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    1. Lucky Shot 1958

      Whelping Box

      Wanted as above must be suitable for a ESS. ip17 area. thanks
    2. Lucky Shot 1958

      Brook Taverner green moleskins size 44

      What us the inside leg measurement please?
    3. Can you send me some pictures please kevin.settle@sky.com

      1. Lucky Shot 1958

        Dog Kennel and Run

        As above £45 pick up only just north of Ipswich. I cannot post photos for some reason so if interested pm me your email add and I will send you photos,it is suitable for a medium size dog spanial etc,it is in good condition only a year old. Thanks
      2. Lucky Shot 1958

        Wooden Priests

        All now sold.
      3. Lucky Shot 1958

        Wooden Priests

        No they are not weighted but they will dispatch a trout or a winged pigeon no problem.
      4. Lucky Shot 1958

        Wooden Priests

        Wooden Priests,all seasoned wood. £6 each posted. PM if interested.
      5. Lucky Shot 1958

        Enforcer flying pigeon decoys

        I have had the whole range of enforcer decoys ( now sold) initially I thought that they were good,but after using a few times when sunny the reflect the sun ,far to expensive for what they are.
      6. Spot on,you cannot beat dead birds, best decoys ever,I have tried the entire enforcer line of decoys but they reflect the sun.

        So no good on a sunny day and the enforcer flying decoys are no good at all unless you have at least 10 knots of wind....I had them all and now sold well rid....

        1. Lucky Shot 1958


          YouTube Denny's dippas
        2. Lucky Shot 1958

          AYA Yeoman 12 gauge

          Still avalable ?
        3. Lucky Shot 1958

          Gun Slip for a 3 band Enfield

          Yes mate give me you email address and I will send you some.
        4. Lucky Shot 1958

          Gun Slip for a 3 band Enfield

          Contacted MelB and today my bespoke slip arrived excellent perfect fit and quality.
        5. Lucky Shot 1958

          Hosepipe ban

          While they continue to water Wimbledon I will continue to water my lawn.