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  1. The original advert being over 3 years old I would doubt it! 😁
  2. 200tdi all day long! Reliable and fixable! I run a 300tdi and so far it's been bomb proof but is well maintained. 👍👍
  3. Really enjoyed that...part 1 & 2. Much appreciated! Thanks for making the effort.
  4. I've never had a problem with the Bosch Professional (blue) range. 3 year guarantee and on offer at Screwfix. https://www.screwfix.com/p/bosch-gsb-18-v-50-18v-2-0ah-li-ion-coolpack-brushless-cordless-combi-drill/369hg
  5. Oh! Have a look at the Coopers range too.
  6. Any of the Festival ones are good. The Brewferm ones are an acquired taste and strong! I did a few of the Woodefords all of which were ok. I did a Bulldog IPA once and that was really nice but at 7.5% you didn't need a lot. Lol! St Peter's Ruby Red was another good onexalthough when I did it again was as flat as tap water. Happy brewing!
  7. Yes please. If still available?
  8. Top quality service from these guys. The first time I went I was asked if I needed assistance when I replied I was just looking......the next question was "a cup of tea then?". I have made a few purchases from Nevilles and will always return. The countryman is worth a look while you're down this way but for service and a natter Nevilles are streets ahead in my opinion.
  9. Try ludicrous lumens. Great products, price and customer service. No complaints here.
  10. Name and shame I say! Shocking customer service that I moved house recently with a hired Luton van and a Landrover and trailer. Really hard graft but sorted it.
  11. Thanks for the replies. Has anyone had anything to do with Lokaway?
  12. Evening all! I am needing a new safe for my guns 7 to 10 gun size with a lockable top and deep enough to take scoped rimfires. What's everyone using or what would you recommend? Thanks in advance Mark
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    Where about in Staffs. are you?
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