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  1. Gordon R


    Can't stand Hardy - mumbles his way through each and every role.
  2. I will admit to having little, if any time, for either of the two. Salmond always seemed all bluster and little substance, whereas Sturgeon always struck me as very limited. I watched his appearance before the committee and thought that Sturgeon would be lucky to walk away from all this unscathed. Salmond had more about him than I had thought and seemed like a man on a mission. That he clearly is. Given Sturgeon's promise of openness and transparency, it was clearly demonstrated that this was not the case. I look forward to her appearance to see whether shouting "Strong for Scotland
  3. Brilliant - watched it many times. A tremendous version.
  4. I found it ironic that the usual Human Rights numpties trot out the line that her treatment is not the "British way". Where was her British way, when she scurried off to join her terrorist friends. Justice for once.
  5. I am afraid my perks were of a minor nature. I have a Hong Kong Police tie and a glass replica of their Hong Kong HQ. Small gifts, but they meant a lot.
  6. Bamburgh Castle - superb view, stunning beach. Stayed in Seahouses a few times. Nice part of the country.
  7. I have been on holiday to Scotland three times and will be going back as soon the lockdown eases. I have had probably thirty nights out in Edinburgh and Glasgow, when on business. I have about a dozen friends up there and met many, many more. I have never felt unwelcome and the Scots have always been good company. I have spoken to a number about Krankie and have yet to speak to anyone with a good word for her. Despite some saying "If they want to go, let them" or "Let's get rid", I would be genuinely bothered if they decided to go their own way. The UK is stronger with the Scots. At
  8. Be very careful. A lot quicker than you might imagine.
  9. I suspect it is going to cost a whole lot more, which she could have avoided. I was amused to hear one of the SNP saying that allowing Salmond's submission to be used was a bewildering disregard for clear legal advice. Given that they proceeded against Salmond in total disregard of legal advice, you have to wonder what planet he lives on.
  10. Can't wait for her to appear before the inquiry. I know there is a dispute about just when Krankie found out, but I wasn't aware, until today, just how many people were involved. It would appear to be Krankie against quite a few. Salmond asserts that things she said were witnessed by others at her home, including a Solicitor.
  11. I confess to being unaware of who he was. That said, he was clearly a multi-talented individual.
  12. I am confident that these snowflakes will never have attended a football or rugby match, because of the noise pollution for those living around the grounds. Very selective standards.
  13. He was one of my cricketing heroes and on a different planet to Flintoff and Botham. I interviewed a very nice girl around 1990, who had the surname and originated from the same island as Garry. Once the interview was over, I asked her if she knew him - I wasn't aware that it might be a common name. She was Emma Sobers - his niece. She had already got the job, so it had no way of affecting the outcome.
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