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  1. Redhead turkey vest with seat and a load of pockets, ideal for natural hides or field edges etc. Magnetic catch pops open to reveal a back rest seat that is adjustable, the waist straps go round my torso and then some also has a large rear game bag with "Blaze" tag. Used and abused but still in good condition. £15 if local £18-20 if posted, bank transfer or cash face to face.
  2. Hi, I'm new to Pigeon watch. so I just want to post a short introduction. I'm a member of local rifle and pistol club. Having just taken up air gun shooting, I,have an Air Arms s410 tdr and a Walther Rotex RM8. Presently shooting targets to develop the skill required for accurate shooting, before moving on to vermin. If anyone would like to invite me to shoot Corvids, Pigeons, Brown Rats or Grey Squirrels, in the East Sussex or south Kent border area, I'd be more than happy to accept. I, have day and night vision scopes. I'm a safety conscious ,71 year old man, no
  3. Is anyone a member of the NPPC on here? Very intrested in joining but thought i would get a members vue first before committing. Thanks Stu
  4. Today after making some time I managed to get out for a blast with the shotty. Up to one of me small permissions and onto one of the stubbles , ahh where to go. I sat for about 15 minutes in the car and watched a couple of small sets of birds coming on the wind which was blowing quite well. Over the years i have seen birds use this path many times but whenever i have set up against this hedge things always dried up. Now, I am not a great shot on pigeons, and would also say I am not a well experienced pigeon shooter, more of an all rounder as i like to fish, use shotty, air rifle and the
  5. 1st edition (1963) Pigeon shooting by Archie coats, hard back, dust jacket slightly marked and price clipped, signed on first page (Unreadable - "Middlefield" - 1965) other than that very good condition. Included in sale is an article ripped out of the Observer from the 70`s by Colin Willock on woodpigeon shooting and recipes. £35 posted 1st edition (1990) Eels by John Sidley, hard back, Beekay`s successful angling series, fair condition as it is an withdrawn library book, rare and sought after, £20 posted. 1st edition (1964) Clay Pigeon Marksmanship by Percy Stanbury & G. L. Car
  6. Hi all, I am new to the forum so hope you are all well. I have been shooting for about 10 years or so on a syndicate using a friends gun . I have recently got my license and been doing a lot of clay shooting at my local club (The Fennes). Im really keen to get shooting pigeons, crows etc and wondered if anyone from the Essex area could point me in the right direction? Im a friendly chap who has a real passion in the sport. I always have great respect for the land I am shooting on and the game I am shooting as well as being a safe shooter. Appreciate any help
  7. Hi all, So I am positive this topic will have been done to death on here and every shooting website available but I am interested to hear your thoughts... What would be your recommended load for pigeon shooting? from what i can see, the general consensus is between 30-32g 6's? I have also seen a page on Sporting Shooter saying 27g 7.5s are suitable? If so it would be great to transfer cartridges from the clay ground to the field without having to buy different cartridges. Any recommendations or advice on the best all round cartridge for pigeon shooting would be great...
  8. Hi Looking for some pigeon shooting in the Durham area. Never done it before and would love to try it, so it anyone can help me out would be much appreciated. I have SGC and fully insured. Craig
  9. I am looking for a cheap solution to seeing where my shots are going. (20 bore pigeon shooting). There are spy glasses on fleabay and Amazon but the effective range, say out to 40 yds, is not stated. Moreover, I wear glasses so an attached camera or clear glasses with one attached would be ideal. Have searched but must be using wrong search words as nothing seems to come up. Ideas / links would be most helpful. Thanks PS: I've tried unsuccessfully with a bullet cam but the recoil interrupts the recording.
  10. Hi all, I have recently moved into wootton wawen and am looking to try and get out doing some pigeon shooting or vermin control. I am an experienced shooter with open firearms certification, DSC certification and insured through BASC. I'm currently a member of a deer stalking syndicate in Scotland with the forestry commission, Provide vermin control on two local golf courses with night vision equipment and a member of a rough shoot in Shropshire and am just looking to try and find some opportunities a bit more local or some contacts to try and gain some permission? I also Beat and pick up on a
  11. N reg Rav 4, 1998cc, 4 good AT tyres(done less than 12000 miles) MOT till 3rd August. Engine sound and pulls well with no leaks etc. Cam belt and water pump kit fitted last year. I have used it as my shooting wagon for the last 5 years and she hasn't let me down. The bad bits are, poor paintwork with a few dints ,scratches and a few rust spots though nothing serious. Worn bush on drive shaft which causes a bang on the floor pan if the clutch is engaged quickly. Heat shields rattle on start-up but quieten down enough not to scare the rabbits off. She has done 133K+ but still lots of li
  12. For more information link here - Provides concealment with excellent visibility - Pop open frame with roof canopy makes for easy quick set up - Comfortable for 2 people to easily shoot, watch or photograph - Hay Bale style design with roof cover canopy - Mesh panels allow extra stubble grass foliage to be added - Weight 7 kg approx - Comes with carry bag - Mesh canopy cover top design gives excellent visibility without being seen - Easy access zip open door - 4 Windows each with mesh cover panels - Height 145 cm and width 145 cm approx
  13. Hi All, Thought it was worth letting you know as a few PW members have mentioned to me being interested in some pigeon shooting. My director has just let me know some dates, location either South Wales or Wiltshire, depending on who cuts first and where has the most. It will be the week between 24th – 30th July and we can take 6 guns per day between those dates (a few odd guns have already booked) and the cost is £20 deposit per person plus £100 for the day if you can supply your own kit or £120 if you need to use our kit. Please give us a call or email us to ask more questi
