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  1. i doubt it if it was perazzi would have given him one FOC.
  2. fosters !!! wouldn't wash a dog in fosters lol lol
  3. id be happy to buy trouble is dont know if we are allowed to travel to collect as not essential travel.
  4. Do you still have it’s original iron sights. ?
  5. As above 2.5-16x50 WHY must be mint condition mil dot prefer would consider multi x
  6. I know that bloody big county TBF
  7. Collection from were please could be interested
  8. That’s a nice rack pity the skull ain’t bleached still interesting piece.
  9. supersportfive


    Bloody hell thats cheep just over 3 quid each bargain that 🤙
  10. No disrespect meant Andy I see you do now have some idea on a price Good luck with selling
  11. Highly irregular I’ll start this of £450 worth a punt.
  12. Made in a time when tools lasted a lifetime nice item GLWS
  13. agree i've the benelli supersport strikingly similar design if not a clone most probably made in the same factory.
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