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  1. Blackpowder


    Depends upon where you are I think. Traditionally a few days either side of May 10th was the time in Berwickshire as the date seems to vary a little according to the previous month's weather. Blackpowder
  2. Blackpowder

    Rural Oscars

    Now found out Scotland is run as a separate contest in conjunction with Scottish Field. Blackpowder
  3. Blackpowder

    Rural Oscars

    Anyone know why the Countryside Alliance rural oscars did not include Scottish businesses? Blackpowder
  4. Blackpowder

    Are side by side guns obsolete

    Hi I sent photos of the Pape to a member here some time ago, I cant remember who now but an unfortunate lightening strike finds me with a new computer which I have not been able to conquer sending e mails on as yet. I have yet to suss out how to post pics on here. PM me your e mail and I shall have a try at sending Pape pics. Blackpowder Yes I know I am, took me around 50 years or so but well worth the wait Blackpowder
  5. Blackpowder

    Are side by side guns obsolete

    My S XS stable takes in 3 grades of British made shotguns, all in 12 bore. (1) Army and Navy hammer gun marked (K Quality) ie keeper quality made in 1898 and thanks to Glasgow University I know it cost £7 new. I bought it from a keeper friend in 1960 for £15 and until 3 years ago it had only cost me 3d (about 1 1/2 pence for a firing pin spring) three years ago the forend loop needed re-soldering which cost £70. (2) W R Pape of Newcastle what appears to be a top quality boxlock ejector with sleeved barrels built in 1914 (3) Pride of place and oldest is John Dickson round action from 1889 No 1 of a pair but not built as a pair, rumour has it that No 2 saw service with WW2 home guard and disappeared. The Dickson R/A is a most understated gun , unsurpassed by even London Best. Superb balance and handling and virtually a self opener they dont come any better in my opiNION. Blackpowder
  6. Blackpowder

    Grand prix

    Oh that smell of varnish or shellac when you opened a box of Grand Prix, only surpassed by the whiff of burned powder . Blackpowder
  7. Blackpowder

    Garden waste collection

    As you say it takes a while but its working away all the time for free. Blackpowder
  8. Blackpowder

    Garden waste collection

    Not had garden waste collected here for years and years, perhaps as long ago as 10 years even. Asked for and got compost bin from council where all uncooked food waste goes. Composting is the way forward. If you produce garden waste you have a garden. If you have a garden you have room for a compost bin. If you have a garden you need compost, easy peasy. Blackpowder
  9. Blackpowder

    Are side by side guns obsolete

    Think they shall be with us for a long time yet. Still seem popular in the USA going by the stock lists of American gun dealers. There seems to be a misconception that s x s have inferior ballistics to o/u but I can see no reason why if loads and chokes are the same. Obviously dealers are not going to push sales of s/h s x s when they can sell a machine made o/u for greater profit. Blackpowder
  10. Blackpowder

    Shop bought Pork Pie

    Local butcher makes steak and black pudding pies. They are awesome when just warm. Blackpowder
  11. Blackpowder

    Pigeon breast suggestions please

    New year's day dinner . Took two pheasant and two pigeon breasts , flattened the pigeon with edge of knife stuffed the them with haggis, wrapped in bacon 35mins at 175. Hey presto mini two bird roast, 3 in fact of you count haggis as fowl Blackpowder
  12. Blackpowder

    Oil central heating cost

    LPG used to be the most expensive fuel between natural gas and oil, but prices change someone should be able to direct you to a comparison site for running costs for different fuels. Blackpowder
  13. Blackpowder

    Your choice light upland gun

    Words of true wisdom there. Blackpowder
  14. Blackpowder

    Wisdom required

    Was brought up in a house with similar cast iron range, about 90 percent of the heat generated by coal and wood went straight up the chimney. Brrr Blackpowder
  15. Blackpowder

    Asking for shooting on first post

    Good that you enjoy helping but I feel the Shoot owner is taking a liberty in neither paying beaters nor giving any shooting in return for hard work. Blackpowder