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  1. 12G 70mm HG load

    Here is more info on the HG load , i use the lbc43 and the b&p32 wad loads, i have only shot a few of the cartridges but they seem ok https://pipesf16.wordpress.com/chronopattern-testing-10gaokie-hg-load-5-flavors/
  2. Wad plastic or fibre

    When we are out on the shore we pick up any plastic wads we find as well as other peoples spent shells.
  3. decoys

    When i put the Decathlon hen teal decoys out on the water they looked a bit too grey for my liking so i " dusted" them over with matt brown spray paint....they look better now. I will give them a try next week.
  4. decoys

    You should phone the store first and see if they have them in stock, i got some of the teal decoys recently and found that only 2 stores in the UK carried any stock of decoys, i think it was the Belfast and Oxford stores?. If you order more than £30 they do it post free or you could order online and collect from your local store post free. The decoys look ok will be trying them out tomorrow
  5. How do you clean yours?

    I have just started using Ed's Red this season, i used the version with lanolin in it and it seems pretty good, my guns are used on the foreshore and the lanolin is to try and keep the rust at bay.
  6. Dubbin to waterproof cartridges

    I find the the "Brass" on shotgun shells really gets rusty pretty quickly, it can stop the cartridge fitting the gun chamber at times. Has anyone used Dubbin or any other weatherproofing compound on the the brass to stop it from rusting so quickly.
  7. Wildfowling Scotland

    Its not common practice, but i have seen lead used on the shore mainly by the pray and spray individuals, the last time i was out i found lead cases and lead wads they also tend to leave their empty cases lying at their @rses too.
  8. rust while out on marsh

    After watching my sons gun virtually growing rust each time we went out, he decided to get a Hatsan black synthetic, he decided to get it after another Fowler told us about the time he slipped in the mud and his Hatsan got plugged and coated in mud. He just took it home and stripped it down and had a shower with it then dried it off and oiled it and it works right as rain. Like the other poster said dont take a gun of high value out on the shore , salt water eats guns
  9. rust while out on marsh

    I used black board paint you just brush it on and it gives a good hard wearing finish
  10. rust while out on marsh

    I use a side by side and painted my barrels with matt black paint to stop rust, and on the action i have started using "eds red" with lanolin in it, it is supposed to leave a coating on the metal that gives protection against rust forming. I have only used this at the start of this season so it early days yet to see how good it is.
  11. I use a Lee Loadall for 3" and 3.5" loads but i weigh out the powder and shot by hand and just use the press for de-priming and re-priming and crimping the cartridges it takes a bit of practice the do the 3.5" ones but i am quite happy with it
  12. Iv'e looked at his site but he uses Maxam powder, i would like to try and use the powders i have already, i wont be loading a high volume of lead loads just some for the occasional day out. thanks...james
  13. I have just been given permission to shoot on some farmland, but i have to use fibre wads, There is no load data in any of my books ( apart from an old shooting times load book circa 1976) most of the components are impossible to get now. Does anyone have any loads for 70mm and 76mm cheddite hulls using fibre wads and lead shot, i have bluedot and longshot powder. thanks to anyone who can help.
  14. Zabala 32 inch MONSTER BEAST 10 gauge

    I have one of these, and that one is a beauty much better nick than mine, and its much cheaper than the price i paid for mine its a hell of a bargain. It is a bit of a lump and on the walk back to the car at the end of the day , i often think to myself " i should have just bought a 12 bore" its a club but it does the job.
  15. I have using Sam1 10 bore wads with 42 grams of steel shot, i have a bag of 3.5" TPS wads that i want to try. Can anyone give me load data for the TPS wads hopefully using 42 grams of shot, i have Remington and Cheddite cases and will be using steel powder.