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  1. Sir Sir Sir, I thought the socialists did not believe in titles??? Blackpowder
  2. Blackpowder


    He had been at the riverside as since retirement was looking after a river beat, when family told me first the medics could not point at why. Blackpowder
  3. Watched it last night, sound was very poor on eyeplayer or whatever I was using. Sea shepherd another bunch of animal rights terrorists as far as I could see. Blackpowder
  4. Blackpowder


    Sad to say my friend lost his battle today and passed away this afternoon, take care all. Blackpowder
  5. Blackpowder


    While we are at the moment under the threat and thrall of the corona virus another deadly killer lurks out their which receives little publicity. I write this because a very good shooting and fishing friend has fallen victim of SEPSIS, already he has lost an arm and may also loose a foot and at the moment fights for his life. Apparently worldwide there are 49million cases of SEPSIS every year, 11 million of these are fatal. As out door people we are perhaps more at risk than any other groups from this vile condition. Make sure you are aware of the symptoms and treat even minor wounds with extreme care. Blackpowder
  6. Soda bread so easy to make no kneading required and it aint half satisfying . Blackpowder
  7. Would not know but some do gooder reported him . Blackpowder
  8. A few years ago someone near me was taken to court because he had dyed his pigeons in bright colours, not Spanish either.
  9. My recently aquired 15 month old cocker bitch has started barking at night , since she came on season a week ago. A couple of scoldings and she goes quiet, I was wondering if ultrasonic anti bark collars were any good, this is the type which emits high pitched sounds and not electric shocks. Blackpowder
  10. I have requested figures of people who have suffered illness or death from eating lead shot game on several internet sites, still awaiting the first reply. Blackpowder
  11. Makes you feel sorry for vegans and this is just a list of snacks. Mine would be a toasted cheddar cheese sandwich. Blackpowder
  12. WHO is that a pop group? Blackpowder
  13. Flag marker for lobster pots 4 miles inland when pigeon shooting Blackpowder
  14. Very true with a little effort good food can be created with inexpensive basic ingredients. Of course you need to put down your £400 mobile phone to do it. Blackpowder
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