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  1. After 10 years my trusty Deerhunter ram has finally given up the ghost and now leaks like a sieve. New ones seem very hard to find, and are a absorbatant price. So for around £150-200 what are the portions for a fat ******? Ridge line keep popping up on my online teaser he, but I have not had any dealings with them, nor have I seen any to have a good look at. Please no one say Jack Pyke, their rubbish always have been always will be. Has as anyone got any ideas? Cheers
  2. Pm me a email address and I'll send you what I have
  3. Brilliant, if at a later date you could give me the full recipe.... What wad do you use? That's what Clay and Game website says
  4. Nice shot is no longer made and what's left is quite expensive, cheers for the data I'll have a good look at that.
  5. Hi Does anyone have any data for 20 bore steel loads, I am especially interested in 3" loads for duck and the occasional goose. I am having trouble tracking down data for the heavier steel loads, so if anyone can help..... If you want to answer by PM that's fine. Cheers
  6. Think if I remember rightly something was said on fsb about him being in accounting
  7. Write up in wildfowling section, I'll pm you later
  8. They haven't previously responded badly to me, but to other people on the forum who know what they are talking about. Some people deserve better
  9. .244 Holland & Holland ( belted) Magnum custom built
  10. REALLY??? Remember you only have 2 weeks
  11. Cam or crankshaft sensor I'd say
  12. I have a lambs wool mop on a rod in a tub of oil, have done for years. When I home, it goes through both barrels and the outsides get done with liege gun spray, that will do till the next day.
  13. This post is being written in response to some previous topics. I haven't been posting for a long while because there's some very stupid people on here. Let's hope they don't see this post. The plan was to go out fowling on the Acle marshes for a day. After my previous battles with my shotgun I had just purchased a new Browning, 425 Waterfowl this was to be my first time shooting it. So we (I was out with friends) get to our area, and sort our kit out in the morning and then have a short stroll down to the marsh, hide up decoys out, and then relax. It was a good 45 minutes till any
  14. No, I remember a thread on here I saw whilst searching old posts. It completely knackered someone's gun. Do a search
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