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  1. buze

    Super glue "varnish"

    I've been using superglue as a finish slightly differently. Take a credit card, some medium superglue and 'spread it' on a surface, then scrape it flat, and do it again a few times to build it up. Then wet sand flat, do it again, and eventually polish. You get a nail-hard finish that is excellent and probably bulletproof! I can definitely swear by the finish you get, it's really hard as stone, almost glass like.
  2. Ah. very similar tot he one I gave away as a present... This is the one I kept:
  3. I had a couple of Blue Mountain Forge blades, unfortunately they are hard to get.. I've been trying since *february* to get him to send me pics of stuff I could buy, and he never did. 2 weeks ago my wife bought me a small hatchet from their website as a birthday present, and he just flatly refunded the payment with no explanations... Too bad, the one I kept (gave the other away!) is lovely. Not the best edge in the world, but it certainly look fantastic.
  4. buze

    Request for advice.

    if you want to learn by repetition, just dry mount in your lounge, pointing at your wall/mirror/whatever, and do that hundreds of times if you wish -- I think that's accepted as being pretty good idea to improve your mount anyway. Being a techy, I would also be very very tempted by a techy short of shortcut. Whatever it takes, like shotkam etc, however, I don't think they /work/ or help that much -- I think it's more important to save time by not repeating the same mistakes over and over (you COULD, with a dry fire) but being good at analysing what you are doing wrong, and if you are lucky, find a coach to pick up on stuff you don't find by yourself. I also thought a lot about getting a dry-fire gizmo a while back, and instead I picked up Skeet for about a year or so. Skeet is pretty much like a video game anyway, you have to handle speed/wind/angle/concentration and if you do the round by yourself, it's very quick. My logic at the time for not getting a dry-fire system was that more than half of the shot is done by focussing on a point >=20 yards away; the dry-fire will have you focus 5 yards away (at best) so you'll never really have the same 'sight picture', you won't train your brain to pick up distances/speed. All you'll do is get good at a video game and yes perhaps you'll get better physically (altho, not on fast crossers, or pairs that involve footing changes, or birds that are over 20 degrees off the horizon, etc etc etc) but if you just want THAT part of the training, then following the lines of the ceiling in your lounge will do the same.
  5. So what was not eco friendly about a mix of coal tar and limestone? The manufacturing process? I'm always wary about people deciding XX product needs to be replaced, to replace it with something whose manufacturing process is way worse. A typical example is electronics, where the 'lead free solder' that is mandatory today requires a good 30% more energy to melt (that affects a LOT the price of the circuitboards) and make joints that are brittle and fail early&often -- forcing more landfill and wasting energy on recycling that wasn't needed in the first place.
  6. buze

    Keeping Cats Indoors

  7. buze

    Keeping Cats Indoors

    Why? Dog don't come to my lawn and **** there, dogs don't climb over the fence and come kill birds on my lawn. Whatever you might think of dogs, they are cool pets on that front. Dogs show compassion, dogs show dedication to their family (humans), dogs show emotions, dogs show gratitude, dogs OBEY, dogs get sad, dogs CARE about their pack/family. Try that with your fur ball. Anyway, as I said, I have nothing against cat per se.. My problem is that cat owner expectation that they can let their pet roam free. "it's their nature" doesn't count. A dogs nature would ALSO be to roam and **** on your lawn if given the chance -- or kill your pet. However, dog owners don't have that free pass of "oh, it's just their nature".
  8. buze

    Keeping Cats Indoors

    There you go, anthropomorphism 101, "I wuz bad and they are nowhere near as bad as I wuz" /yawn
  9. buze

    Keeping Cats Indoors

    I think cats are not really the problem per se. Most of the problem is their owners. They actually think it's perfectly normal for their pets to go out a defecate and hunt in other people properties, kill birds on your own lawn, and if you have the slight idea of disagreeing, they'll go all the way anthropomorphism because their 'baby' couldn't POSSIBLY have done that, despite video evidence -- and how would YOU feel about having a bell around your neck, you nasty so-and-so. So if you want pets, keep them at home. if you suddenly decide your pet CAN'T be kept at home because of it's 'human rights', buy a 200 acres property and keep your pet in it. If you were to own any other vile pets, like snakes, spiders, or other stuff, NOBODY would think it's a good idea to have them roaming in your neighbours gardens and killing the wildlife. And yes, cats are vile creatures. My mom was a cat lady, I grew up with cats, I grew up smelling of cat ****. I know *everything* there is to know about cats, and there is very little to like despite Internets. They are furry magpies as far as I'm concerned, they WILL kill anything for fun, despite being fed. You can summarise the cat with the immortal words of Desproges: "Oh, the cat is no longer on the lap of grandmother, she must be cold..."
  10. buze

    Request for advice.

    I'm reaching the stage when I'm borderline 'good', but I know that no amount of shooting will help after a certain level, you need to find someone being able to pick holes into your shooting to bump you along. Also, I think at a certain stage, the shooting bit is less important, and it's all *in your head*. I'm sure theres a million (including me) who *technically* could shoot a 100 straight sporting, but MOST of the misses past a certain level have little to do with your shooting, they are all in preparation, concentration, and mental. I had a single lesson with @welshwarrior and 2 minutes in he already had found a 'hole' in my shooting, something I had overlooked completely, seems simple when you think about it afterward, but it helped a lot. I realise finding a GOOD coach is hard, I've tried quite a few, and quite frankly, most of them are entirely useless. I don't want to know what 'lead' I need, it's pointless. I want to know how to concentrate on 5 pairs, I want to know how to be able to reproduce the same shooting from pair #1 to pair #5, that sort of stuff.
  11. buze

    Side by Side Club

    Well done! Not sure I saw you on the stands.Perhaps next time I'll ask for a special class for hammer guns, I FELT we had a bit of a disadvantage on the grouse/rabbit/pheasant stands. As they sent birds on the close of the gun, while I still had a hammer to cock!
  12. buze

    Side by Side Club

    So SxS championship at AGL was excellent really. Super value, very nice lunch, everyone was super friendly and the targets were interesting! I finished with 86/120 -- a bit so-so really, shouldn't have stopped for lunch in the middle, but it started to rain and we thought it'd be a good idea. Post lunch was definitely worse
  13. buze

    Side by Side Club

    I'll be at AGL this saturday. I'm bringing "Whammy", my 32" hammer gun; my wife will bring her grandad's boxlock with her family name on it.
  14. buze

    3/4 and Full

    I did the same experiment yesterday, and went shooting with full/full at Atkins&lang&grant -- I ended up like you -- same impressions -- I felt I shot very well, and I didn't feel I was particularly limited by the chokes -- and blimey, I did 'smoke' a few, which is quite satisfying. I'd even say that it 'pushes' you a bit more, in the sense that I wasn't terribly satisfied when i wasn't 'smoking' 20-30yd targets. I pretty often us 3/4s but I always revert to 1/2s somehow, perhaps I shoudl just stick to tighter chokes for a while and see how it goes. Since february, have you stuck to your tight chokes?
  15. buze


    When holding the gun, I move my right hand about ~1cm back on the stock, so JUST the tip of my finger is on the front trigger... that allows my finger to 'drop' on the second one easily, and I never damaged my index after I found that trick. I think short stock will make things worse of course -- but try that trigger hand trick, it's pretty straighforward and works on all my SxSs