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  1. I too used to keep airgun pellets in my mouth, i am nearly 60 and got my first airgun aged 8 and must of had hundreds and hundreds of pellets carried in my mouth over the years , i also did the lead splitshot thing and i am still here.
  2. I dont think it is bull, it is an opinion and people are allowed to have them.
  3. I would like to see a reload in the test, say pick a well known and published load and try that. I know there will be a difference due to loader error/skill/experience but it would give us a ball park figure.
  4. Stock to the metal, i had both barrels go off on me years ago when closing the gun, me and the people around me were very glad i had closed the gun properly.
  5. greenergp


    When i go out on opening day this season my main target will be Canadas i hope i can get a flight to go over me. I have had them in bolognese, sausages and burgers they taste great and you get lots of meat from them.
  6. At least he will be someone who actively goes Wildfowling and not some Pheasant shooting hooray henry that thinks "Wildfowling" is shooting Geese in a field or Ducks at a fed pond. Lets hope he can make some changes in BASC they are needed.
  7. Recieved the gun today, very pleased with it and the good service, i dont think this will be my last gun from Wabbitbosher.Great service.
  8. It would be nice to get some, i wonder how long it will take for the cartridges to be available here.
  9. Tell Vauxhall what they can do with thier cars, i had the same sort of problem with Volkswagen and i will never buy a VW again, 2 weeks out of warranty and it was sorry that will be £500 for a known fault.
  10. I have used smidge and found it works pretty well
  11. I watched these videos on youtube today, a cracking watch a really good way to kill an hour and a half.
  12. http://www.freelanceduckhunting.com/ Is well worth watching.
  13. A couple of things that i think have Wildfowling a bit easier are being able to check out and plan trips using google earth i can look at where i might park my car and then use google earth to work out my route to the spot on the shore and the distances involved to walk there, you can also check out tidal pools at differing tide hights and see what might be worth trying out. Also tidal predictions can be checked up on the internet and outings can be planned to certain areas on tide levels that suit them. I have booked the day off work on opening day because the tide suits a certain stretch of foreshore on that day. And for the doom and gloom merchants i dont take tidal predictions as gospel i use them as a guide and dont wade out to dodgy areas or take chances
  14. If you are looking for the pin try using one of the magnetic cartridge collector sticks work your way across the floor methodically and you should find it.
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