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  1. big napper

    4x4 tyres

    245 - 70 R16 4x4 tyres, 3 of them have loads of tread 1 hasnt, £100
  2. Mk3 deben ferret collar wanted
  3. Mk1 or 2 deben locator and 5 collars, 4 of them 8ft and 1micro collar which i think is 16ft, box was recalibrated and some new parts put in about 18 months ago (by paul sullivan,) and has only been used a dozen times last season, all collars work perfect and there's a leather case & loads of spare batteries for all collars. £200 posted
  4. Iv got a new unused weihrauch silencer, for .177 .22 and .25 if you want it £35 posted
  5. Which one mate and how much, can you put picture on Just looked on their website and cant see any that are scope mountable mate
  6. Nite vision scope mounted rangefinder wanted
  7. No way is prince as stupid as that little rat corbyn
  8. Wanted, would prefer primos gen2
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