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  1. Well done Jonathan rea the most successful rider in the history of world super bike, 6 world championships in a row.
  2. Got the flu jab a few weeks ago in Boots before they ran out of vaccine, no side effects.
  3. Could be he turned the gun on himself after shooting the sergeant, why would you think differently.
  4. It would depend on your deflation of a idiot. idiot. a foolish person, esp. someone who has done something stupid:
  5. You are right he is not a hawk he is a idiot, North Korea played him for a fool, Trump for Nobel Peace Prize LOL.
  6. I have had a TomTom for 5 years, no issues good job. As for a phone would it not be hard on your data, if its not unlimited.
  7. Its a individual thing, i stopped using a vape. Its a nicotine replacement, just more effective than the others. If anyone can stop cold turkey that's the way to go, there are no bad ways to stop.
  8. I would advice anyone to do what works for them, i would not discourage them from trying Vaping or any other nicotine replacement products.
  9. SLR / FN FAL / L1A1. fans will like this one. Inside the FN FAL - YouTube
  10. It was never anything to do with crime, It was Trump electioneering to the right wing.
  11. A interesting video of the operation of the AK 74. Inside AK-74 - YouTube
  12. Yes but the federal government can influence the states and give leadership. The problem is Trump pressured the states to reopen early disregarding the guidance of his own Coronavirus task force. Now the states that listened to him, are in the worst of both worlds the pain the shutdown and no gain. They are now pulling back on the reopening and starting all over.
  13. They say you get the politicians you deserve, if they re elect that idiot for another term they deserve him. There are a few differences this time, people hated Clinton, not so much Biden, all his efforts are to his base but they are not the people he needs to get elected, he needs the ones that held their nose last time and voted for him. His disastrous handling of CV, could come back to hunt him, we shall see.
  14. As i said it will be payed for, everyone's taxes will probably increase, they will not single out people on furlough like it or not. It was not asked for, the government brought it in voluntary and encouraged companies to furlough people. Also they instructed vulnerable people not to work and to stay in the house, you think they are then going to turn around and say you have to pay back furlough money, just not going to happen.
  15. Pointless talking about it, not going to happen. They would need to have made that clear when they brought the furlough scheme in, trying to do it after would be politically and legally a nonstarter IMO. Are you on furlough.
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