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  1. Waist wader recommendations

    Scierra do breathable boot foot waistwaders, https://www.anglingactive.co.uk/scierra-x-16000-bootfoot-waist-waders.html
  2. Kent Wildfowler’s Press Release

    I used to be a member of WAGBI years ago and did'nt like it when it changed to BASC, i have not renewed my BASC membership this year and am thinking of changing to Scottish Gamekeepers. But i would much prefer to join WAGBI if it could be reformed.
  3. Has anyone here used this press or one of the others like it, the I have a Gaep RTO for finishing crimps that i use in a drill press, but these crimpers and finishers look much better for getting a uniform finish and length on shotshells.
  4. Hunter wellies guarantee

    Hunter wellies really are total ****, i dont know how they are still allowed to put the Royal warrant on thier boxes.Maybe the Royals are wearing the ones that used to be made in Scotland and not the garbage they import from China that have the Hunter badge on them.
  5. Engine Sounds

    We had a Spitfire flying over our house last summer..........that is a sound!!!!!!!!!
  6. There are a few in the cheddite book i will look them out tomorrow and send them to you
  7. Decoy snap clips

    I have changed some of my decoys over to this style of clip, i just knot some large swivels on my motherline and then clip the line from the decoys to them using these clips, i find them faster and easier that the longline clips and much cheaper they are about £1.99 FOR 12
  8. Pinkfoot decoys

    Riverside outdoors seems to be closed down, the link on google says permanently closed...are they still trading?
  9. Getting permission to shoot

    There is a market near me i will give it a try
  10. 12G 70mm HG load

    Here is more info on the HG load , i use the lbc43 and the b&p32 wad loads, i have only shot a few of the cartridges but they seem ok https://pipesf16.wordpress.com/chronopattern-testing-10gaokie-hg-load-5-flavors/
  11. Wad plastic or fibre

    When we are out on the shore we pick up any plastic wads we find as well as other peoples spent shells.
  12. decoys

    When i put the Decathlon hen teal decoys out on the water they looked a bit too grey for my liking so i " dusted" them over with matt brown spray paint....they look better now. I will give them a try next week.
  13. decoys

    You should phone the store first and see if they have them in stock, i got some of the teal decoys recently and found that only 2 stores in the UK carried any stock of decoys, i think it was the Belfast and Oxford stores?. If you order more than £30 they do it post free or you could order online and collect from your local store post free. The decoys look ok will be trying them out tomorrow
  14. How do you clean yours?

    I have just started using Ed's Red this season, i used the version with lanolin in it and it seems pretty good, my guns are used on the foreshore and the lanolin is to try and keep the rust at bay.