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  1. I still don't know, but what sort of NOISE level do you get with subsonics with that sort of gun? Ie un-modded air-rifle sort of noise? More? less?
  2. I used the clay-ground & car method, with a bit of variation. We drove to the ground and didn't open the car, stayed in with her and talked normally... you could already hear the guns and she was curious but not worried as we were there having a chat. Also, we were rather lucky than the neigbours were having work done and there was lots of banging about the previous few weeks. Then a bit later (another day) we did it again and cracked open a window (away from the gun) and continued staying in the car. And we gradually did this until the windows were all open, then the door, then we put her on the ground, about 50+m from a stand and she completely ignored the gunfire by then. She's 6 months, and we won't move any closer until way-way later -- she's now exposed to what WE humans can stand without flinching, and that's enough for us to have our pup around the clay ground instead of having to leave her at home...
  3. buze


    It's a fantastic building, sure enough, but it's a religious building that was built on the back of 200 years worth of people who quite frankly would have done better trying to take care of their family. I'm not anti-whatever here, just saying that there is a lot of sweat in that building, and likely a hell of a lot of tearsand blood, even before it was finished. I'm sure the church commiserated appropriately.
  4. buze

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    I have to say I won't watch it anytime soon. It's surely a very good and amazing film, but it does *ruin* songs when they *hammer* you with them forever and ever for marketing purpose. And they've been doing that a LOT with that film, like they did with ABBA, or worse with the Doors etc where it's so much I can't hear the damn *good* songs without reaching for the 'next' button because it's been so overplayed. For the love of Beep, I hope they don't do a film about David B or Led Zep.
  5. buze


    He's right. Also, unlocking zillions of fund for a rebuild while he was battling the gilletjaunes who just want the odd penny more on their wages. Bound to be popular.
  6. As I keep saying to people who fear "AI" will replace us, it's far, far FAR from ready for anything useful unless the context is so artificially limited that it's pretty much useless in the real world. Chess? OK. Go? Ok. Driving? LOL. Here, look how AI deals with stickers on the road: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/04/02/tencent_tesla_hacking/ That AI/Robot fear mongering is done by people who don't understand anything about it.
  7. buze


    I was asked all the time for a while, as a 'wiz kid' of the entourage; often by people who thought they had one up on me on that sort of stuff. I discouraged anyone who asked, in very, very strong terms to take part in it. The "get rich quick" phase is long over, and everyone who had any money in there is "stuck" waiting for it it to go up again, however, the fad is now passed, all the big players with big money have moved on, wrote of any losses as tax credit, and without the speculators, all what is left of the fund is people who wish they hadn't put their saving in it. That's why the price is now 'stable'. It's done, all what's left are losers. Don't be another one.
  8. Not open on Thursday, unfortunately! Thanks for the pointer tho, I'll keep it in mind as I'm rather regularly around there. He's open on Wednesday..
  9. I've got the occasion to spend next Thursday around monmouth, I was wondering if there are grounds in easy driving distance from there? Google isn't terribly useful...
  10. Here's the 4.5 month old Isabelle, who's growing up as a pretty serious and steady girl! Also a bit of a *****, she'll nick anything that isn't bolted down! :-)
  11. The difference between self braking and fully driverless with no input form the driver, on normal road is immense. Self braking is pretty straightforward, just needs one set of sensor, and the input for sensors that are good enough to integrate quickly and calculate your differential speed in real time. Even then, I bet it's very confused if it rains, or if a bike overtakes you and goes in front of your car, or tons of little corner cases you need to take into account to prevent the system sending the driver into the windscreen. Now multiply by 10000 or more the complexity of a system that drives on our road without driver input. Have you seen Tesla accidents lately? And the backpedaling they do to say to everyone that what they called "autopilot" truely isn't, and shouldn't be trusted as you need to keep your hands on the wheel. And that's for large, straightish, american highways. There must be a reason why several very very large companies have spent billions on the subject in the previous few years and all that got out was tesla's attempt.
  12. Also, as far as gold leaves go, remember it's a new gun -- the Invictus V also has a 'gold pheasant' when sold in the US, and it's silver in the UK. For all we know, the gun will be plain and decent by the time it's sold here. But, yeah, ~10k for one is a bit silly. Altho, I DO like a bit of creativity on the forend as they did! Personally, I've been shooting my V "sporting" for over 3 years, and I'm still delighted with it. It looks fine on game, and fine on clays, and I'd never consider changing -- it's also the best value of the range IMO, considering that to get a /good/ sideplated gun in the other big names would cost several grand more. As far as comb height, I don't know, they feel very, very, very similar to krigoff to me, in fact, even the palm swell grip, and other stock dimensions -- to me, with little experience of shooting K -- looks rather similar, almost like someone inspired themselves from the other :-) :-) Now as far as the 'high rib' guns, I never got it either, I tried the Ascent a couple of times but coudn't hit a barn door with that configuration. Must be a trap thing.
  13. Driverless car is a pipe dream. It won't happen in our lifetime. The "AI" bits you keep hearing is just fad. It's just neural networks, and neural networks have deep flaws, once of them is that they are so opaque that learning /anything/ new can completely change the profile of behaviour in completely unknown ways, without having a single way of knowing how, why, and when it might go bonkers. It's not a new issue, I was working a lot in neural network in the 90's before it was 'rediscovered' as "AI". "safe" neural network would need so much oversight scalar code to catch any runaway behaviour that you might as well program the whole damn thing in scalar mode anyway. As far as speed limiting goes, I think it will be interesting to see a million car in the middle lane on the motorway, with lorries using the right lane to overtake! :-)
  14. I personally think the Invictus V is the best of the range -- price wise it's not a HELL a lot more than the III, and is very well priced compared to anything with sideplates in any of the other manufacturers.
  15. As I said, you don't want to know the membership price :-)
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