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  1. Loads of valves on aliexpress. .. search codor/talon valves
  2. Wolfman delivers and with full charge https://www.thewolfman.co.uk/hydrotech-charging-bottle-and-hose.html
  3. Might be marked in mpa ..... 10mpa =100bar 20mpa=200bar ect
  4. Correction... Throw is 1km(1000m)
  5. Unwanted gift Olight warrior x turbo 1100m spot throw , tail switch operation Comes boxed with holster,magnetic charger,clip,lanyard battery Compact size so could easily gun mounted £110 posted
  6. snipper

    Artemis P15

    One just gone up for sale on agf https://www.airgunforum.co.uk/community/index.php?threads/artemis-p15-177-with-extras.334375/
  7. 28g 7''s but the past couple of weekends roost shooting 16g 6''s in the 410 .......drops them like stones
  8. I've a few that were given with a couple of Shotties I bought a few years back ..... I'm not a collector by any means but just find them interesting. ... The pile on the right are tin shot .....
  9. Hi all 🙂 I was given a box of eley fourlong paper carts and wondered when they date back to out of curiosity Thanks
  10. Fair question ........I should of said in the description ..... Basically I've spent quite a bit of coin with them and it turned up as a gift but I already have a throw light so I won't be using it Bit of a review and demo here
  11. Brand new only received yesterday Olight javelot turbo 1300 lumens wich throw's a tight intense beam upto 1.3km Lightweight for its size @ 408g (259mm long) Comes in hardcase with nice holster and magnetic USB charging lead (just sticks to the tail switch) Side switch cycles through its 4 modes which also illuminates to show battery life and there's a tail switch to Full spec here https://www.olightstore.uk/olight-javelot-turbo-1300-meters-throw-rescue-search-hunting-light-black.html sold to vpk999 ......
  12. Just a heads up a 30% off boxing day ....... top notch led flashlights , some good edc and big throw jobbies I've a £5 credit link https://www.olightstore.uk/?awraf=2BD448145FDD0E7FC4884
  13. I went for the £6 12 month mobile contract 4gb data unlimited calls and texts but went through a cashback.... Works out to £3 a month.... Could always do the same with broadband... £70 cashback with topcashback
  14. I've been with plusnet 15yrs now ..... excellent service on the rare occasion I've needed to get in touch with them . Also on their mobile service ( EE)
  15. snipper


    These work good and are WiFi to your phone to record a 10 shot string https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Shooting-Chronograph-Shooting-Speed-Meter-Ball-Velocity-Energy-Tester-HT-X3005/284047060495?hash=item4222862e0f:g:uhIAAOSwl5dfiSE3&redirect=mobile Measures in fps but gives power in joules which isnt a biggie ..... 16j = 12fpe
  16. Konus T30 3-12×50 Ir compact Illuminated mildot ret Comes with 11mm hight mounts ,flip up covers As new barring a little scuff on the front edge of sunshade(see pic) , really clear image £100 posted
  17. Maybe because an rfd will be insured were as PF is £100 max payout if your lucky
  18. If it was mine I'd insist it was delivered not fit for purpose and should of been tested fully before it was delivered
  19. Always open to near offers Mike
  20. Vector Optics Thanator 1-8x24 CQB Red Illuminated, 30mm body Fitted to try but not suited for my poor eyes, need a bigger mag... So basically new boxed with flip up covers and mounts £250 posted
  21. snipper

    dog coller

    Must be a lazy **** trainer then , Should be banned end of , training a dog through fear is never the right way
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