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  1. Ooo them were the days never see um come back to many do Goode’s and snivelling little weasels good luck selling takes me back 🐇
  2. What head stamp Derek
  3. As above old style not compact 30 cal 14x1 cash and slot ready WHY
  4. Pro hunters now sold. 27 Nosler 150grn BT remaining @£13 posted
  5. 200 x 2 unopened box Sierra pro hunter 150 grn sp bullets for sale @ £30 per 100 posted plus 27 nosler BT 150 grn bullets £13 posted or discounted if collect from LE65 post code. advertised elsewhere
  6. Cheers I’ll pm him via gun watch
  7. Good luck with posting powder
  8. no travel tube with this one j.dewey mfg.co.inc model#36-17s may have a j.dewey rod guide what rifle is it you have. ?
  9. yeah iv'e got rod brush jag, dont know how i would get them to you.
  10. Swarovski 8x30 here range up to 1500 mts
  11. if you split ill have the inch med rings.
  12. Go on then I’ll have a pack pm payment preferences.SSF
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