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  1. Although no longer looking for a dog I get regular on line adverts for sprockers at prices up to £2,500. Judging by the dog walkers around here by non shooters spaniels are one of the most popular pet breeds today. Blackpowder
  2. I was very lucky that the thread on the brass bolt for a close coupled WC cistern was same size and pitch. Thanks again to all for taking the trouble to reply. Blackpowder
  3. Thanks Diver One and Remimax problem solved found a brass stud the right thread and its now in place. Blackpowder
  4. Sorry have not conquered posting on PW yet. Blackpowder
  5. Are any electricians on here able to help me with a brass std from their bits and pieces box. It is for GET cooker outlet where there are 3 connections with oven and stove top connected together. My oven blew up on Sunday fitting a replacement today one of the locking studs dropped below the units and rolled below floor boards. Visited Electrical factors and bought replacement cooker outlet box but of course the design has changed. Ranged the internet looking for spare studs and found zilch, a pointer in this direction would be useful. The locking stud is about 9mm long and 5-6mm in diameter. Thanks in anticipation.
  6. Depending where you are in the Borders take it to either Castle Gunmakers Norham or Borders Gun room St Boswells for an assessment. Blackpowder
  7. i am getting on line adverts for sprockers at £2250. Blackpowder
  8. The vocal minority seem to be getting their own way more and more, demanding removal of statues vandalising others. Where is that going tom lead? Blackpowder
  9. Gosh that is amazing, so is the price. Personally I have not a clue what most of the tools shown there ar for. Blackpowdeer
  10. Is that also called the Wellingtonia, the one with the soft bark? Blackpowder
  11. Earlier this week a farmer who I have shot pigeon for over many years phoned to give me the location of two pea fields which had just been sown by contractors. Not sure how I stood during the lock down I tried to phone local police office, no connection Police Scotland obviously do not like local contact. Next tried the 101 number, got a selection of options, chose the one I wanted then within a few minutes was connected. A very polite lady sorted things out, I was given an incident number, not kidding, she needed the nearest village, name of the farm,car reg and shotgun cert number. Also needed the approx times I would be there, when I would finish and I needed to call back to log of from the incident number. As it was it was possible to drive to a good observation point between the two fields where in three hours saw one pigeon alight and a host of rooks. Walked the field with wild spaniel who found plenty of interesting scents and lost the ability to hear. Back home phoned to log of at around 4pm and had an over 20 minute wait before connected. Very courteous again but there must be a better use of police sources than logging people on and off pest control. Blackpowder
  12. Blackpowder


    Yes been missing him he wrote some excellent posts about his first class shoot. Blackpowder
  13. £75 this year so far. Blackpowder
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