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  1. Been looking at the above a 30 inched o/u alcione seems a bit weighty at 7lb 2 oz Are the a a 12 bore that's been just bored out to a 20 bore anyone got one Cheers dave
  2. Thinking of getting one of the above what would you go for
  3. kody

    bank card

    They got my name sort code but not the 3 digit number
  4. kody


    Could be time will tell in a couple of days my card was used for a purchase but not by me you understand
  5. kody


    I can and I will when I find out tommorow
  6. kody


    Think I might have been a victim of fraud on here will the bank has asked me to go in tommororw to sort it will update tommorow
  7. kody

    bank card

    It was just the long card number and account number nought else something not addind up on my statement bank are looking into it now and fraud squad
  8. kody

    bank card

    Question can anyone purchase goods if you give them your bank card long number And your account number or do they need that last 3 digits on the back as well
  9. Handed a shotgun in to a shop today to be sold they gave me a letter to say that its in their possession in case I get a call from police Do I have to send a copy of this letter to the police as well
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