  14. Hello What home made seats do people use in their hide? Cheers.
  15. Hi this Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th I have pigeon shooting over crops during day finishing with a roost in the evening the cost for the day is £30 per gun experienced guns welcome contact me for details cheers Fenny The area we will be shooting will be PE13 4JQ Cambs
  16. I have a shotgun and insurance and have been shooting clays for a while. I have also done a bit of roost shooting but have not had the chance to decoy. If anyone has the time to teach and or has some land that I can use that would be great. Many Thanks Stuart
  17. I have been keeping an eye on a field of rape stubble that I hoped would produce a bag before its ripped up ,on Friday was the first time I had seen any numbers on there ,so decided to shoot it Saturday. I had promised Wigeon man a go at some woodies so after a chat on the phone he said I can come but I have to leave a bit early. Got to field quite early and was amazed to put of best part of 500 plus, my side kick arrived like the proverbial bad penny . I had set up a hide for us with a rotary to our right and a few dead birds out in front . the first birds came quite nicely and we thought th
  18. I woke this morning to my stepson making the dogs bark at 4.oo am as he had forgotten his key ,oh the joys! and as our border was un well ended up at the vets with a very ill dog needing a operation and put on a drip until Sunday morning ,fingers crossed . So when I got home after dinner and it had stopped raining I went for a scout round ,but found very little that had me interested .so I went back to a field of peas which has a few down and a small trickle of birds around so I set up with the wind on my back on the edge of a dyke and a patch of well eaten peas to place my rotary and a few on
  19. I am off on holiday next week for a fortnight and needed to have a go at some pigeons before I go. I found a small field of peas that I hadn't noticed on a farm I shoot and it was getting some interested by our feathered friends ,so I watched it for a couple of evenings and thought it will shoot but it really needs a couple more days to build up to a big bag day, unfortunately I didn't have the time to wait ,so I called my old mucker and said you can join me if you like but I'm not expecting a big day . Motty said he would come over and join me and when he arrived I had ten dead birds on cradl
  20. PLEASE BE WARNED THERE MIGHT BE THE ODD EXPLETIVE IN THIS VIDEO ,I HAVE DONE MY BEST TO REMOVE ANY BAD LANGUAGE BUT IF YOU ARE UPSET BY POOR CHIOCE OF WORDS PLEASE DO NOT WATCH. I hope you enjoy this video of the other day ,if the moderators feel this video is unsuitable then please remove it.https://youtu.be/OKKZ4zVTtAs
  21. Myself and Motty have been keeping an eye on a field of late drillings and as this is Mottys permission and he is busy saturday he decided that today was the day to shoot this field . When we spoke on the phone i said i will take my Hushpower 20 out as had a little go with it one evening and thought the slab of victory 24 gram 6s were a bit loud so I was keen to use them up .Motty said I will bring my over and under 410 as well and if they decoy well I will use that. We met quite early in the morning and we were greeted with fog, but undeterred we set up in a shallow dyke (again mud every blin
  22. The birds decoyed well for about three hours, no flocks just ones and twos. It was very bright with a light wind from behind the hide. Started off with 6 dead bird decoys plus two on the rotary. The gamekeeper is going to run his dogs over the area and pick any that were missed in first pick up plus tray up the birds for the cold store, my guess is about 80 plus at the end. Butch
  23. Hi have 1 space for gun available for decoy shooting followed by roost on the 24th FEBRUARY shooting until dark postcode pe13 4jq in Cambridgeshire. The cost for the whole day is £30 cheers Fenny
  24. Hi have some shooting available on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th March . The shooting will be over crops followed by some roost shooting. The shooting will be in PE13 4JQ Cambridgeshire. The cost per gun is £30 per gun per day please pm for details cheers Fenny.
  25. Hi looking for 3 guns tomorrow must have own gear will finish with roost cheers Fenny
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