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  1. Thanks dave, so more rectangular and have all the birds on their backs? Walker, would you mean don't have the birds overhanging the body as they could fall and be runover. Or don't attach anything along the side (Like a single rail).
  2. Wonder what hounds they use in Pakistan
  3. Hello Chaps/ Chapettes, This season we will be increasing the number of birds on our shoot to roughly 40-50 birds a day. I want to see everyones solution to carrying birds? We have access to a Utv and a quad but the only trailer that we have available is used for towing the beaters/equipment etc. I was thinking of welding a metal A Frame with 3 tier cross beams to sit behind the cab of the UTV. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance
  4. Yes Pheasants.. Thanks all... If you know anyone then please do let me know!!!! AS I AM DESPERATE
  5. Wanted Ex layers as close to guilford as possible. Just taken on a new bit of ground so trying to supplement original stocks by putting around 100 ex layers down. Would anyone have any information or know someone in this area? TIA
  6. Thank you all. I don't have to do to much walking so possibly could get away with a smock
  7. Any pics and measurements for the browning parka? TIA
  8. Join Cornwall wildfowlers and Shoot on the Camel estuary
  9. Hi All, Looking at getting at getting a new Jacket for up coming trips. Whats everyone wearing? And why Any ones to avoid or anyone have a canny home solution. Im only 5ft 6" so cant be too long! Thanks in advance! CF
  10. 2003 Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin, Silver, 5 door. Cloth interior with full electric windows. 2 WD / 4 HI / 4LOW Car runs and drives good, has just had a new battery. Tow bar and tow electrics Good Bits - MOT 6th June New battery Runs and drives 4wd/2wd Under sealed arches Tow bar and electrics New exhaust at some point Bad bits Will need front Inner track rod ends Surface rust on all wheel arches (in pics) Has been sanded back and painted with hammerite Needs new tyres (all 5 different brands and worn) Damaged
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