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  1. Cheers Greenhunter....Were would I get the number from
  2. Do you ring them up and they send you a statement....wouldnt mind finding out what Im going to get
  3. Did they send you the statement or did you ask for it yourself....Ive got another 12 months before I retire
  4. Were abouts are you in West Cumbria....
  5. Another one for Hull high pheasant....Im a big fan of Hull carts
  6. Got a Renault Kango....only had it a month seems to be a cracking little van, well pleased up to now
  7. Labour wont win a lucky bag.....as long as that scruffy ******* is in charge
  8. Not for me, my cousin has had a bad shoulder for years....we have started to doo a few clays and he is in a bit of pain in his shoulder....he is looking to buy a good padded waistcoat....any help from anyone on here on what to get would be a great help to him. Cheers Dave.
  9. Got an 05 Ranger....had it 4yrs never had any problems up to now....touch wood
  10. I have of these 30inch barrels.....Brilliant gun, best one Ive owned, had it adjusted to auto safety....Cant understand why nobody has snapped this gun up...thats a hell of a good gun for that price....Bargain
  11. I traded my silver pigeon s in about a month ago for a 682 gold e....Brilliant gun, the wood on it is outstanding, really nice gun well chuffed with it
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