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    1. I purchased one of these a couple of weeks ago for my .243,brilliant scope and at £325 its a bargain,I paid a lot more than that.
    2. I just spoke with BASC and was told that as per GL31 I could shoot Pigeons as long as other methods to protect the crop had failed,so I am now going to shoot on some rape where a banger and flags have failed miserably to deter the Pigeons. I will also fully comply with one of the Pigeon deterrents from GL31.  Woodpigeon models (particularly those with outstretched wings, showing the white wing bars) to give the impression of dead birds.
    3. Wanted as above must be in full working order. Thanks
    4. I phoned BASC today and asked them for an update,they assured me that by this coming weekend we will legally be allowed to shot Pigeons again. I hope that they were correct.
    5. Hi

      I clicked on the wrong link.. If you have two CZ 455 10 shot mags I would take one



      1. Lucky Shot 1958

        Lucky Shot 1958

        Sorry Hayburn only the one.

      2. HAYBURN


        ok thanks

    6. As above metal not plastic fully working,£15 posted.
    7. As above metal not plastic fully working,£15 posted.
    8. If both parents are working dogs and 5 th gen pedigree available then I don't consider £850 too higher price,you get what you pay..
    9. As above intact hobs born may last year one polecat one sandy (brothers) with two tier cage and cover new last year. £50 collection only ip17 area. They live together handled daily they do not bite,they worked well last season.
    10. Many thanks Dave G,but I sauced some sticks locally.
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