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  1. Someone supposed to be coming for it today pal but if not I let you know, cheers
  2. Deben knocker box and collar, both in good order and work as they should, £85 posted
  3. Nice one, thanks for that Rewulf
  4. Whats the difference between 007 and 007a mate,
  5. Can you send postecode mate to see how far you are, cheers
  6. Tracer ledray f600 or 700 wanted, the full setup if poss, cheers for any replys
  7. knocker box & collar, box marks to 8ft with original deben collars but to 6 1/2ft with this collar which isnt a deben one, £80 posted
  8. Whats sd mate, hodge cant answer he just joined pw and cant reply, cheers
  9. Its not what im looking for mate but cheers
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