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  1. That’s a nice rack pity the skull ain’t bleached still interesting piece.
  2. supersportfive


    Bloody hell thats cheep just over 3 quid each bargain that 🤙
  3. No disrespect meant Andy I see you do now have some idea on a price Good luck with selling
  4. Highly irregular I’ll start this of £450 worth a punt.
  5. Made in a time when tools lasted a lifetime nice item GLWS
  6. agree i've the benelli supersport strikingly similar design if not a clone most probably made in the same factory.
  7. supersportfive


    yes i have a brand new one 52" long id let you have it for£20 plus P&P pm me for pics if interested.
  8. What’s the ammo pouch how many rounds what call could be interested .
  9. Ooo them were the days never see um come back to many do Goode’s and snivelling little weasels good luck selling takes me back 🐇
  10. What head stamp Derek
  11. As above old style not compact 30 cal 14x1 cash and slot ready WHY
  12. Pro hunters now sold. 27 Nosler 150grn BT remaining @£13 posted
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