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  1. Blackpowder

    UK shoot warehouse flapper

    Well so much for UK Shootwarehouse. E mail sent last week with photos and no reply dont mind if they do not have the part but a reply is common courtesy. Blackpowder
  2. Blackpowder

    Alabama Rot

    Yes besty a bit alarming when first spotted, but thankfully all good now. Blackpowder
  3. Blackpowder

    Alabama Rot

    Well had a scare with my cocker spaniel when I discovered on Monday, the day the news broke about the Galashiels dog, that mine had sores in groin and arm pit. Thankfully it turned out to be post grooming problem which appears to be quite common although I had never heard of it. Visit to the vets, steroid injection and ointment and wash solution already has things clearing up. Blackpowder
  4. Blackpowder

    Killer Disease

    First case confirmed in the Borders. Blackpowder
  5. Blackpowder

    UK shoot warehouse flapper

    Hi R@chel, did you get my e - mail with photographs? Blackpowder
  6. Blackpowder

    Royal garden party

    Good luck to them but better things to do outrside on a day like this. Oh I dont have a Tv anyway.😎 Blackpowder
  7. Blackpowder

    UK shoot warehouse flapper

    Thanks R@chel I'll try to get that done Blackpowder
  8. Hi from Scottish Borders.  I dont have the packaging but the razors are blue on one side white on the other and triple bladed.



    1. Blackpowder

      UK shoot warehouse flapper

      Yep sounds a good idea Cheers Blackpowder
    2. Hi I seem to have lost or mislaid the ground spike for my vintage UK Shoot Warehouse flapper. Anyone know the diameter of the ground spike rod. I have hunted around the UK site and cannot find a replacement ground spike. Blackpowder
    3. Blackpowder

      Which disposable razor?

      Got a 4 pack from Poundland two months ago best disposable razor I have used. Blackpowder
    4. Blackpowder

      What would you do?

      Big donation to the two angling associations which I am a member of, ditto shooting assoc. Money to pro country sports organisations also. Cancer charities also would not be forgotten. Some to family including education Trust for grandchildren. Blow some on quality shooting and game angling and there would still be an embarrassing amount remaining. Blackpowder
    5. Blackpowder

      Tour de Yorkshire

      Well never been into cycle racing but used to admire these guys in long events before I realised some of them had breathing issues. Blackpowder
    6. That is a superb selection of tools. Is it a hobby or a business very impressive. Blackpowder
    7. Blackpowder

      Open fire

      Is it built with baby brick or a firebrick slab. Blackpowder