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  1. I feel a bit sad adding some oil to this fire after the original protagonists have left. In the case of Hamster, left us for good. However I've been thinking about patterning, and how it might not be the best way to measure distribution especially at the end of the pellet range, where gravity has such a large impact. We all know that the pellets will start dropping significantly pretty soon -- and that effect is directly related to mostly the pellet size and it's velocity; that's why there *is* a shot string and not just a 2D shot "plate" -- not pellet are formed and energised equally. However, gravity has on one side more impact on speed, and LESS on dispersion when shoot upward. I shoot my .22 airgun off the shoulder at stuff in trees all the time, and the amount of "offset" I need to apply from 45 degrees to 65 degrees is huge. So, my point is, is there a case to consider that the pattern could be more "compact" longer when shooting upward? Also, second point, is there a case where a bird flying at 30+mph hitting a pellet (even stationary pellet!) might get some pretty serious hit from it? I've picked a roadkill pheasant earlier, on a piece of road that can't possibly have car going over 30mph and it had massive wounds. In that case the pheasant didn't move a lot, and the car was doing <30mph. Sure, larger surface area etc etc but it's similar to taking a small stone in your windscreen... even at low speed, you can get a very serious wack. What I'm saying is, for all the people who claim to kill many very high birds, /outside/ what we would normally consider in the realm of physics for pellets, perhaps there is a case to say that a bit of vectorial math is in order. Perhaps the shot "column" is more compact, and also perhaps the birds don't help themselves hitting a (loose) cloud of pellets at "high speed". I'm not saying all that to advocate anything mind you, far from it, I'm definitely more into the 26g #6 SxS shooter here, but I'm also an engineer, and I'd like to understand the huge gap between "oh no you can't" and the "of course we do" camps, while removing the obvious "oh but you can't see sheeeeeet anyway".
  2. I find it useful to show on a shooting day in a new place to show you are actually insured. It's never *necessary* but I think it's the polite thing to do. Turns out we did find the cards, just had slipped down the pile of "catch up later" stuff.
  3. What Invictus 5 did you get? Is it a 'raised rib' one? I have an Invictus V for about ~5 years now (very early ones), sporting, flat comb, flat rib, and it shoots (ahaha) flat. If you have a raise comb or a raised rib (Ascent) these are *meant* to shoot high. They will shoot high when you align the beads, if you do a "figure of eight" they will shoot even higher. For all intent and purpose, you would get used to where a gun shoot, regardless of the rib, with a bit of practice, but I understand perhaps you have the "wrong" ribbed gun. Otherwise, I've been shooting the skin of mine for years, and it's as tight, steady, lovely as when I got it, there's barely any visible wear after perhaps 10-12k shots/year. Hope you find one that fits you!
  4. A bit embarrassing, as tomorrow we're on partridges, and I thought I'd triple check I have my licence and insurance and.... my basc card is expired! Now I *know* I have renewed, and I also have 1) CA and 2) CPSA so I'm covered, but I also know I definitely would have installed the card at its place if I had received it! So anyone else are missing their cards or is it just me (I'll call them tomorrow of course) ?
  5. No! That's another story for you. The one I "bought" was in fact AYA made, like new (shot 4 times). So I bought it, but didn't take delivery, as I found the trigger a bit "floppy" -- there was a bit of play on it, and since I have a light finger, that was not nice at all. So off it goes to the gunsmith. Lockdown occurs, gun's away, as soon as I can get back to the shop I return and find immediately that 1) first trigger pull is now quite crisp (bit too much?) but 2) SECOND pull on that single trigger is floppy. Doh. Off the guns goes back to the gunsmith. Another lockdown later, I return and now, in the shop, with snapcaps, both pulls are now crisp. Hurrah! Off I go to a test shoot, the skeet range will do... and on the first pair I realise that the second trigger is now so crisp you need to pull like a donkey to trigger it, needless to say, the muzzle wobbles like crazy and it makes the gun pretty much unusable. So the recoil must be doing something to re-cock even more. Luckily, one instructor tried the gun and found the same problem, so it wasn't just "me" So, having lost confidence completely, I got a refund for that gun, promising myself I wouldn't even glance at a single-trigger SxS ever again. 2 days later, the shop with the AYA calls saying the gun was coming back from spain, and I still had first refusal on it! Pfew :-)
  6. After 19 months, after the original set of barrels failed proof for HP steel, after another set of barrels were made in spain and the gun re-imported, it's actually now mine. Luckily, with the joy of insurance, I ended up with a pretty much "new" AYA #1 round body, self opening, articulated front trigger for the price of a 1985 gun. Proofed for HP steel, action fully refurbed. On a side note, the shop said they now refuse to try to reproof anything at half/half, they go for 1/4,1/4 choke. Of 30 attempts at proofing at 1/2, they lost 3 sets of barrels. Since they now do 1/4, they lost none. Second gun is a 1937 Churchill XXV we bought for my wife (do not go shopping with your wife :-)), she loves shooting a Winchester SxS (24" barrels!) but the re-cocking is monstrously hard, this one has the same measurements mostly, but is butter smooth, and it looks fantastic with barely any wear and the action open/close/eject is like butter!
