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    1. Sold to hillside 1945,pending the usual.
    2. Hi Geoff, You can pay by PayPal. emsdenpje@aol.com regards Peter
    3. As above used 12 g barrel guard £20 posted. PM me if interested. thanks.
    4. Port and starboard small boat navigation lights,12 volt LED,brand new never used. £20 posted. PM me if interested,thanks.
    5. I am no legal boffin by any means, but I would assume that the reason that they advise record keeping would be so that you have evidence as your defence should you be questioned by the Police etc,just my opinion.
    6. Morning Motty, Below is from the current GL31. Licence users are advised to keep a record or log of crop damage and of efforts to address problems by legal methods.
    7. That's my point,it does not mention how long you should try the "Non Lethel" methods in GL31,So what happens if some anti films you on his phone then goes to the Police because he suspects that you did not try ALL the "Non Lethal" methods long enough to deter the Pigeons and it goes to court. I am not going to risk my SGC and FAC until the current GL31 has been amended and is hopefully easier to comply with and fit for purpose.
    8. To comply with the current GL31 how long does one have to try the "Non Lethal" methods to deter Pigeons before its ok to shoot them ?
    9. I purchased one of these a couple of weeks ago for my .243,brilliant scope and at £325 its a bargain,I paid a lot more than that.
    10. I just spoke with BASC and was told that as per GL31 I could shoot Pigeons as long as other methods to protect the crop had failed,so I am now going to shoot on some rape where a banger and flags have failed miserably to deter the Pigeons. I will also fully comply with one of the Pigeon deterrents from GL31.  Woodpigeon models (particularly those with outstretched wings, showing the white wing bars) to give the impression of dead birds.
    11. Wanted as above must be in full working order. Thanks
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