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  1. I went to pick this baby today, to join it's Malheham cousin in the cabinet. Thanks Mick for the excellent welcome, and all the others you showed me!
  2. Oh interesting, I'll have to visit his bookshop -- we go there pretty often, it's a nice little town!
  3. Caesar guerini essex

    Well I had my Invictus 5 for over 18 months, and I shoot easily 1K carts a month thru it, clays and game loads -- and apart from self inflicted small marks, it's as good as when it was new. My wife has a Syren Magnus, and she shoots it quite a bit too (abeit a lot less than me) and again, no problems. It *sometimes* "binds" when cooling down (ie it's hard to open) due to the tight tolerances, but other than that, no problems... We've only had nothing short of fantastic service and contacts with the importer too; they sorted me a new forend (I wanted a beavertail/trap one) for a token price and installed it, and they even serviced both guns when I visited last august...
  4. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    Actually it makes perfect sense for them to to do it. Yep, they 'failed' but they don't care... Story-line from last time was: + Wait for a nice winter. + Kill some FSB dude using a highly dangerous substance, in plain daylight, and with no care about being traced back + Wait for the UK government 'strong reaction' and 'zero tolerance' tough speech + Have a minor incident in one of the primary gas pipe from the north of russia that convey gas to the UK + Wait for it... Wait for it... wait for it... + Everyone's suddenly a LOT more malleable and a LOT less prone to zero tolerance and tough speech all of a sudden. + Fix the gas pipe. It's exactly what happened last time BTW *two days* after the killing... Of course it was brushed under the carpet, but the bottom line is, they doesn't *care* whether they are caught, or not -- what can we do anyway?
  5. Visited this ground last saturday. We had visited once before a couple years ago, but was didn't have our guns in the car back then so never had shot there before... I was a bit worried, as I had heard they were a bit 'primitive', still had manual traps etc; however we had a fantastic day... I'm a pretty reasonable clay shooter these days so I like a 'challenge' and boy, they definitely had that, and plenty more. They have a LOT of traps, and a LOT of shooting stands; some traps you can shoot from various positions too. *most* of the traps and birds we shot were 'unusual' to say the least, some very awkward angles, some really hard to 'read' and some just fantastic long ones coming down the hilltop. What they do is 'assess' your shooting in the first stand (a driven you shoot gradually closer and closer to the trap) and if you then ask for toughies, you'll definitely get them! The funny bit is that the ones I found were the hardest were.... the ones operated with a manual trap! You can see someone took great care on placement, and some stands I left with a 1/10 and a bit miffed :-) They have the geography as well as being in a valley, with pretty dense wood at one end. There's a sim pair of fast crossers to shoot in the wood, with the clays going thru the trees -- I'm still having nightmares about this one, can't wait to have another go at it :-) We really loved the visit, this is now my favorite clay ground.
  6. Bought a little roadster

    And/or spacers. I've got 10mm all around, incredible how such a little change makes to the looks.
  7. The both of us are looking to get a DSC1, and we'd like to find a 'package' that includes a bit of pre-training on the range, and also possibly a bit of stalking before we go to the DSC -- Does anyone have anything to recommend?
  8. Bought a little roadster

    Looks like fun, I've had my Z3 a whole year, and did 400 miles with it (with top down) last week-end (before the snow arrived) it was fantastic. I had a big grin all the way back from berkshire to wales, and back again. I don't know much about MX5's, but the Z3's are great fun as little roadster. I had a hard top on since november or so, which i removed before last week-end, I missed the *noise* of the straight 6 (I got the 2.8, ~200bhp), I feel like a kid revving it in the tunnels, with my wife rolling her eyes over.. I re-did the suspensions all around, quite a few rubber bits were upgraded and many other things we 'fixed', and next is a full brake overall for spring. I had the wheels refurbed (around £~250 around here for the four corners). Oh I also bought some 'summer' 18" wheels as well. I know some people will say 'hairdresser cars' but really, i get from ~30 to 80 in about 4 seconds in third gear with that car, and it makes a frigging *racket* getting there -- and most of the drag is because I'm grinning all the way :-) Enjoy your roadster, it looks awesome. Lucky there's space for you to fit that 2 unit screen in there; quite handy!
  9. Perazzi cracked forend again!

    I do a quite a bit of woodworking myself (building guitars) -- I think perhaps that piece of wood won't /glue/ properly if it's been fixed already, there is probably 'tension' in the wood there -- it's likely the wood was still a bit 'green' when it was carved, and short of serious pinning it it'll just crack again. Perhaps filling the crack would provide a more long term fix if the crack is now 'stable'. Epoxy or runny superglue to fill the crack, scrape any residue, and repolish. However, that gun got pretty seriously devaluated with a cracked forend, pretty nasty on the wallet -- perhaps a new £500 forend might be a better 'investment' in the long term
  10. 3/4 and Full

    @WinchesterDave perhaps you found chokes that 'likes' your shells. I know that when I shoot CompX 28 fiber, 3/4 3/4 works really well (I used to use full/full); when I shoot F-blue plastic, I shoot 1/4 1/4 and that seems to be the 'perfect' combo to get dust clouds -- even sometime at quite impressive distance -- tighter, not so much.
  11. Does gun buying ever stop?

    Nope, not so far. Haven't even shot one to be honest... I think they might come quite handy in a hide, but I feel the cartridge picking up afterward might not be fun... Also I have to say, the few times I see 'careless' behaviour on shooting grounds is always from people using one... I shot a round of compak last year, with the guy to my left using a semi auto, and ejecting his carts straight onto.... ME.. I was not impressed.
  12. Does gun buying ever stop?

    We just split them down the middle. One barrel each!
  13. Does gun buying ever stop?

    You guys are actually all lucky... You wife doesn't shoot! Mine does, so it's 'hers' and 'his' guns. That means 2 clay guns, 2 'backup' guns, 2 SxS, plus the odd toys like 410, plus the ones that were passed down, and we're at 9 guns already... Oh, she also needed an air rifle of course, so add another 2 to the pile :-) Oh, and *everything* also comes in twos... All the gear, and the game days etc etc. See, you ARE lucky :-)
  14. New AUDI Feature

    Actually there is a button to turn them on the car, but if you use it, men in black come to your house, beat you up, and replace your AUDI with the equivalent Volkswagen. That why AUDi owners are so wary of that button. Have a little prayer for that poor guy you followed earlier!