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  1. Berks/Bucks ... or Powys
  2. Nice try, noone did bite :-) :-)
  3. Anyone know of a source for hammer gun firing pins? Mine are getting a bit 'nail like' ie with the top flattened a bit. Still striking well but I could use some spares without spending ££££... I could duplicate them using a nail of the proper diameter and so on, but surely midland gun company hammers were pretty 'standard' even back then? I'm also looking for a vintage box for Whammy, 32" barrels (with 3rd bite) -- I've been looking for about 2 years and can't find one!
  4. I've just switched from Hull to Eley Select -- I shot tens of thousands of Hulls and I tried a slab of Select a couple of months ago, and I really liked them. A bit more punch than CompX 28 (but really just barely) and they pattern fantastic in my Guerini. I make dustballs at 30 yards when I'm 'on it' -- same as the F-Blues, but with a lot less kick. They also seem very consistent so far. I haven't tried the Amber -- but #8's will have a disadvantage at longer distances. The 'speed' of the cartridge makes little difference at equal shot size, but a smaller shot will definitely lose energy faster, and will drift more.
  5. I don't know if it's applicable, but when my lab pup is off lead, I /always/ make a HUGE fuss when she comes back to me, wether it's called, or not. Don't let it pass as 'normal' -- from what I understand, YOU must be such a treat to be around that they want to be with you. So big fuss, cuddle, scruff etc are in order really. *even if you wanted to strangle her a minute ago because she had disappeared* as soon as you see her, change tone of voice, re-become the super-dad to be around. The other things I do when 'free running' is NOT let her free run per se, but let her run around /at my direction/ -- ie /I/ provide the fun hunting bits, send her into a bush, toss the ball into the long grass and so on, I don't just walk around with her hunting on her own... otherwise why would she need me in the first place?
  6. buze


    Crypo: don't touch it. Only people who ever have made money were short term investors, or people spending their day on it, and who have way more pocket money that we'll ever earn. I was *born* in computers, I forgot more about 'crypto' (the science) than most people will ever know about, and I stay clear of that dross. Pensions: Yeah, 'pension raid', so it's also a bad idea. not just the ACTIVE raid, the passive one by raising the age of retirement so you can't touch your pension until basically, you're dead. There is a reason the pension funds are run by very rich people, they are using your money NOW to buy their next range rover. Land: Liking it. No taxes (yet), very little jitter, very little gain, but at least you can on it and shoot stuff! 😉
  7. I own a "Coral" which is the posh version of that Yeoman O/U gun, apparently a copy of a Merkel. The action is fantastic, excellent balance, lightweight etc. I had bough it as a lightweight 12g for my wife, but she always double-triggers it (fat finger!) on it's single trigger, while I can shoot it all day without problems. Having taken mine apart, I can attest for the quality, the action is built like a tank. Only "problem" is that it can be tought to open with small hands, and fishing carts from the action is a bit of a problem due to the lugs sticking out (that is, if you don't let the ejectors do their job)
  8. buze

    Horseflies again

    That's what I use. Been really really good, I got one in each cars. Stinks a bit bit it's better than stings :-)
  9. For forend hand gloves, I can recommend Golf gloves, they come in very thin leather with very good grip. I bought mine from Decathlon for about £10...
  10. buze

    Horseflies again

    I use DDT spray from boots when I go out. I'm a bit of a magnet for horseflies and the spray works magic, they literally BOUNCE off you as soon as they touch you. Make sure to cover all areas including neck, under/back of your hands/arms, hairline etc.
  11. Looks like a fantastic gun for the money really, most especially with barrels re-made, that already costs the bomb!
  12. I had the Bollé in yellow for a while, before loosing them -- I thought they were very good! Again, these are polarised, it makes a lot of difference in contrast in my experience.
  13. On the plus side, we did manage 54 pages before the snobs arrived on their righteous high horses.
  14. No, I don't. I'm quite handy with a SxS and I put the first trigger on the near-tip of my index, and let my finger 'fall' on the second one for the second barrels. Moving my hand around while the gun is still shaking from the recoil seems like a rather challenging prospect to me.
  15. Actually single trigger is something I was looking for -- given her small hands, accessing both trigger on her existing gun is a problem as she literally have to move her hand back as she shoots. not terribly handy. The single trigger fixes that. I know it's not a 'proper' trad SxS, but she already has one of these, lovely ,and quite 'precious' -- that Winchester would be ideal for banging about, rough shooting or walked on -- it's also very much easier to cart around than the 28" alternative in bushes. I hear you about spares/fixes -- the gun is going to be serviced before I buy it anyway, so *hopefully* it should be reliable for the foreseable future!
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