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  1. I'm also of the school that wink as my head touches the stock. I'm left eye dominant and shoot from the right shoulder. I don't think it's a problem as you get both eyes to aquire the target, judge speed and trajectory and only go to monocular vision when you need to shoot. Binocular vision is *not* a requirement to judge distance, it helps a lot sure, but up to a rather short distance (something like 25 meters, or 30 yards tops) after that your brain uses contextual vision to judge distance, like size of stuff, background and so on. There was a rather excellent scientific paper a while b
  2. I only went there once so perhaps it was a bad day. I thought the facilities were great; as mentioned if you shoot sporting MOST of the stands are facing in the sun (well, you're in wales so it might not matter as much as other part of the country!) but I thought what let the whole place down was the owner there. I thought he was quite disagreable in some way I can't really put my finger on, like he didn't really want us there or something. Sufficiently so that we never bothered returning. Completely based on a single sample on a single day, for all I know he is a wonderful chap etc etc b
  3. We go to Dovey quite a lot, especially since Mid Wales is now a caravan park Over the last 2 years they worked a LOT on the grounds, traps, and facilities, it's really nice to see. I didn't shoot the open (I was fishing on Clewedog reservoir!) -- how were the targets? One thing which I moan about a bit is that the normal targets are a bit 'gamy' -- ie, flying flat. There's not a single battue in sight, or loopers for that matter. I mean it's still fun to shoot, but up to that point I thought they should add a few more 'modern' clay targets. Having said that, I have no idea what the
  4. When I looked a while back they were doign something similar to Chapuis (fitting, option selection etc). Certainly "good value" if it's the case? Need to find a distributor. I had a look at the Parallelllo and I don't like it at all -- quite frankly it really looks cheap, perhaps it's the model that has been for sale at Emmet&Stone for years and others are better, but really meh.
  5. No I just wanted HP steel; I've shot RC3's 2"3/4 for a while and they are HP, but not magnum. The gun *had* to be rechocked and therefore reproofed anyway as it was 3/4 and I'm pretty sure you can't shoot even "normal" steel in more than 1/2 anyway. And in any case, I'm glad this happened without my face on the gun -- PERHAPS the gun failed way short of the HP pressure, we'll never know.
  6. I assume so, but I don't have the details, I'm going to see the gun tomorrow and take pics of the failed proofs, and yes, I'll forward the story to FieldSport Channel & BASC. The guys didn't beleive it when it came back, as they didn't even bother to tell anyone, just shipped it back as failed. Said they sent 8 ot 10 already and it's the first one that failed, in a way rather 'happy' that it's a "poor" man's gun that failed instead of one of their fancy stock costing £££££(£) -- but that from now on the reproofing will be at the buyer's risk!
  7. Early in the year, I bought a #1 AYA from the 80's, specifically to have it reopened to 1/2 1/2 and proofed for steel. There were countless arguments at the time about it not being necessary etc etc etc but anyway, I wanted the proof mark... Lockdown happened, then proof house taking 4 months to do anything and I was told yesterday the gun *failed* the proof... Bulged both barrels just at the forcing cones; the theory is that it was especialy lightweight barrels, and therefore less metal. Anyway, luckily, since it was part of my order, I'm getting a refund, and I'm therefore back on
  8. We are pondering having pups next year, because we want a daughter to our current dog -- but I'm a bit worried about having the rest 'for sale' to stupid idiots with money. I've been pondering ony selling to "Working" famillies, ie pet gundogs, with a discount. My worry is that yes, you sell your pups under the market price, and the buyer just resell it straight away afterward for twice the money.
  9. I changed from "The Field" to "Fieldsport" last year, the mag is amazing in hand, the quality of the print, the pics, and the papers is just nothing short of amazing. I don't read /everything/ but it's almost a 'coffee table book' give the care and quality they put into the printing. Makes "the field" looks like a sunday newspaper gimme in comparison.
  10. My guerini Invectus V, when new, was a nightmare to clean; required the old driver + rod + loads of work to get it sorted.... It took a while, but it's not super easy to clean somehow, with no magic, motors, or drivers. I just now use a chamber brush, and and old (stighly stacked) chamber brush to so the barrels. 10-15 go with the brush with the cleaner, then a clean(ish) bore snake to remove the remaining, and it's all good. I have no idea if it was the machining, the finish inside or a combination of both, but it DID get much much better, so perhaps don't 'invest' into tons of kit as th
  11. I had a X3 for 7 years, and now have an X5, and I love them; as everyone has mentioned, the tyres makes all the difference on the terrain, the X3 had P7s which were surprisingly good on snow and mud, the X5 has P Zeros "sports" tyres which I'm not going to event going to try on anything slippy. I tried the audi, the mercs, and the land/range and I prefer the X5, for normal driving on A road, the ride and response is WAY ahead of the others. You can actually enjoy driving (even tho it's the size of a bus). The Audi and RR were particulartly dire trying to drive them, you press the pedal an
  12. buze

    B and Q

    I completely agree with that. I think the "lockdown" in *this configuration* is doing more harm than good. Either you do it, or you don't do it. If B&Q can be 'open' with 'social distance' stuff on, every single shop can. However we KNOW that that 2m rule isn't really /enough/ and masks are very likely a /very good idea/ and all that jazz, but seems nobody seems to mind. They half understand a litel set of rule and then think they are safe. Also, I leave near slough and it's been looking like a bloody holiday camp for 2+ weeks, nobody seems to give a damn at all about it, an
  13. buze

    B and Q

    So what about all the other, smaller shops, why can't they open? With the same restrictions? Curerntly a lot of them are just dying; while the big ones are now open. Now and what do you tell the cops if they stop you on your way to B&Q? Is that "essential"? And if not, why are they allowing these shops to open? I think it's pretty ridiculous TBH.
  14. There might be a surplus of buyers as well soon enough. When all the expats dump their property in Spain/Portugal/France to try to move back here after having been stuck away from the home country in sometime, medical deserts...
  15. She's 16 months now, 12 weeks we were just playing around, now she's supposed to be a 'big girl' :-) We've now stopped playing in the woods, some of the 'wild' birds there are nesting, and it's not very nice to have an enthusiastic dog ruining the bed.
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