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  1. Hotel on Tweedside had,@poached salmon' on dining room menu. A visit from the bailiffs ie river police ensued who began to question, (almost said grilll) the chef about the source of his salmon. Chef in turn asked,"had they never heard of poached eggs".
  2. They are all the same when asked to put their money where their mouth is, struck dumb. Blackpowder
  3. That is so true Blackpowder
  4. Beware of rusty steel shot, not experienced but been told the shot load can come out like a solid ball. Blackpowder
  5. Been there done that this summer, all clear. Most alarming thing was when asked doc where I should hang my trousers , who replied," just over the chair beside mine". Blackpowder
  6. Aye nothing as simple as stovies or egg and chips today. Blackpowder
  7. Thanks all for replies. I am looking for something plain and robust to equal the robustness of the club shoot and syndicate where I shoot. Still got my WR Pape and Dickson R /A for the occasional ,'posh' invite. Blackpowder
  8. My faithful Army and Navy hammer gun has given up the ghost so to speak and I am looking for a replacement knock about gun. I like the idea of the pre war BSA SX S guns do any memebrs on here shoot them and how reliable are they. Blackpowder
  9. Southered lead pipes together. Blackpowder
  10. It is they also do cold smoked pheasant breast which is fabulous. Blackpowder
  11. Local shoot to me is now producing an amazing range of game and venison salami. Value added and way to go in my opinion. Blackpowder
  12. I see John Noriss's catalogue now features a lot of Jack Pyke clothing. Blackpowder
  13. Cold at the bottom as yellow bear says most like sludge, if this is the case you need the system drained and cleaned , refilled with an added inhibitor plus one of the new magnetic filters. Blackpowder
  14. Might be looking for a replacement for my trusty 2006 Ignis and would like to keep the 4 Grip facility so looking at S x 4s but did not realise there were so many different models. Obviously being a tight fisted Scot looking for the most economical in fuel consumption and road tax. Blackpowder
  15. Dont worry was long as its not jeans and hoody you should be ok. Some of the most untidy Guns I have seen in the field have been members of the ,"nobility" who sometimes appeared to be wearing their grandfathers cast offs. Blackpowder
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