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  1. Depending on your budget have a look at Victure 16mp....I'm pleased with mine for the price.
  2. Marccus


    Anyone else has any experience of Grisport boots? They look smart and get good reviews.
  3. 15 feet deep? Is that right?
  4. I'm looking for a decent Springer for vermin control ie. Rabbits, squirrels corvids etc. As my garden has been invaded! Can anyone recommend a decent Springer for under £350? Thanks in advance
  5. The original advert being over 3 years old I would doubt it! 😁
  6. 200tdi all day long! Reliable and fixable! I run a 300tdi and so far it's been bomb proof but is well maintained. 👍👍
  7. Really enjoyed that...part 1 & 2. Much appreciated! Thanks for making the effort.
  8. I've never had a problem with the Bosch Professional (blue) range. 3 year guarantee and on offer at Screwfix. https://www.screwfix.com/p/bosch-gsb-18-v-50-18v-2-0ah-li-ion-coolpack-brushless-cordless-combi-drill/369hg
  9. Oh! Have a look at the Coopers range too.
  10. Any of the Festival ones are good. The Brewferm ones are an acquired taste and strong! I did a few of the Woodefords all of which were ok. I did a Bulldog IPA once and that was really nice but at 7.5% you didn't need a lot. Lol! St Peter's Ruby Red was another good onexalthough when I did it again was as flat as tap water. Happy brewing!
  11. Yes please. If still available?
  12. Top quality service from these guys. The first time I went I was asked if I needed assistance when I replied I was just looking......the next question was "a cup of tea then?". I have made a few purchases from Nevilles and will always return. The countryman is worth a look while you're down this way but for service and a natter Nevilles are streets ahead in my opinion.
  13. Try ludicrous lumens. Great products, price and customer service. No complaints here.
  14. Name and shame I say! Shocking customer service that I moved house recently with a hired Luton van and a Landrover and trailer. Really hard graft but sorted it.
  15. Thanks for the replies. Has anyone had anything to do with Lokaway?
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