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    dogs, shooting, ratting, rabbiting, fishing, anything outdoors

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  1. big napper

    Cocker bitch

    😄 iv seen the ad mate but just wanting a small cocker or x
  2. big napper

    Cocker bitch

    Im not on it but cheers anyway mate
  3. big napper

    Cocker bitch

    Not sorted, still looking for a pup
  4. big napper

    Cocker bitch

    Now sorted, thanks
  5. big napper

    Cocker bitch

    Have done mate and messaged the lad, cheers
  6. Hi iv been advertising for a pup or young bitch for a while now for work and pet, if you havent found a home for her yet could you contact me please, iv sent you my number, thanks
  7. big napper

    Cocker bitch

    Im looking for a cocker bitch pup or youngster, not bothered about kc reg, wanting one thats docked. Thanks for any replys
  8. Which is the primos in the picture mate, cheers
  9. If it was swivel id have bought it mate
  10. Thats tilt ian, swivel is being able to turn your rifle from left to right on the bipod
  11. Out of interest how much is your dog pup mate
  12. Albatross, vulture or golden eagle or maybe something smaller
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