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  1. Marccus

    Winchester Sx4 or Franchi Affinity?

    Affinity for me. Had mine for over 2 years and never missed a beat. I cannot comment on the SX4
  2. Marccus

    Semi Auto Advise

    Lol! I always said the more North you go the better the education. 😄😄
  3. Marccus

    Semi Auto Advise

    Oh and the Franchi Affinity has a 7 year warranty.👍👍
  4. Marccus

    Semi Auto Advise

    Franchi Affinity..............mines fautless!
  5. Thank you. I have been looking for one of these for a while. I'll see if my local store has one tomorrow.
  6. Marccus

    Country shirts

    Brocklehurst of Bakewell
  7. Marccus

    Brady 12g leather cartridge belt

    Can you tell me what size waist this will fit please?
  8. Marccus

    New auto

    I have an affinity and a maxus. Both great guns and both very reliable, neither have let me down. The Browning is a better built gun but the Affinity is my go to gun
  9. Marccus

    VW claim

    I agree, but it is the principle of the thing. They broke the law and I bought a car that was not as described. I would be quite happy to have them buy it from me at a compensated price.
  10. Marccus

    VW claim

    I was lied to and still believe the company should be punished by compensating the people that have been affected or what is stopping it happening again. I don't think that half the car value will happen. But it was suggested to me up to £2k.
  11. Marccus

    VW claim

    Do you work for VW Audi TT? Ha! This was fraud plain and simple. They sold something they knew wasn't what they said it was and I bought it. Someone needs to pay.....or buy my car back and resell it for what it really is. I don't want and haven't had the "fix" done because I didn't buy that. There's no 2 ways about it this was crimanl activity and if other manufacturers are doing the same they should be bought to court too.
  12. Marccus

    Shooting shirts

    Just click on the arrow next to "Marcus replied to a topic" Brocklehurst for quality.......no contest
  13. Marccus

    Which and why. .17hmr

    I have the CZ in 17hmr and 22 rimfire........no complaints at all for the price tag! Buy one you won't regret it.
  14. Marccus

    If your looking for a New semi auto

    I'll echo all the above. Bought new 2 years ago and is my go to gun. Easy to clean and a great hide gun Can't recommend it enough
  15. Marccus

    Shirts for Shooting

    Thought I would update. I've been to the Midland Fair today and had a look at the Musto ones which were good but shadowed by the Brocklehurst ones which were far superior in quality and fit. They were marginally more expensive but certainly worth the extra. Great service too. Very happy. Thanks to all that repled