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  1. I've had wine , whisky, sit down meals with farmer and family, pigeon and vermin shooting on two farms when plumbing. Doing a great job when lobstering and sea angling charter, meeting lots of interesting people. Never came across the naked buxom young lady with her toe stuck in the bath tap. Alas! Blackpowder
  2. Yes see that all the time, birds a .410 could kill blasted with 36g through full choke barrels . Blackpowder
  3. If he is a socialist why is he Sir? Blackpowder
  4. Why anyone could have nothing but praise for that gentleman is beyond me a true hero of our times. Blackpowder
  5. Its a car I am interested in and it seems to get pretty decent reviews from testers. Blackpowder
  6. Glen Brittle Isle of Skye, College Valley in Cheviots, Ventry Co Kerry, Holy Island Northumberland and Luce Bay Wigtonshire. All places of happy experiences. Blackpowder
  7. Living on the Border I am pleased to say I have as many friends in Northumbria as in Scotland. Children from south of the Tweed went to our Scottish school some as private pupils and some paid for by the local authority, they talked funny but to most of us they were fellow pupils. Work, sport and shopping and a bit of long past courting has led into Northumberland. Now wee tricky nicky wants to abandon this age old alliance , whose people speak the same language(more or less) and engage in the politician and civil service top heavy EU. It just does not make sense. Blackpower
  8. Thanks Bob I have been sending photos and documents by e mail since I upgraded to Windows 10 3 months ago yesterday just could not get my usual route to work. I shall try what you say . Thank you Blackpowder
  9. Can any one recommend me n app for Windows 10 where you click on a photo or document and transfer it to an e mail. Blackpowder
  10. When we get warmer weather hang the item in greenhouse If you have greenhouse wait until we have a really warm day, hang up jacket in greenhouse and keep tin of wax there also, goes on a treat and sinks well into fabric. Only waxed item I have are stud on leggings and it works well with them. Blackpowder
  11. Saw one hit a wire while beating two season ago it was quitter a spectacular flash and a very dead cock pheasant. Blackpowder
  12. On my second pair of Marley Percussion trousers, the first pair lasted 3 winters beating up to three days a week, shooting ten days in the season plus daily dog walking and a bit of early and late season salmon angling. Would still be wearing them yet had the pockets not given way under the pressure of car keys, knifes and assorted junk. Latest pair seem to have stronger pocket material . Blackpowder
  13. Are your pots steel or wood, if it is the latter they need to soak so as they sink and rest on the sea bed. If there is any tide running your pot to marker rope length needs to be three times the depth of water. Crabs like fresh bait lobsters are less fussy. You can salt down mackerel in plastic barrels where they make their own brine, or dry salt in boxes turning them over a few times and adding more salt as the bait dries out. Best bait ever had were cormorants which had drowned in creels they seemed a fatal attraction to lobsters. Blackpowder
  14. Got to help Blackpowder
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