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  1. greenergp

    Mosquito Repellent.

    I have used smidge and found it works pretty well
  2. greenergp

    A good way to kill some time

    I watched these videos on youtube today, a cracking watch a really good way to kill an hour and a half.
  3. greenergp


    http://www.freelanceduckhunting.com/ Is well worth watching.
  4. greenergp

    Has Wildfowling become too easy?

    A couple of things that i think have Wildfowling a bit easier are being able to check out and plan trips using google earth i can look at where i might park my car and then use google earth to work out my route to the spot on the shore and the distances involved to walk there, you can also check out tidal pools at differing tide hights and see what might be worth trying out. Also tidal predictions can be checked up on the internet and outings can be planned to certain areas on tide levels that suit them. I have booked the day off work on opening day because the tide suits a certain stretch of foreshore on that day. And for the doom and gloom merchants i dont take tidal predictions as gospel i use them as a guide and dont wade out to dodgy areas or take chances
  5. greenergp

    Help needed please.

    If you are looking for the pin try using one of the magnetic cartridge collector sticks work your way across the floor methodically and you should find it.
  6. Hi James I still haven’t received the wads.lost in post perhaps.Alan.

    1. greenergp

      10 bore load data

      Go on to the Duckhunting chat forum and get yourself a copy of "High performance reloading for the 10 gauge" by BT Justice, he has a book that gives a whole range of 10 bore loads with speed and pressure listed. That will answer probably all of your questions.
    2. greenergp

      Victory cases

      Thanks for that, i use a Loadall too, i will get started. cheers..james
    3. I have some victory cases that i plan to reload, do i use Cheddite or Fiocchi load data for them, they are 12 bore and 70mm long.
    4. Alan i got the wads posted off to you today, it was the first day i could get to a post office.




      1. mecman


        Ok thank’s James.

    5. greenergp

      Opening the choke on a sbs.

      When i had it done it was £25 per degree of choke, full to 3/4 £25 full to 1/2 ,2x £25 made it £50 to take from full to half choke.
    6. greenergp

      Shot making Comrad!!

      I have used Hevishot and if you open up a cartridge and look at the shot it looks pretty awful its all different sizes misshapen and nodules stuck to it but it patterns ok and kills very well. I have also used copper"shot" made from cut sections of heavy wire that was also pretty rough looking but it patterned pretty good.
    7. greenergp

      Free Z18 wads

      Now gone.
    8. I have been looking at some of the shotmaking videos on youtube, the Russians seem to make acceptable shot with very basic and easily made equipment, has anyone tried making shot with this sort of setup? I dont plan on making large amounts of shot, just a kilo or 2 in Bismuth. https://youtu.be/NqrudEcb3yw
    9. I have a bag of z18 wads that i cant ever see me using, they are free to anyone who wants them. Just let me know and pm me you address and i will post them off to you.