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  1. Folks, In common with many, COVID has forced many foreign clients to cancel this season's hunts. Accordingly, until the end of October, I am able to offer the following to UK stalkers: Rutting Red stags on N. Devon pastures. Fallow rut hunting - woodland/pasture stalking with bucks grunting on their stands in Devon / Dorset! Outings *to include the carcass*! Fallow: £150 for Pricketts and poor Sorrels, £350 for mature palmated bucks. Red Stags: £200 for beasts to four points, £350 to Royal & then an additional £30 a po
  2. Folks, Area: N. & S. Devon & Dorset. I have some diary space for stalkers from mid September - through to the end of October. Target species: Fallow and Reds (Roe as well if encountered). Primarily, we will be looking to reduce the population by taking satellite animals that are patrolling around rutting stands - but there is always the possibility of a good animal if seen. Costs: £80 per outing + Cull Fee on success (unlimited numbers in any outing) - £60 for Fallow, £150 Sorrel, £350 Palmated. Reds: Cull £100 >8pt £180, 9pt>
  3. Hi Folks, Time for another trip up to our grounds near Woburn, for a bit of control on the local CWD & Muntjac population. We only make three or four visits to the ground during the winter season (the ground is not otherwise stalked) & if you are able to join us, you stand a fine chance of catching up with some of these fantastic little deer. Quality is good, indeed ShootingDuckDog from this site was fortunate enough to take a buck that for a time, scored as the second largest ever taken in the UK. Many CIC Golds and other medal grade bucks
  4. Thankyou - all availability now taken. Rgds Ian
  5. Folks, due to cancellation, I have places available for doe stalking though until December 22nd. Guided or Solo - dependent on your experience. Located EX13 and hunting in Devon, Somerset and Dorset. Fallow and Roe, £160 per day (2 outings) with NO cull fees or limits on numbers taken. Venison can be purchased at game dealer rates prevailing (currently £2.50/kg). Coaching and training can be provided if required. Tel: 07798 771 062 Cheers, Ian
  6. Folks, Thanks for the interest - to clarify, in order to take up this offer, you just need to confirm a booking by Tues 30th (inc) - the actual date when you take the outings is up to yourself - but excludes rut period! Stalking, coaching and DSC2 WItnessing is ALWAYS available as we do this as a full-time occupation! Rgds Ian
  7. Folks, Having taken on some further Roe ground, I could do with reducing the numbers showing - ideally before the rut commences please. So, here is the deal (valid for bookings made before Tuesday 30th May) - two days stalking and the opportunity to take three bucks - the smallest one for free! This would be ideal if you were looking for ICRs or the chance to complete a DSC2 portfolio - alternatively, if you fancied a father/son weekend away, we could provide you with a full stalking introduction and a buck for each, within the same pricing. Prices are £80 per outing/ four hour rifle coach
  8. Can send over full course info if you let me have an Email address by PM. Costs (2017) as per the advert Digger but B&B accom onsite is £50 per person. Intro is composed of £80 for range coaching, £80 per outing - you decide how many, but always best to do both morning and evening outings as they are very different. Thanks for your interest - look forward to hearing from you.
  9. Hi Jaani, No problem - what more do you need to know? Guys - apologies, I do not monitor this advert so may miss your enquiry if you just post here. Do get in touch by Email and I will always come on back........instead of leaving you feeling you are ignored!!! Regards, Ian
  10. As per title folks - anyone got one sat in a drawer..........unloved and unwanted, superseded by a more modern and lighter unit? Please, contact me by PM or Email: info@farringtonds.com Many thanks, Ian
  11. Hi Folks, Actually only need a F/L resize and decap die for .270 Win - but what is out there, unloved and unwanted? Please, contact me on info@farringtonds.com Cheers in advance. Ian
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