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    rough shooting with my cocker and springer..

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  1. I have a 597 Just keep it clean and no issues Great successes with it. Clean guide rails, mags mod everything and will not jam ( that's using subs too)
  2. Hi My syndicate looking for some pigeon roost shooting in Devon.
  3. Hi all, yes good stuff. My lot have been on it for nearly 2 yrs And very good. I give it to them dry or damp depends on my mood. I was on chudleys then skinners and both didn't not Give them the boost that this does, plus they look good on it. Before they all looked liked I was feeding them weetabix and could not build them up Or gain muscle, dull coat ect. And on cf they are looking good and perform good too
  4. SGC is essential.. Also 20% of the fee will go to our local dartmoor rescue team.
  5. Hi, My syndicate are selling a day probably in January. It's in South Devon. It will be mainly walking but with some opportunities for a couple Standing guns. You can bring your own dogs, or I can arrange some of our Members to beat with our own dogs. We do put down pheasants but still very much a wild bird shoot, Seeing pheasants, woodcock, snipe. As well as Pigeon pest birds. Just to give you an idea last Saturday Woodcock numbers SEEN was in the high 20s. And hopefully will get better as the weather gets cooler. We are looking at a number of upto 5 guns At £100 a gun. T
  6. hybrids meat birds. if not fussed on taste. but get ready quicker. somthing like light sussex i use as they are dual purpose, and get huge
  7. i only get problems if i dont clean to well after hatching. i also use egg disenfectant in the water. and if the kids have been opening and closeing the thing to candle daily.lol i also use massive humidity from stop turning. 70-80% stops them getting to dry while hatching and dieing in shell..works well for me.
  8. hi, may be a bit late but this is what i do for pheasants.. :- temp 37.5 humidity 45 and turn 3 times aday or more if using a auto incubator candle eggs on day 7. discard any not developed. day 19 stop turning, put temp down to 37- 36.5 and rasie humidty as much as you can.. 70-80 works for me every time 90%+ hatch rate. just dont keep opening and closeing incubator. need to forget about them til day 19
  9. i get what people say that crossing to make a mongrol is irrisponcible. but i think it is personel prefrance.. i my self like a pure breed cocker or springer. only because i like to compete (or try) a few breeders here in devon have had prebooked sprocker pup all this year.and was told by a scottish gamekeeper freind that they make a great grouse dog. on my rough shoot some one has a sprocker and it seems fine does the same as mine. just does not have the paper work with it. which is fine if your not interested in breeding or competeing. still each to there own i supose.
  10. only add a whistle to commands which the dog is 100% on. ie recall only add whistle when dog is recalling every time to voice. and add directions to whistle once recall and maybe stop whistle has been delt with. other wise you are training the dog to ignore you whistling at him /her good luck. get the dog staedy to commands by voice first.do a bit of stop whistle while walking abround at heel, and every so often tell the dog to sit voice hand and add the whistle. keep doing this over weeks it will not happen in a week. and it will soon sink in what your asking. slowly over weeks take out th
  11. i thought as much.. i have got a few cockers and springers all working. and all hole.i have never had the need to do so i dont think i will. and i feel i would reget it any way.. i does get a bit randy but nothing that makes me chase him round the feild. he is out training all the time and do agree the more i do with him the better he is.. tahnks for your replys you have helped me make my mind up. all the best
  12. hi all. was wondering if any one had any thorughts on if having your dog neutered could carlm him down a bit. i do hear it makes them a bit more focused. but then others say not diffrenence.. i do not intend to breed but others think he would be good to breed from. dont know what to do. dont want to do it and it change him for the worse or somthing.. oh and he is 19months,
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