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  1. My first full season on the foxes. Bought a caller in August and not really had much luck with it until I started using the vixen on heat calls had 9 in last 2 weeks ... love to see them running in from range.
  2. I have just bought a Foxpro inferno and interested what calls people rate. Several areas have few/no rabbits so wondered if hare and rodent calls were likely to be better for these. I know some work sometimes but wondered what people rated as the better calls. AND my Inferno has a backlit screen but the buttons are not backlit so not visible in the dark - is this faulty ... assumed buttons would be backlit as well.
  3. Don't blame these organisations - Natural England revoked the new licences and released the new versions with no consultation with these bodies. BASC has 55000+ members, with this number they have a strong lobbying ability. They have repeatedly responded to criticise Natural Englands actions and helped in getting the licences under the Secretary of State's (Gove's) control. BASC have built a positive relationship with Gove since he took up the role and and he has responded positively to BASC's position. BASC meeting and "educating" government staff and MInisters goes largely unseen but is
  4. Sorry ... hadn't seen the new forum ... wondered why quiet on this forum!
  5. Glad I got my Larsen traps out early this year. Cleared up just in time for the ban.
  6. BASC have launched a survey to have some measure of the impact of the new licence situation. Only takes 5 min and anyone giving permission to control or controlling bird pest species can submit (you don't need to be a member). Here's the link to the survey: https://www.research.net/r/BASC-GLsurvey Also Defra are requesting evidence for their review. Details here: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/use-of-general-licences-for-the-management-of-certain-wild-birds-a-call-for-evidence Deadline for responses is 5pm Mon 13th May. The big issue I think we need to push is that n
  7. As suspected many restrictions including proof of trying non lethal control and ability to identify which crop you are protecting. Pigeons cannot be shot for recreation or financial gain. One listed non lethal control is the use of recordings of pigeon alarm calls!! Maybe we can use a recording of nothing as evidence???? Can use evidence from previous years so need to take numerous photos of any crop damage. Gove has taken control so hopefully Defra can do a better job????
  8. Part of my standard kit is 2 long bamboo canes (8ft?) fitted with short pegs at 6 inch intervals at the top to fasten the hide net to. I usually use these at the back of the hide so have a good high back. But these can go in pretty deep and still give a good height. I also have 2 hazel pegs and some green string to help when in a strong wind. Twos always been enough for me.
  9. I use an old tall plastic kitchen bin (minus lid) - its a good height, fits in my kit bag (from AA decoys) and holds my decoys and netting. I have some netting slotted down outside the bin but in the kit bag so soft fit when carried on my back. I empty it out and turn upside down to make a good height seat. I can shoot sitting or easily raise up to shoot standing. You could fit a cushion under the bin if you wanted a softer seat ... I just use a folded up hessian bag.
  10. You have to remember it is still winter! Still had a sweat on yesterday clearing rides on the shoot!
  11. Very few around my part of Shropshire (Newport) this year. Shot over 500 last year and will have shot less than 50 so far this year. More hares than rabbits on most of my permissions now.
  12. I'm lucky to have access to a walk-in chiller at work. Put the birds on the concrete floor overnight and well chilled by morning before freezing.
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