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  1. I personally think the Invictus V is the best of the range -- price wise it's not a HELL a lot more than the III, and is very well priced compared to anything with sideplates in any of the other manufacturers.
  2. As I said, you don't want to know the membership price :-)
  3. You guys have it easy. Cheapest *by far* west of london is AC Sporting, £24/100 clays with a membership around £100/y.... You don't want to know how much it costs at E.J Churchill, but the cheapest MEMBER rate for clays is £32/100 on the pay-as-you-go :-)
  4. buze

    Pictures of our companions.

    Too late, we're completely screwed already. The good news is that she taught us all kind of cool tricks we didn't know we could do! :-)
  5. My guerini was pretty bad to start with with plastic and lead fouling, but normal Bisley cleaner and a chamber brush was perfectly fine to clean the chambers. Just make sure NOT to clean the whole barrel with the chamber brush, as you'll make it useless for cleaning chambers! Strangely 3 years down the line, the gun is now much, MUCH easier to clean than it used to
  6. buze

    Pictures of our companions.

    New pup, Isabelle. 8w old, very dignified pup (apart when she goes bonkers for some of the toys). In 3 days she already sits, wait for her food, and does a few cute antics in case that earns her a treat. She definitely has us well trained already!
  7. buze

    Wales / Bristol clay ground

    I don't know how far it is from you, but I shoot a lot at Griffin Lloyds http://www.griffinlloyd.co.uk/index.htm and it's very likely the best shooting ground I've shot at. Take a 4x4, a couple of slabs and drive up the valley, shooting a few stands as you go along. We usual have lunch at the back of the car near the middle and then continue up...
  8. buze

    Recoil concussion.

    Also if you shoot, try the lightest load you can get. Like CompX 21g. There is 'almost' no recoil in a clay gun with these, and will likely break anything you shoot at. Oh, and they are cheap!
  9. As someone else around here, I dim my left eye when shooting. The argument that you NEED both eyes to judge distance is not enough. You brain judges distances using both eyes, true, but given the distance between your eyes and the resolution of your eyes, it can only use /that/ up to about 25 meters. After that, you need to use other 'clues' that your brain will integrate into your notion of speed and distances. Clues are (not exclusive, might be others) the position of the retina focus muscle, the expected size of the target, the respective size of the background etc. Which means you can't say "can't judge distance with just one eye" -- the two eyes are only at their prime usefulness at close distance, after that, they just become another clue added to the rest, with less and less importance as the distance becomes greater. The proof is that if you see a 2D still picture of a stand with a clay flying in the background, there's a fair chance you can judge it's distance with just that information, as long as it's not a trick mini or MIDI. Same with a youtube video, you can say, "wow that looks like a 40 yarder" even tho you don't have the binocular vision OR the focus 'clues' to help you. Now the /field of vision/ is important, thus keeping your eyes open as long as you can is a good idea; thus the method of squinting your eye JUST as you start seeing the target, to force your (right) eye to take over. With that method, you will have had enough time to use both eyes as long as needed, after that, you still have the remaining other 'clues' to judge the target. Also, people tend to forget that your eye dominance WILL change, wether if it's the light (sun to your right, it's likely your right eye will flinch and the left will take over) tiredness, or age. I don't make this one up, you can refer to Brisner's Shotgunning: The art and science where he describes change of eye dominance.
  10. buze

    Smart meter?

    Personally, I'd be seriously worried about being hacked. If there is a signal strong enough to leave your property, it can be reversed engineered most especially as the number of them grow. The mode data, the easier it gets to crack the encryption. And they are MUCH simpler transmitters than say, Wifi and GSM. So, the probability is high that they WILL be hacked, it's not a question of IF. Once these get hacked, people won't have to sit in front of your house in a hoody to know when you are at home or not. They'll be able to make up a pattern, and that data is extremely valuable to any burglar. Likewise, that data is *also* present at your service provider, and you have NO IDEAS what their security measures are, one thing I can promise you tho: they are very very likely to be way worse than your bank. Imagine that. The smart meters only have value for the service provider, the installers, and the burglars.
  11. buze

    Caesar Guerine

    It's not a nude, it's art. It's like trying to sue boticcelli for having painted naked girls and not enough naked boys. It's not like someone cut & pasted a pic of a top model from the interweb, hundred of hours were spent designing this engraving, but a real person, and very very very likely female too.. (as many engravers are)
  12. buze

    Caesar Guerine

    And I can second the after-sale -- the guys at anglo italian are just stars. I wanted to replace my sportster forend with a trap one, and they just invited me in, let me select the wood that most closely matched my stock, and did all the adjustments needed while I had a coffee and a chat. They also took the gun apart to give it a once-over, and they did the same with my wifes Magnus Syren at no charge, to to make sure all was tip-top. Try that with Beretta or Browning :-) Since 3 years, i've recommended CG to a few people, and indirectly 'sold' a few, and nobody ever came back to me with less than praise.
  13. buze

    Sec 1 firearms

    Some "advise" from someone going thru the same process -- don't join a club. From what I've seen it's the best way to have way more restriction and hurdles than you can possibly imagine... From what I've heard from many people and some instructors who have an FAC, basically the idea is: 1) Own land or can secure permission on land where you can shoot on and has some vermin. That'll give you .17HMR and/or .22's all day long, if the land is large enough, and is suitable of course. That could also be use for zeroing bigger calibers. 2) To get a larger caliber, you'd need permission to shoot on land for deer. Now THAT you can't possibly get without experience of course, you need to break it down into: 2.1) Get experience with bigger calibers. Best way is very likely commercial stalking and range work. We've started doing that; basically you go out of an experience stalker (after quite a bit of range work, if necessary) and stalk, and ultimately he sets up the gun, or sets up with you on high seats and you get your shot. You get to learn/see gralocking and you get a chance to get a carcass to bring home for the freezer. It's /actually/ pretty afordable, compared to a driven pheasant day. 2.2) DSC1 preparation and exam. If you have that, it opens a lot of doors, and you show 'justification' for a bigger caliber rifle(s). Having booked stalking, receipts, and recommendations from the various places you've been at will help a lot. 2.3) Apply for FAC, you might have then justification for a larger caliber, and an open ticket. 2.4) Then you can go and hope for finding a permission... long shot tho (ahah) To help with #2.1, extensive use of the air rifle and practice the various stance will help no end, so that means perhaps join a club for /that/ -- or have a large enough garden. Note that I'm a complete newbie at this, but going thru the same process, so I've been looking around a lot and asked a lot of questions :-)
  14. buze

    Caesar Guerine

    I use the 30" Invictus V as my main clay gun, and have been using perhaps 1k shells per month for the last 30 months or so, and the gun is still nice, tight, and had had zero problem. Would definitely recommend. I've also been shooting it on game, with internal chokes it just looks like a pretty game gun and is excellent even with heavy loads. Also, I've seen @Silverpigeon69 's gun a few times, it's fantastic looking and he's pretty mighty with it..
  15. buze

    The French yellow vest protests

    In my uninformed opinions, I'd say terrorists. It's near Belgium which seems to be a hot spot, and near a xmas market which would be an 'ideal' target. Rioters have nothing to win in that sort of situation. However, the cynic in me tells me this is a perfect opportunity for the government to ask for 'national unity' and blah blah blah and and kill the yellow jackets movements in it's track. That trick has been used before, many times, and just watch the news tomorrow to see how it'll be used to the best effect. Basically the best way to restore some order in the system is to have a war or a terrorist attack. That's why every President (whatever country) likes to have it's pet war around to rally the sense of pride and unity and all that stuff. Or, if not way, a nice terrorist attack will do just fine, thank you very much.