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  1. Thats what iv been doing but wont let me, cheers
  2. Im trying to put an airgun in for sale section but cant seem to do it, done it before on here but this time i cant, any help please, cheers
  3. Nice one mate, thanks
  4. This must be a mk1 then, cheers pal
  5. big napper

    Rapid 7 mags

    Looking for 1 or 2 rapid 7 mags, .22cal if anyone has any for sale, cheers
  6. Dont know if its mk1 or 2 mate doesnt say on it just that serial number Someone else said 1999, i just wanted a rough idea how old it was, cheers
  7. Nice one pal, thanks for that
  8. Can anyone tell me the manufacture date of this rapid7, the number on it is 010432, thanks for any info on this.
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