  7. It's not just mongrels, I saw a man with 2 youngish lab, with absolutely zero control -- none, of course he was amazed than mine actually obeyed me, even in the middle of playing. "Wow how early did you start training her?" --- errrr since I got her really, 8 weeks old, everyday single interaction is "training"
  8. 25 months now, she shaped up fantastic, trained her off season to make 20 to 30 seconds "loops" around me, either flushing or picking up, and she's be fantastic in the cover crop -- didn't get to practice a lot this year, but the few times we had were just great. She's still switching. Not with toys, but birds, that "next one" always look a lot sexier than the one she picked! She's OK about 50% of the time, especially with massive encouragements. But hey, she's still young. And she has tons of fun!
  9. I had that in a brand new X3, very very first drive on it, in the middle of nowhere, nobody in front, at the back or either side on an A road and a huge WHACK on the windscreen, and a rather massive star the middle. Never figured out what the hell happened, I suspect kids with a catapults or something like that!
  10. I do feel that in this country they are not trying to save you, they are trying to go thru the process but kill you in the end so they don't have pay your pension. I'll leave that ^^ here for a good pigeonwatch discussion :-) A couple years ago I knocked my head on a steel staircase and was bleeding quite a bit. I was OK but as you'll all know, scalp cuts bleed. There was an actual nurse around and she told me to go to A&E, *but to make sure to keep that bloody towel around my head* as I walked in and look worse for wear (to be fair, things had stopped bleeding and I was actally perfectly fine by the time we got to A&E, but the nurse had insisted I go and look "bad") -- no and behold, I went thru the backlog in 5 minutes and was with a doctor in less time that I ever was. Moral of the story, if you have any health problem, cut your clalp and look terribly bad as you walk in.
  11. No worries here, I'll find "something" to shoot with in the meantime :-) :-) I actually don't think I shoot a lot, compared to the more "top tier" of the clay shooting scene, they must be shooting at least twice as much, perhaps more.
  12. I shoot about 1K a month, give or take the higher/lower periods of the year. There is some signs of wear on my gun, mostly the top of the stock being a bit mat compared to the super shiny it used to be, but after 4 years it is still as tight to close as when new. I shoot 28g fiber clay carts thru it. Guerini Invictus V. For less than 450 I will have it factory refurbuished in the new year, re-bluing, serviced, re-oiling etc. Only problem is: 10 weeks without my gun!
  13. That's a bit expensive isnt it? 80 clays for £38 ??! I mean the SxS champ was great, with a great lunch, well worth the money -- but here in the C19 era, you show up, see 4 other people, shoot 80 clays at 47p each (!). Hmm doesn't sound /terribly/ exciting to me. I'm a member at AGL, I like them and want to support them but well, not this time.
  14. That looks pretty handy -- with "room to grow into" it seems! :-) I was looking at a 34" perazzi in EJC gun room yesterday. I always say that if you want heavier barrels, you could just have to wear a heavier watch! But then again, I'm the guy with now 2 (wildly different era) 32" SxS :-) Yes that's what I've seen on the various shooting shows over the last few years, mostly ~1500 quid -- I MIGHT cave in for that new gun which is worth quite a bit (my most expensive gun, vastly more expensive than my reasonably fancy O/U clay gun!), but really, not for my poor "Whammy" hammer gun that is worth less that that case, unfortunately. Also, it's an old whammy, it needs an old case, with patina.
  15. I wish! but no, I've got a lead for a case that will take a 32" SxS and doesn't come at "bespoke" £1500 but as it is, nope, no case I've been looking got 4 years for a case that will take my 32" hammer gun and haven't found one either.
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