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  1. washman

    fac air

    As new hw100 fac with bottle and hawke scope £850
  2. Thanks guys on high performance steel proofed guns its recommended not to use large steel shot im going to load BBB what choke would you advise me to use cheers everyone
  3. Thanks all great help as usual
  4. Cheers mate I was thinging along the lines of terra chokes etc
  5. Hi all hope you are keeping safe can yuo tell me what after sales chokes do people use in their browning maxus semi auto cheers
  6. Ive got a berreta silver pigeon 31/2 inch steel excellent condition £1000
  7. I have some sportplast canadas and greylag £20 each plus postage
  8. Hi mate I have a berretta silver pigeon 3.5 inch steel with a left hand cast in excellent condition £950 great all round gun
  9. washman

    .308 Rifle

    Hi I have a tikka t3 lite hunter (wood) with a top grade silencer (£280) I bought this to do my DSC1 so has only fired about 35 shots absolutely immaculate £925
  10. I have a tikka t3 lite with a wooden stock only fired fifty bullets bought when I was doing my dsc1 but I use my tikka t3 243 all the time
  11. washman

    Cheap pick up

    Ive got a nissan navara 03 plate with some mot on has a intermittent fault will be right price
  12. I have a mec steelmaster nearly new does 12 bore 31/2 inch as well as 10 bore I have loads of new 12 and ten new cases powder shot etc depends on how much you want to spend
  13. Hi Fandango yes it has damascus barrels it is nitro proof and has a 4inch chamber. Nnncheers john
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