shot, the saving was negligible for 7-9 shot. My lads used to help, but as they became bored of being in my little production line, their enthusiasm tailed off. That said, there was a good deal of satisfaction in loading my own. I was pleased that I rarely, if ever, had a jam in my Remington 1100s with my reloads, whereas I got about 1 or 2 in every hundred with commercial loads. Part of the reason might have been my choice of cases - I stuck mainly to Winchester Trap 100 and Trap 200 cases.
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