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  1. buze

    3/4 and Full

    I did the same experiment yesterday, and went shooting with full/full at Atkins&lang&grant -- I ended up like you -- same impressions -- I felt I shot very well, and I didn't feel I was particularly limited by the chokes -- and blimey, I did 'smoke' a few, which is quite satisfying. I'd even say that it 'pushes' you a bit more, in the sense that I wasn't terribly satisfied when i wasn't 'smoking' 20-30yd targets. I pretty often us 3/4s but I always revert to 1/2s somehow, perhaps I shoudl just stick to tighter chokes for a while and see how it goes. Since february, have you stuck to your tight chokes?
  2. buze


    When holding the gun, I move my right hand about ~1cm back on the stock, so JUST the tip of my finger is on the front trigger... that allows my finger to 'drop' on the second one easily, and I never damaged my index after I found that trick. I think short stock will make things worse of course -- but try that trigger hand trick, it's pretty straighforward and works on all my SxSs
  3. So, what about pest control to protect *other* birds? I've got quite a few bluetits for example who like to nest around here, and last year I had magpies ganging them and killing the nests *twice* -- a whole gang of 6 of them making a racket as they were plundering the place. I'm lucky to have the space and not being overlooked, so quite frankly I now kill any magpie I see around the garden... In fact I think they now "know" it and won't approach the place unless it's a 'new' couple trying to move in.
  4. buze

    F1 again

    As much as I liked the 80s F1s. trying to compare the drivers of back then and now is ridiculous. The level of physical needed by the modern drivers *just to get into the frigging car* is amazing. I'm sure it was more 'manly' to drive back then, but the modern drivers get more out of their machine, for a longer time. There are WAY more extremely talented drivers on the front porch than there used to be, and you just can't drive along for 10 years being 'average' (like Button and a few others did) -- these days you seems to get 1/2 season and you're out. The last 'party all night' driver is probably Raikonnen -- and I'm pretty sure he had to calm that down seriously in the last few years. Once he's gone, it'll just be super hungry kids like we already see at the back of the grid. Rearing to go, but ready to burnout quickly. I wonder if for example, Verstappen is going to have that burnout sooner than later.
  5. buze

    Card payment melt down!

    Actually it took quite a long time for my £24 payment to clear after I left you at A.C earlier! We were staring at the machine for quite a while, apparently, even debit cards were affected!
  6. buze

    Perma blue

    I use Perma Blue on bits, it will never be as good as having the whole metal bits redone, but it does work pretty well on finger guards, the odd marks near the forend, fixing up the odd pin head etc. But yes, it does work fantastic on /some/ parts, and not at all on others... I use Q-tip to apply, and often on bigger part I just coat the whole of it to make an even finish.
  7. buze

    Wife's gun

    Actually guerini were on the market before browning -- my wife shoot her Syren for 18 months or so. Fabarm has just released one as well, and it's more of a 'low end' syren, at a much lower price point...
  8. buze

    Wife's gun

    Hi Motty, we use RC3 Steel 2"3/4 34g #3's for ducks, and #1's for geese -- bought from Just Cartridges. I have to say, I'm quite amazed she can shoot that, but heck, she certainly does :-) But I do recommend these, they bring them down neatly and at some pretty appreciable distances... Only max of half choke on our gun as per specifications, but they certainly work well.
  9. buze

    Wife's gun

    While I concur on the 21g 12 bore, one of the issue is weight when carrying the gun on walk ups... My wife is 5.2" as well, shoots a guerini Syren on clays and driven days (up to 34g on ducks!) with excellent results -- and yes the weighty gun means she can shoot 34g with it. It takes a while to get used to the weight, but she has a much more stable gun now that she does. But for walk up the Guerini is just too heavy, she uses a small boxlock 12 bore with 26g #6's (Imperial game) -- basically that cartridge is pretty much a CompX with a game load. I also agree not to take a short stock, it's a mistake a lot of people make with ladies I think, 'short 20 bore and off you go'. She still gets remarks about it by well meaning people, until they see her shoot with it ;-)
  10. buze

    Side by Side Club

    @Feltwad I got a 'no name' hammer gun that is not nitro proof, I picked a few boxes of black powder carts from just cartridge last year in view to shoot it -- but I chickened out! The gun is in very good nick (I'm not sure it's been shot a lot, if at all TBH) but... Should I shoot it? AFAIK it has a value of zero -- it'd be destroyed by 'the trade'. The engraving is poor-ish, it's Skelp and not even damascus, it's really a generic under-lever with no lineage, history, and completely average wood.... I'd shoot it because it was meant to!
  11. buze

    Side by Side Club

    Enough to buy an AYA? :-)
  12. buze

    Adjustable Aperture Diaphragm

    I beg to differ, the assemblies in lens are usually 'part' of the lens, and you can't just get the diaphragm out like that... I do service lenses as a hobby, and I can tell you I've spent enough hours fiddling with diaphragm blades with twizzers :-) That ebay item has a 12 blades iris as well, it's actually an excellent configuration. Most SLR one have <10, often down to 5 because it needs to close quickly. @steve_b_wales great find!
  13. buze

    Side by Side Club

    I think that perhaps a way of 'teaching' everyone is to go out and shoot these SxS out. *Especially* on clays. Go to your local ground and shoot clay with your SxS, and if you do that well quite a few people will start looking at their own O/U or S/A with a raised eyebrow... I think everyone (apart form people on this topic!) believe that SxS are massively inferior to a modern gun somehow, while the reality is, if you are a good shot, it's probably about 90+% as good as a O/U gun. Now to be honest, I KNOW I can't be /as/ good as with my fancy clay gun, I know for example my hand are in the way for some crossers that requires 'that' sort of lead and you need to shoot 'blind' -- but it's still OK! So my suggestion is, everyone should take the SxS out regularly, dress the part, and beat them at their own game :-) For Steel, you have to remember than a LOT of guns are 2 3/4 -- not just SxS's -- Even my modern Guerinni is 2"3/4, and I have to be careful when buying steel to make sure it's not 3". So banning lead would have a much, MUCH wider impact on the gun market than the old english, it'd be devastating for *everyone* really. I think the current status quo is due to the fact that a lot of people are anti plastic wad -- and that steel comes mostly in plastic wad, while a lot of Lead carts come in fiber. Bit of a case of 'choose your poison' :-)
  14. buze

    Side by Side Club

    Perhaps people who buy these don't plan on selling them, ever -- therefore don't care about the depreciation? Then perhaps their circumstances change (ie, they die or something) and the gun goes on a market with very few buyers in the first place? I always wonder how companies like Boss etc manage to sell guns. I 'handled' a lovely 16 bore at a gun show last year, it was a thing a beauty -- and the nice chap told me it was .... 115K.. <-- you read that correctly, that's the price for a HOUSE. I'd assume they sell 2 or 3 a year perhaps? but I'm likely wrong, and there are probably a lot more people with that sort of money than I can imagine... Anyway, to be fair (even if I have nothing against AYA of course) if I were to want to blow £15k on a SxS, I would try to find a nice english one...? But, to be even fairer (!) -- given the state of the market, I'd probably go and buy 15 1k guns instead! :-)
  15. buze

    Who drives a boxster?

    How old, mileage etc on that boxter? I also had a bit of an urge to get a bit of a toy last year, and I eventually bought a Z3 2.8... looks lovely, goes very nicely, and cost peanuts these days. Bought a car with 60k miles on it, pretty much all nice and tidy, new soft top etc for... £4k.