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  1. I drove one of the a few weeks ago, I still have a soft spot for the Jimny as my first car was a soft top model S410 back in 1987! The problem with the new model is the gearbox, 3 1/2 thousand revs at 60/65mph is not good and the engine although bigger than the old S410 is totally gutless.
  2. the farrier

    .25 air.

    I have a .25 BSA Scorpion, JSB Exact seems to be its preferred pellet, not sure on its shot count.
  3. I’m interested if you can post it to me, have you got the fixing bracket too?
  4. I have a bond arms pistol, very well made, but I am struggling to get and pattern from it unless it is a very short distances of three to four yards.I have just purchased a case of 2” number nine shot to see if that will help as I purchased the gun for rodent control inside buildings.
  5. Has anyone come up with a nifty solution to fixing full bodied decoys to lofting hooks?I have been just taping the plastic peg to the hook, but there must be a better solution, the hooks do not seem to be made to fit any particular decoy.
  6. I have recently been issued with a co terminus shotgun/ firearms certificate despite suffering from depression in the past, I explained that I can still manage to run my own successful business and employee people.
  7. I have no problems with the service offered at AirFective tuning, my .22 FX Streamline FAC was shooting like a dream this morning.😉
  8. I would like to try one on my Hushpower Mossberg .410, but I will need to get the action drilled and tapped for a rail as sadly Mossberg do not do this as standard on their .410 model.
  9. They are as about as much use as a chocolate teapot, great design, but rats are just not interested in sticking their heads inside, the importers will tell you it’s all about correct bait choice and trap placement, but stick them next to Fenn’s and they have no chance, Shane as they are a well built idea.
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