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  1. Wanted as above in Suffolk,must be in good condition and Police approved.... Please pm me if you have one. TIA
  2. Not too bothered as I have plenty of the chemicals left,it only took a couple of hours...
  3. Took your advice and I must say that I am delighted with the results.. thanks
  4. Evening All, Is there anyone in the Suffolk area who can blue a pair of 12 g tubes please ? TIA
  5. 5 shot magazine to fit a Tikka T3X in .243 must be in very good condition. thanks.
  6. Many thanks for your reply’s Gents.
  7. Wanted as above to mount a pair of antlers with skull,Shield size needs to be 12in x 6in approximately. Please pm if you have for sale. ATB
  8. Morning All, Met a chap a couple of days ago and the conversation got round to FAC,he told me that in order to keep your FAC you have to purchase a number of rounds each year to show the Police that you are using your rifle, anyone else heard of this ? I have 200 rounds of .243 on my ticket and unless I go to the range they will last me a year or so.... ATB
  9. Morning Chaps, Am I the only one who does not like to see shooters shooting over standing crops without a dog to retrieve the birds ? Yesterday I was going to one of my perms for some shooting over standing Rape. When I arrived someone had beaten me to it,no problem as I have other perms,I thought that I would watch for 30 mins or so and they dropped 5 birds between them,but they never sent a dog to retrieve the dead birds nor did they retieve them thereselves.I continued to watch and they shot another 3 birds,8 in total with no picking. Being nosey I went for a wal
  10. For sale as above,£150 ono. Please PM if interested. Thanks
  11. Recently thought that I would treat myself to a new gun,got a few prices for the above mentioned ranging from £699 to £895,so Obviously I went for the £699,and it was only 30 miles travel.When I arrived at the shop the chap was very honest a pointed out a very small dent in the stock,so he knocked off £30,so I got a brand new wildfowler for £669,when I got home ran over the dent with a hot iron and damp cloth, dent gone. And it comes with a 5 year warranty. Not very often that I get a bargain but I feel that I did that day,will be using that shop again..
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