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  1. I dont think trawlers in UK waters are a problem. Mainly east coast trawlers are targeting norway lobsters(prawns) and white fish cod haddock etc which are all bottom feeding species known as demersal fish. Salmon swim in the upper layers of water and are pelagic species like herring and mackeral. Having said that my main worry would be the accidental catch by pelagic fishing vessels of adult salmon and/or smolts. Thousands of seals abound north and south of the Tweed estuary, add dolphins to the game which are seen flipping salmon from the water and you have a problem, then of course there are the multitude of fish eating birds which prey on the young salmon and trout. Blackpowder
  2. Its widespread, I had 5 hours on Bottom Tweed today in what should have been prime time and conditions and saw one fish. Blackpowder
  3. Any word of what the access is at the Causeway end yet. Blackpowder
  4. Local Home Bargains store had a whole aisle of Christmas tat this morning. Must be shop early for your elf and santa costumes and Christmas baubles. Blackpowder
  5. There are camping pods at the farm on the way to Cocklawburn beach, about 15 minutes from Lindisfarne, caravan sites at Warenford Budle Bay but do not know if they are open all season. Blackpowder
  6. Just when you think the world is going down the plug hole a story like this restores lost faith in the human race. Blackpowder
  7. Well hope its cold from November onwards help to hold pheasants on lots of DIY shoots. Blackpowder
  8. Seems you had a god day, well done. Dont fancy yaks and fancy them even less with conger aboard is it not a bit difficult getting them unhooked? Blackpowder
  9. Lucky dog I hope she makes a good recovery. I understand both Lifeboat and Coastguard are happy to come out on pet rescue rather than owners attempting it themselves. Blackpowder
  10. Thanks for all the replies folks, was not looking for healthy options just something a bit quicker. I hate to think of the cost of home made oven chips when you take into account oven heating time over and above cooking time. Will be pursuing the net and having a look in local Currys this weekend. Blackpowder
  11. Talking about home cut chips here, 15 mins turn them over then another 15mins to crisp up. Blackpowder Know well what you are saying there. Back in my youth living with grandparents one black frying pan on an open fire, home cured bacon lots of lovely grease from it. Frying pan got washed when the tar from the open fire became a bit thick. Blackpowder
  12. Blackpowder

    Air fryers

    Hi all does anybody here use air fryers, considering getting one as fed up with oily surface on deep fat fryer and waiting time for oven chips. Are the cheaper models between £30 and £40 any good, or do I need to go for one nearer the £100 mark. Blackpowder
  13. That is a much better idea than a yak. Blackpowder
  14. So would the electricity wires. Blackpowder
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