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  1. Whoever he appoints should be an improvement. His problem is the same one that plagued Gordon Brown - he is boring. No visible personality, which is what is needed in modern, presidential type elections. That said, I hope he gets stuck into the anti-semite scum quite quickly.
  2. I am not impressed. He was criticised by the Jewish community, despite his previously unmentioned connections, for never being at the forefront of anti-Semitism. Cowardice was mentioned. He said he would not make the current crisis political, but immediately does so. A man of his word. I accept that the Opposition is there to scrutinise, but I don't accept that they should oppose everything. That is not constructive, merely a continuation of Corbyn's negativity.
  3. Gordon R


    Had it twice in 2003 and managed to get MRSA, whilst I was in hospital. Not pleasant.
  4. A mate's cert runs out next week. He had a letter this morning extending his cert for a couple of months. It mentioned that he had sent his renewal in early, as requested.
  5. I thought the thread had peaked when Barbara Eden appeared - a sight almost guaranteed to be the pinnacle of any thread - but it was topped by the lamp itself. Truly brilliant.
  6. I was with you until photo three. I realised that this was the point where I simply hadn't got the skill or patience. I find it hard to imagine all the variables in creating that fit, plus the disaster of getting one bit wrong after spending hours on the rest. I say hours, but I can imagine that that might run into days. I take my hat off to you and your skill. A privilege to see.
  7. She might be a loyal wife, but she appears to be just as out of touch with reality as her husband. Labour might well gain more support, merely by ridding the the Shadow Cabinet of the lunatic fringe.
  8. I made the same drill holders, which hang from overhead storage. Never realised what a good idea they are.
  9. Been having trouble sorting out a head steady. Most CR500AF builders weld a piece onto the middle of the frame where the seat attaches. I have never liked the system, as it seems unsuited to stopping any vibration. The CRF 450 engine has mounts either side of the upper frame rails, but they didn't line up with the CR500 engine. Bit of cutting brackets and loads of filing later, my head steady is all but done. It isn't possible to run an M10 rod from side to side, as the frame gets in the way. I have ordered some M10 nut couplers, so that I can join up three separate screws and make one solid rod. I can then put nuts either side of the head steady mounts on the cylinder head. Job sorted - nice and solid.
  10. Airbox assembled and riveted. Just let silicone dry and then clean up the whole thing.
  11. I went into the garage yesterday with the intention of a bit of welding. I had one bent G-clamp, but found a straight one with no wobbly bit. Knocked the wobbly bit off, put it on the straight one and peined the edges over to secure it. I will look at the bent one in due course.
  12. Shot both of these, but some years ago. Both had decent targets.
  13. Fitted the sub frame loosely and also the rad valve - hence the gaudy gold bolts. Placed the airbox in the sub frame, connected the carb and it went together first time. Just have to attach the new panel to the old airbox, but I now know the exact position. I was quietly pleased, as I thought it might be a problem. CR500AF builders seem to see it as a hurdle.
  14. Not done the lacquer as yet. Will have to spray some more over the damaged bit and let it set properly. CRF airbox with hole roughly shaped to accommodate CR500 hose. CR500 hose attached to vinyl square - ready to attach to the airbox. Having damaged the paintwork, I thought I might as well check the engine fit - after the rebuild. Engine mountings were too tight, because of using our spare engine, with no gasket. The paint also narrowed the mountings. After a right fiddle and a degree of filing - no help from Junior, because of the virus - I got in in. It would be more accurate to say I got it in and out three times. That chipped a few more bits, but at least I know it fits. Going to sort out hoses, carb and exhaust fittings then take it out to re-finish the frame properly.
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