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  1. Cheddite CX50 and Fiocchi 614 used to be recommended equivalents.
  2. You're welcome. The only trip hazard you have is that frequently the words reverse position as in Gweithwraig Lledr - Leather worker and Swyddfa Post - Post Office as two examples. Oh and the original Light Switch - Swits Golau. If your stuck D.M. me.
  3. Try these which from the little I know about you might be personalised. Lledr - Leather. Gweithwraig Lledr - Leather worker (feminine form) http://geiriadur.uwtsd.ac.uk/index.php?page=ateb&term=leather&type=all&direction=ew&whichpart=exact&submit=Search This might help with pronounciation.
  4. You should be able to go to your local and say "Peint o chwerw os gwelwch yn dda" you'll have just ordered a pint of bitter and I wonder whether it means that it was the water source for brewing for the area?
  5. Ffynnon is correct spring or fountain. Chwerw is bitter, I would expect it to mutate to werw, I've no explanation for the 'h' after the 'w' I reckon that your previous advisor is on the money. What have you changed the name to? bearing in mind that you've removed the safety warning about the water, lol.
  6. I wouldn't go as far as completely different but there is quite a bit of difference really, I'm OK with both versions. My parents though had friends in mid Wales near Welshpool and when the lady re-married a local chap I would have to translate between dad and him both ways as neither could understand what the other was on about, lol. I suppose some common differences would be Milk - Llaeth down here, Llefrith up there Sweets - Losin down here, Fferins up there.
  7. Blue Hill is a direct translation, but, glas can also mean green especially if it's pertaining to grass. For example grass is called Glaswellt with the wellt derived from Gwellt = Straw and the Glas in this instance means a healthy green colour.
  8. Ysgafn means light as in weight. As others have said Swits Golau is correct.
  9. My daughter and son share the same birthday 22nd June 2 years between them. Until our third child turned up it meant I only had to be civil to the outlaws twice a year (their birthday and Xmas).
  10. They were made by Manufrance and were for sale in the 70's through to very early 80's. Remember the old man hunting high and low for one for it's R.T.O. capability. Someone on here had one a while ago, who had made a gauge conversion iirc try a search. Looks the same as the Thalson reloader that was for sale in the states.
  11. I agree, for the sake of clarity I meant with well worn original wood handled Opinels.
  12. Damned good idea that. Had a few over the years that have slackened through use and I've found them open like a V in the bag or coat pocket, luckily no cuts though.
  13. Is the blade lock in the closed position a Ditchy entreprises mod or are Opinel selling them like that now?
  14. What's missing? I can't really justify another 12ga but could for a 20ga.
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