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  1. Hi all, I have recently moved into wootton wawen and am looking to try and get out doing some pigeon shooting or vermin control. I am an experienced shooter with open firearms certification, DSC certification and insured through BASC. I'm currently a member of a deer stalking syndicate in Scotland with the forestry commission, Provide vermin control on two local golf courses with night vision equipment and a member of a rough shoot in Shropshire and am just looking to try and find some opportunities a bit more local or some contacts to try and gain some permission? I also Beat and pick up on a
  2. The course is held at: chilbolton down farm Stockbridge Hampshire SO20 6BU Took me about 2hrs 15 from Birmingham.
  3. They're based down in Hampshire. They very kindly offered me accommodation in their porta cabin on site, just took a sleeping bag. Commuting isn't a good idea the course starts on the Friday night at 5:30 an we didn't finish until about 22:00. Then it's an 8:30 start Saturday morning until about 6 and then 8:30 Sunday until 2 so it would be quite tiring driving. Have a look on their website, they do suggest some local accommodation, but if your happy with a camp bed in a portal cabin then that's the best bet!
  4. Completed my DSC level 1 last weekend with Jelen Deer services. What a Fantastic crowd, thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and was well looked after. The Venison Stew we were all served for lunch was really good and even managed to get an evening in the high seat on Saturday night! The Guys have all got a massive wealth of Knowledge and were really helpful with any questions any of us had. Keep up the good work would definatley recomend these guys to anyone wanting to do this course!! Thanks for a great weekend just a pity it went too fast!
  5. Yes that's correct you can press the button on the side of the 4wd selector and go into a semi 4wd when on the move. Also great in low range. Tried to upload some pics but they're too big and keep failing. If anyone's interested I can email a full set of pics. It's a 3rd gen in black with a carbon fibre type trim inside.
  6. Here for sale is my 1997 P reg toyota hilux surf. 192,000 kms MOT Jul 2015 Tax 30/09/2014 (£123.75 for 6 months) 3.0d Automatic KZN185 Engine Excellent runner never fails, lots of history and has been well looked after with regular services and oil changes. Good condition throughout, viewing and inspection welcome.Live in Birmingham. Automatic climate control with A/C, Elec windows, elec sunroof, Elec mirrors with power fold. Tow bar with twin electrics Recent set of New General Grabber AT2 tyres Excellent off road capability with no noticeable difference in ro
  7. Finally settled on a scope bought this one on Thursday: http://www.riflecraft.co.uk/products/viper-pst-6-24x50-with-ebr-1-moa-illuminated-reticle-112.aspx Reviews look really good, was after the cheaper model for £332 but they didn't have it in stock so as a good will gesture let me have the one above for £430 with free postage! Thanks for the advice guys can't wait to get out with it now!!
  8. Thanks for the advice guys waiting for my ticket to come through it's taking ages!! Off to Scotland again at Easter and it doesn't look like it will be here in time for that!!! Got the x bolt on order just waiting to see what's in the shop second hand at the time. I've used a Meopta and a leupold and also been told to have a look at the vortex. I didn't realise the Nikon was 8-32 don't need that much thanks kent will look for max 12x and I know what you mean about lens quality I was lucky enough to borrow a pair of Swarovski binoculars and was amazed at how well they performed in low light!
  9. Hi looking for a scope for a browning xbolt in .308. Looking somewhere around the £400ish mark. I have so far seen and liked the look of this one: http://www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk/product/6451a9e0baec513846389740/Nikon+Monarch+III+8-32x50ED/ It's a Nikon monarch 8-32 X50ED Will be mainly used for deer stalking but also fancy doing some long range target shooting. any thoughts or suggestions on any other brands? Been given some advice not to scrimp on your scope. Thanks
  10. I stood behind a chap using an over and under on Sunday at my local clay club instead of just catching the cartridges he just let them fly out only for his mate to pick them up. There was a big bin on the floor directly below his feet just couldn't understand why anyone wouldn't just catch them and drop them in the bin. I can understand it with a semi auto. It's the same with a lot of things just a small minority making everyone else look bad. Slightly off subject but I was having a walk round on one of my local permissions only to bump into another chap who also shoots on the permission.
  11. If you wear camo you'll look like one of those air soft tossers!
  12. After reading this post just nipped in the garage and made one out of an old driftwood stick. Not sure what wood it is. Drilled a 12mm hole in the centre and filled it with lead solder wire heated with a blow lamp. Then finished it off with a light sand and coated it with some work top oil.
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