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  1. I had that in a brand new X3, very very first drive on it, in the middle of nowhere, nobody in front, at the back or either side on an A road and a huge WHACK on the windscreen, and a rather massive star the middle. Never figured out what the hell happened, I suspect kids with a catapults or something like that!
  2. I do feel that in this country they are not trying to save you, they are trying to go thru the process but kill you in the end so they don't have pay your pension. I'll leave that ^^ here for a good pigeonwatch discussion :-) A couple years ago I knocked my head on a steel staircase and was bleeding quite a bit. I was OK but as you'll all know, scalp cuts bleed. There was an actual nurse around and she told me to go to A&E, *but to make sure to keep that bloody towel around my head* as I walked in and look worse for wear (to be fair, things had stopped bleeding and I was actally
  3. No worries here, I'll find "something" to shoot with in the meantime :-) :-) I actually don't think I shoot a lot, compared to the more "top tier" of the clay shooting scene, they must be shooting at least twice as much, perhaps more.
  4. I shoot about 1K a month, give or take the higher/lower periods of the year. There is some signs of wear on my gun, mostly the top of the stock being a bit mat compared to the super shiny it used to be, but after 4 years it is still as tight to close as when new. I shoot 28g fiber clay carts thru it. Guerini Invictus V. For less than 450 I will have it factory refurbuished in the new year, re-bluing, serviced, re-oiling etc. Only problem is: 10 weeks without my gun!
  5. That's a bit expensive isnt it? 80 clays for £38 ??! I mean the SxS champ was great, with a great lunch, well worth the money -- but here in the C19 era, you show up, see 4 other people, shoot 80 clays at 47p each (!). Hmm doesn't sound /terribly/ exciting to me. I'm a member at AGL, I like them and want to support them but well, not this time.
  6. That looks pretty handy -- with "room to grow into" it seems! :-) I was looking at a 34" perazzi in EJC gun room yesterday. I always say that if you want heavier barrels, you could just have to wear a heavier watch! But then again, I'm the guy with now 2 (wildly different era) 32" SxS :-) Yes that's what I've seen on the various shooting shows over the last few years, mostly ~1500 quid -- I MIGHT cave in for that new gun which is worth quite a bit (my most expensive gun, vastly more expensive than my reasonably fancy O/U clay gun!), but really, not for my poor "Whammy" hammer gun that
  7. I wish! but no, I've got a lead for a case that will take a 32" SxS and doesn't come at "bespoke" £1500 but as it is, nope, no case I've been looking got 4 years for a case that will take my 32" hammer gun and haven't found one either.
  8. That "continental" AYA model is almost perfectly identical to the Arrietta Continental, the action is pretty much the same, and of the two guns, the only /visible/ difference is the side of the fence, otherwise, they are pretty much the same model, same handling. I was lucky to swing the 3 guns, and spend quite a bit of time inspecting them, the Arrietta variation is a notch shorter, have a sligthly lower comb but seems to handle pretty much the same, the action is as beefy, finish very very similar (as they should as they are apparently finished here). Trigger might be a bit different of
  9. No this one is based on an AYA #2, AFAIK they come to the UK in the metal and get finished here. The previous generation were made by Arieta, but they got bust (I saw a Continental from that era, very very nice, but ~5K more somehow)
  10. So, a bit of closure for the AYA#1 that failed proof story. Turns out the delays I was quoted are way too long for me to want to wait. Especially since it involved importing/exporting a gun right across the Brexit deadline. Sod it, there are plenty of other guns. So, heres what I've found. EJC Continental, 32" barrels, semi-pistol grip, single trigger, 3" chambers, slight beavertail forend. Built like a tank, it's about as heavy as my clay gun, is a perfect fit without any modifications. I've put a deposit on it, hopefulluy get it once it has been serviced. Gun is one of a pair (can't jus
  11. Thanks for the last few pages guys, hadn't followed for a few days but it was a nice funny exchange, very un-pigeonwatchy! :-) You guys are getting soft, you're supposed to snipe at each others, with one liners with bad grammar :-) Still no news for my poor blown up AYA, however, I have a few lines in the water for nice SxS. Given I have a "large" amount of money that I've already spent once already, I'm quite keen to get a chance to spend it a second time on something :-)
  12. I used to shoot CompX, I now switched to Eley Select -- they are 70mm (longer than CompX) have /perhaps/ a bit more kick, but just barelly. Extremely soft in comparison to most other I've tried. Very good value too
  13. Now I wonder if at some point, you could get a "deal" on a new set of barrels from AYA? Could that explain that just the 2 of you have a gun with 2 barrels sets? @JohnfromUK aren't "new" AYA (the one in the catalogue, #1, is nearly 20 grand new!) come with HP proofed barrels? Also, I wonder about the 'balance' when using both sets -- is the heavier set pulling the center of gravity forward quite a bit? (mind you, I LOVE the center of gravity being forward a bit, my hammer gun is 32" damascus (!) with center of gravity perhaps 1/2" forward and I absolutely love the feeling! horses for
  14. @JohnfromUK really no need to appologise at all, your questioning is perfectly legitimate and was very nicely put as well, which is much appreciated. Thank you for that, I think this forum could do with a lot more of civility. I wouldn't think i would want to put /super/ heavy load thru that fabled "one game gun" but since I had been 'caught short' with my damascus hammer gun on a day where quite a few lovely malards showed up and all I could do was stare and wave at them, I *wished* I had a slightly beefier gun for that sort of circumstances. Perhaps if that AYA #1 had been "my" gu
  15. I was going to thank @JohnfromUK for questioning very nicely and positively the motives, but then again another "Pigeonwatch Special Needs" lands with both feet in the soup just afterward ruining the rather nice discussion so far. @JohnfromUK I went to the shop with one particular need: One game gun, SxS, steel proof, fitted. I want something for small game AND ducks geese on occasion. This particular gun did fit the bill even a bit better than I expected, as it has 30", round action, self opening etc etc. The guys at the shop (It's Sportarms, with multiple branches and gunsmith on t
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