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    shooting- just started going out foxing this year, missing clays and rabbitting

    offroading, carp fishing, mountain biking
  1. You can't post powders and primers from what I know bud ..
  2. Decided I'm selling up,will be listing reloading tackle, bullets, carts, etc soon. Lightforce blitz and swivel handle £100 Night eater, unsure of power atm (will update tomorow) markylight (made by him) a top long range nv lamp, over 300 yards of good shoot able light. YouTube shows all. £60 Lee hand loading press, £30 Lee deluxe dies in - .223 x2 .243 £25 each At least half a box of lapua cases in .223 £30 brand new The rest once fired, £20 Cci small primers Various powders ( update tomorow) Collection doncaster
  3. Got my ticket back with these conditions... are they semi open? I would ring the fao but he's quite possibly one of the biggest butt holes iv ever met! Lol Any advice guys?
  4. As above just fuse it down at the point of knocking down in size. So you just fit a fuse spur at the side of the cooker outlet.
  5. Drop me a pm with location. I'm mobile around sheff so could pick it up for you.
  6. Was a good fight. Froch did what he said he was going to do. Groves got his **** slapped for being gobby and admitted he was outclassed. Enjoyed watching the 1 rou d pre fight where he battered his opponent too. Was like a street fight for little boys!!
  7. Yeh iv worked for the water board since I was 18 buddy. I know exactly what happens... If you actually knew anything about it you'd understand that the waste is clean.. hence why it's called cake. It's still poo.. but it has been through the bugs and dewatering system to take all the nasties out. Despite what you may think.. There's actually more nasties in the cake produced from clean water (drinking water) than sewage What you speak of is now put into a tank and brewed with bugs to make it safe, then dried and put into green waste.
  8. Just block that number in the phone bud. Send texts straight to delete and the calls to unavailable. If you can't do this just get him a new sim or call up the provider and explain he's only 7 and he's getting dodgy texts off someone.
  9. Making me chuckle this.. Most of you eating uk veg are eating veg from composting human poo. Ever wonder where all your green waste goes?? It goes to local sewage works with "green waste" facility.. This is mixed with "cake" the leftovers of poo after its had the rags taken out of it. And then sold/given to farmers and sold to companies for COMPOST So that lovely black peat like compost you just put on your veg plot is likely to be human poop. Yep.. those massive strawberry that came this year that you didn't plant are from there too!! :-)
  10. Berlingo is big enough for a kids car seat in the middle, the scudo is big enough for 3 if ones a small teenager.. altho iv sat in between my workmate and my boss. Non of us are small. If one of us had ****** there would have been a disaster.
  11. I'm 26.. I'm shocked you think your old At 30?!! I work with lots of older boys.. 35 to 75 year old.. We all race to spot the tidy bird. Doesn't matter how old they are if they spot it then they claim it. The older ones are usually the best spotters too.
  12. My workmates got a mokka 4x4 it's avg 50mpg he says? There a bit low for offloading tho and he has had it stuck a few times.. (we spend 40% of our day driving down lanes to sites) Be interested to know how the 4wd works.. i presume it's automated from the tc?
  13. Jimnys arnt that good on fuel you know? There excellent offroad but for such a wee car they drink juice!
  14. Nope Thames is. Yw are alrite in the grand scheme of things and spend LOADS on keeping everything up to date. Haven't seen any sat dishes on the side of our kiosks.. radio links have tv antenna type Aerials. Iv not seen any sat dish looking ones tho.
  15. Lol. There you go. Move house. You may as well use morse code to connect to the Internet.
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