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  1. Negley Farson , The Way of a Transgressor. An amazing auto biography taking the reader into Russia in WW1 , across Europe and into the wilds of Vancouver Island where he and his wife lived for two years on a houseboat. Journalist failed salesman for trucks, severely injured in an early plain crash and most important an avid angler Negley 's exploits were stupendous. Blackpowder
  2. Years ago i made a roll up hide from light hessian sacking which came then with sugar beet pulp. With brown and green paint painted a hedgerow on the sacking then stiched on some clumps of fawn, green and brown raffia. looked quite like a hedge but thrown out long since during a house move. Blackpowder
  3. Dickson Round Action balance and beauty in steel and walnut. Blackpowder
  4. A good honest gun there hope you enjoy shooting it. Blackpowder
  5. I think drop points spoil the line of the stock, much prefer the smooth swept away effect as in pic. But each to his own. Blackpowder
  6. Ever feel like you have been ripped off as I do. Last month paid £235 road tax for my humble ancient 2006 1500cc Suzuki Ignis. Friends have 2 litre diesel car and only pay £35 would not be so bad if the money was spent on roads but feel like a cash cow for governments. Blaclpowder
  7. Yep get well ASP parachute flies the way to go for dry flies. Blackpowder
  8. Wish we could have had it during the pheasant season when a bit of frost and snow helps bring back straying pheasants to the feeding areas. Blackpowder
  9. Lock them up in a cell with only a steak pie to eat, see how vegan they are. Blackpowder
  10. *** next thing there will be instructions to wear undergarments below the kilt.😠 Blackpowder
  11. Proprietor of Castle Gunrooms once part owned Dicksons. Blackpowder
  12. Not an expert but I can confirm that for balance and handling the R/A is superb. Local gunshop Castle Gunmakers have 3 on their racks Blackpowder
  13. And good enough for you you wicked person. The course I was on for doing 33mph a few years ago was held in a hotel near Berwick on Tweed. One aof the guilty actually came all the way from the Shetlands to save his license. Blackpowder
  14. Hi all I lost my gorgeous wild cocker during August past, now looking for a replacement at least a year old sprocker or cocker boy dog preferred. Dont want to travel more than 100 miles from Berwick on Tweed. Blackpowder
  15. Frost flowers inside windows, paraffin lamps, outside toilets, sweets on ration. Viewed minus rose tinted specs. Blackpowder
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