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  1. Have you got Berghaus boots, I think they had a an edge for the gaiters to sit in or on? Walking friend had those but he always came out with boots and gaiters joined said it took plenty snowseal to make them slip on. Blackpowder
  2. Thin pickings for them with today's temperatures Blackpowder
  3. Any game played with a ball. Utterly pointless. Blackpowder
  4. Fantastic shooting well done. Blackpowder
  5. Sorry Andy sold it elsewhere Blackpowder
  6. Thanks Henry for the correction on that. Unfortunately there is another factor in industrial fishing by EU boats in British waters targeting sandeels which were allegedly processed into one thing oil and burned in power stations. By catch as you say would include immature white fish species. The end result for ports such as Eyemouth on the east coast has been the demise of the haddock fishery on which it once relied both by seine net and trawl. Boats from here now concentrate on the fishery for norway lobsters or prawns s they are commonly called. A skipper I spoke to recently told me
  7. I assume that pellets to feed farmed salmon are fish based mackerel and sand eels etc, Scooping up masses of sand eels cuts off the food chain for white fish species such as cod, haddock and whiting to name a few, so its a vicious circle of depleting food supply to feed farmed salmon, open sea cages promote sea lice infestation, sea going smolts are attracted to fish pen activity , become so infected by sea lice they die, escapee cage salmon breed with wild fish, gene pool is weakened the true wild salmon hovers on the verge of extinction.
  8. RIP Philip a true countryman always on our side. Blackpowder
  9. S X S Shotgun Society Blackpowder Both I would imaging although the discussion seems more about guns than shooting Blackpowder By what I have read over the weeks he would sell them no problem. Blackpowder
  10. On another site dedicated to S X S guns which seems to have mainly American members there seems to be a rise in popularity of S X S guns. In the States there seems to be quite a bit of diy gunsmithing with people discussing renovating inexpensive s x s guns which would be consigned to the the scrap heap over here. Having said that seeing some photos of really nice guns, the best of course being British made but some nice work from France , Belgium and Germany also. Blackpowder
  11. PM me your e mail address , able to post there but not on here. Blackpowder
  12. Blackpowder


    Cold and bright here yesterday. Even colder today with wall to wall sunshine, severe wind chill today. Blackpowder
  13. Hi its beyond my computer skills to post photosa on here, but if you PM  me you e mails address I can managew that.



    1. Fisheruk



  14. This is the large believed German kit bag, I used it twice to discover that in late 70s I was never going to be able to carry it any distance. £25 posted Paypal preferred
  15. Well the mystery deepens put the sim back in the old phone and hey presto contacts are all back. Some things still missing can send and receive texts can talk to someone ,tried it at home , no welcome music no ping for texts roll on the phone shops opening again. Blackpowder
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