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  1. Thanks m greeny ,Eider has been a pleasure to own and i dont see me being without a chessie now . The pups have all turned out really nice. I cant wait to bring the bitch I kept on, I hope she turns out as good as her mother and father. I still have one bitch pup left if you hear of anyone after one. They have all gone to good working home and it will be good to see how they turn out.
  2. 1 Chesapeake bay retreiver bitch pup forsale. Ready 20th of July. Fully health tested and From excellent working lines. Contact me for more info. £900
  3. Black powder gunner i feel your pain. I have been sorting decoys out and the boat all year waiting for rain in the winter and as you say not a slash yet!!!
  4. Thats how i do it browning . The quickest and most effective if you ask me. Very easy
  5. Found them as good in frost and not wind as any others altho rain is their downfall just like with other plastic decoys that shine when they get wet!! I have full bodies shells and sillosocks and find that they get the most use
  6. Sillosocks are the way t go. Great decoys
  7. The idea with the gun is to fill a large area with it then go over with you jointer or finger trowel. Use until your gun is emptey then it dosnt start to go off in it as said above. You want need to put sugar in... never heard of that. I use the guns alot as im a builder and they make the job much easier. Let us know how you get on
  8. You need to mix with a plasterers whisk and add feb.... placticiser. I mix 3 parts sand and 1 cement for added strength. Waterproofer is also a good idea. You must mix the motor smooth and wet enough so that it runs through the gun with ease. The complete opposite of when appling with a trowel. Make sure you have no lumps or little stones in it.
  9. In box me lee i'LL let you in on the secrets.
  10. Diver dave will do a cracking job for only 40 quid. Send them him and and hell presure test them fix any hole and even do the seams if needed.
  11. I think the question speaks for its self subsonic. I dont have a picture as i need one making. You either know someone or you dont!!!. Gordon R i have the forend iron made and it was the woid only. Thankyou. I have now been fixed up with someone to sort it.
  12. Thanks panoma. Its not a job for alan. Cheers tho
  13. Hi can anyone point me in the right direction for a new forend making for a single barreled big bore gun. Thanks in advance. In the north west preferably
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