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  1. 'Hitting clover'

    Last Tuesday a mild zepher of west wind took me to one of my favourite roost woods. Square and only a few acres in extent some years it reeks of pigeon poo and preened feathers lie like giant snow flakes. The field in grass and clover lies about 500 yards from the road and parking place. Few pigeon were visible when I run the binos over the wood on arrival at 3pm. Kept the gun in the slip as had decided not to shoot any which were flushed in the hope of their multiple return. Yep and the wood was packed clattering out in their hundreds, I guessed around 600, to disappear eastwards into the distance. Getting settled in and wild dog tethered awaited the horde's return. It did not happen, but 500 yards away lies a younger plantation and even with the naked eye it showed a perpetual motion of birds swooping to the clover and returning to the trees. By this time it was after 4pm , with no decoys I decided to leave them in peace and return on the morrow to perform a mammoth slaying. Three pigeon did come my way one being unlucky enough to fall to my second barrel. Wednesday 11 am all set up with 12 FUDs and a couple of bouncers backpacked across a very long field, getting to old for that kind of lark methinks. Not a breath of wind, the hide did not need its usual guy lines, and it was comfortable in the late winter or is it early spring sunshine. Wild dog tethered safely to the fence, keeps looking as if to say ,'come on then, give me something to chase'. Well it was not so, 3pm and phoned a friend to see if they were in the field, and, a solitary pigeon flew over the hide giving the deeks the glad eye. Had enough by 3 : 30 and packed up, the best laid schemes etc etc. Still I did not have a load of birds to stagger back with on what is the uphill leg of the return trip- saved a load of cartridges as well. Disgruntled Pigeon Shooter (aka Blackpowder)
  2. Use of the 'Safety' catch.

    Was thinking from the occasional loaders point of view , rather than the Gun's. Blackpowder.
  3. Use of the 'Safety' catch.

    I have occasionally loaded on double gun days and certainly would not like to do so with non auto safety catches. Yet I am sure that in the hammer gun double gun days the loaded gun would be handed to the Gun fully cocked. Blackpowder
  4. 28" or 30" Barrels

    Once long barrels were a necessity with slow burning black powder, not necessary for that purpose with modern powders. As Gunman says above it depends on how the gun handles more than barrel length. Personally I shoot both 28 and 30inch barrels and another in between and can miss equally well with any of them. Blackpowder
  5. Never seen as many

    Large flocks around here last week must have numbered into 1000s, had a look around same fields on Sunday and only saw stragglers. Blackpowder
  6. Smart Meters ???

    I had a guy came to the door offering a smart meter. He gave the impression that he was from my supplier but in fact he was touting for a different firm, sent him on his way. Blackpowder
  7. Lease not renewed

    So is the local lord, father in law of your tenant, also the landowner on your former lease? Blackpowder
  8. Labour and game birds

    Some of the keenest beaters, pickers up, rabbiters I have met have been from the one time mining villages of Northumberland, without a doubt long term Labour voters. These are the people who need to put the point across that field sports are no longer the sole domain of the wealthy and privately educated. Shooting today draws participants from across a wide spectrum of society, especially those known as the WORKING CLASS. Blackpowder
  9. Cartridges Suitable For Pigeon

    I use Hull Imperial for all my game shooting, relatively few cartridges fired. Cartridges which say ,'Pigeon' on the side are mostly easier on the purse as with me they are fireds in greater numbers than game loads are. As said in my post above I used the old brand Clear Pigeon for all my shooting, pheasants did not know the difference. Blackpowder
  10. Cartridges Suitable For Pigeon

    For years my choice of cartridge was the old ,'Clear Pigeon' 65mm shot size 6 which were ideal for my Classic British guns. Now I cannot find a supplier locally who stocks pigeon shells in anything other than 70mm so now resort to pigeon shooting with 28 gram clay loads in 65mm. I think owners of classic guns are badly served by cartridge manufacturers who seem to be under the impression that all pigeon shooting takes place with semi auto shotguns which only work with 70mm shells. Blackpowder
  11. A winter trip to the seaside.

    Miles of sandy beaches in north northumberland and a great pleasure to walk throughout the year but winter is extra special. Blackpowder
  12. Capital Punishment

    That's the same one Walshie, allegedly in police custody when his 16 year old companion murdered a police officer. Blackpowdwer
  13. Capital Punishment

    Remember Derek Bentley! Blackpowder
  14. prodec? 12g plastic quick release cartridge belt

    These are great belts for quick loading, if I did not already have one wwould certainly go for this. Blackpowder
  15. Ash dieback?

    Is that your air raid shelter beghind? Blackpowder