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  1. Hi I have a brand new Bullock Tillage ATV game feeder for sale. It has a 70ltr hopper and is driven by the 12v on the quad. It can put the feed out from 0kg to 50kg a minute, and has a spread width of 10m directly behind or to either side. Comes with the wiring and control box. I am looking for £480 I can arrange delivery at extra cost. Thanks Ed.
  2. IF your having a petrol then a polaris ranger 800 or a diesel then john deere gator XUV 855d
  3. Cheers for the replys. I will go an have a look at one and see how it feels but I think its going to be too cumbersome after comparing specs to other makes.
  4. Hi With regards to my previous thread about pump or auto. I have been looking around and the benelli supernova has taken my fancy, but there are on or two things about it that caught my attention: first is its a 3.5" I believe, but do they cycle a 65/67mm cartridge ok? the one I am looking at has a 28" barrel and I have read that they seem quite big, but I dont know if thats americans comparing it to 18" barrelled defence guns. Roughly how much would a 24" barrel cost if I wanted one? Thanks Ed
  5. Cheers guys, I know what make I am going for, I just couldn't decide on a pump or semi, I think pumps the way to go.
  6. Hi I am looking at getting a new rough gun with a synthetic stock, but I was wondering should I get a semi auto or a pump? Now I have a semi auto before and it was great I really regret selling it, but it was fussy on some cartridges, so as I will probably go for the same make would a pump be less fussy? Thanks Ed
  7. My favourite I saw at college was 'Don't laugh your daughter might be in the back' I had all noise no power on my ole' fezza along with if in doubt, flat out.
  8. I would check the compression. Very simple, make sure its switched off then hold it by the starter, if it drops quickly its got poor compression, if it drops slowly then it should be ok
  9. I have just got an ultra .22 after trading in my hw95k and I use a pump because its easier you can pump it up whenever and wherever, and the ultras reservoir is so small it doesn't take long to pump up. I get 35 shots from 180bar until accuracy starts to drop and thats around 90bar so its not a massive effort to pump it back up
  10. I just thought I would give a 'lil update on how its performing. The fx pump arrived on tuesday, which was convenient as I had to come home from uni because my car had its mot. So got it pumped up to 180bar as I keep reading thats the sweet spot. Went and zeroed it with AA hunters, got 5 shots in about a 5p group which is good for me but I think with time I can improve that. Went for a wander round the farm, saw a squirrel around 20yrds dropped with a headshot and on the way back another one poked it head out from the hedge about 30yrds ahead of me again a nice clean headshot. So I was pretty
  11. Bit late I'm afraid (see pic above) Thanks for the offer
  12. Here she be .22 ultra with a bsa vc silencer and a hawke 3-9x50 ir scope and sling off my old 95.I quite fancy a rowan multishot conversion for bunny shooing and a xtx air pressure guage then maybe get it reg'ed and a tactical stock
  13. Right well I have just put a deposit on tidy little 2nd hand bsa ultra. I just need to order a pump now. I am looking a the FX three stage pump. but do I need this adaptor? Clicky Thanks Ed
  14. Its just the gunshop I go to don't stock many second hand ones and I'm not keen on private sales because there is no warranty and if I am spending 350 notes I like to have a bit of warrenty. Having said that they have just had a beautiful mk3 tx200 carbine in for quite a good price, I know it completely defeats all the reasons why I wanted a pcp but it looks so nice and when my mate had his it was oh so smooth. oh decisions lol
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