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  1. HELP! I have a Rossi 20G single barrel circa 2009 with a broken firing pin. The pin sheared at the joint to the body. The firing pin used is, I believe, the same pin used in Harrington & Richardson (now NEF - New England Firearms) single shot shotguns. The firing pin is the sloping back design version as pictured above. The broken pin is available for use as a model and I also require a spring. The pin dimensions are: Whole pin and body is 20.75mm long in total Pin alone is 1.97mm in diameter Body alone is 10.18mm long with 5.46mm in diameter Does anyone have a suggestion where I can source one of these pins (and a spring) or if anyone know someone who can make one to order on a small lathe? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Blackjack
  2. Hi - could you post a picture or two? Many thanks!
  3. NOW SOLD £85 for job lot posted to mainland UK including: Neck turner tool body with cutter (£65), Power adapter(£31) , Power adapter handle (£16), Press adapter (£16) All you need to neck turn your cases by hand or with a normal power screwdriver - just add a calibre specific pilot (£17) and expander mandrel (£17) available from 1967spud.com I have pilots and expander sets available for 6MM and 6.5MM for an extra £20 per set. Full instructions and setup videos at: https://kmshooting.com/learn/ From the manufacturer: "The K&M neck turner has a very unique cutter adjustment mechanism that allows for a very precise cutter adjustment. This design incorporates very fine pitched threads of a screw within a screw concept which yields 0.002” cutter advance for each rotation of the adjustment nut. As a point of reference and comparison, a micrometer advances the spindle 0.025” for every revolution of the thimble. There are etched markers on the neck turner body around the circumference of the cutter adjustment screw hole placed every 30 degrees radially and as a reference, there is one punch mark on the face of the adjustment nut. When the adjustment nut is rotated one increment the cutter advancement is 0.0002”. You can drive the cartridge with the power adapter and proper shell holder by hand when the handle is installed or remove the handle from the power adapter and insert the ¼” hex stem into a cordless screwdriver."
  4. Used Briley 20GA Extended Choke - Beretta Optima HP Improved Modified (3/4) in Briley case. £30 collected from Swansea, South Wales or £34 posted to UK mainland.
  5. Hi Steve - see: I had 2 of these presses so I've kept one and this one is for sale. They are brilliant and will load any calibre singly or you can process in batches to save time.
  6. Hardly used LEE Auto Prime XR with large and small primer trays, boxed MPT Powder Trickler (very heavy weighted base) & LYMAN Turbo Pro 1200. All in almost new, hardly used condition, now just surplus to requirements and taking up space. £50 collected from Swansea, South Wales or £60 posted to UK mainland.
  7. Turns out I have an 8KG Brittany anchor after all from my Beneteau Flyer WA650 (which I sold ages ago). It's yours for £25 collected from Swansea or £40 posted via Parcelforce 48 if you need it.
  8. Hi - the bow fitting is a "stemhead fitting" or "stemhead bow roller". The smaller Beneteau power boats invariably ship from the factory with a Brittany anchor (flat plate with articulating arm). See:https://www.cactusnav.com/plastimo-britany-anchor-flat-p-16414.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwp_GJBhBmEiwALWBQkxWe7bf-abw3GQDCQmd29pc5A_awW0tQm5usrtm-jKjDAKqS-rikthoClyQQAvD_BwE As you can see it's a lot like a Danforth anchor. Ordinarily, I would not expect to see an anchor permanently held in that stem head fitting. It would be more usual to have the anchor in a bow locker (if available) and then only brought out when required and deployed over the bow roller. In your case, a 6KG or 8KG Brittany would most likely be the correct anchor from the factory. I may even have one of these kicking around somewhere - I'll take a look for you. I know you probably already know, but don't forget to have enough chain and rope attached and always have the end of the anchor rode attached to the boat at all times. Also see: https://www.westmarine.com/WestAdvisor/How-To-Anchor-Securely Most people are surprised at the amount of chain and rope required to anchor safely. Hope all this is helpful and good luck with your boating!
  9. If you let me know the make, model and length of the boat I may be able to help.
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