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  1. Danny Fireblade

    Ammunition pouch/ 12 rounds.

    Yes please. Pm me payment details please.
  2. Danny Fireblade

    Bergara Folding Seat - damaged

    I’ve got one of these and they are cracking seats, but I think I’m jealous of the sweet smelling one. You should be charging more for it in my opinion😁👍🏻
  3. Danny Fireblade

    Broken Bipod

    Will do, thanks👍
  4. Danny Fireblade

    Broken Bipod

    Hi, I am after a broken bipod for a project. As long as the attachment mechanism works then I dont care about the rest, or the make. Happy to pay postage and a few quid towards disposal costs:-) Cheers
  5. Danny Fireblade

    SOLD Bushnell Wildlife Cam

    What’s the megapixels please or model number. Thanks
  6. Danny Fireblade

    Peltor Comtac XPi, brand new in box

    Brand new pair of Peltor Comtac ear defence. £120 posted. Another pic
  7. Danny Fireblade

    Nitesite Wolf Rtec inc Range Finder

    Pm sent
  8. Danny Fireblade

    Free trailer

    PM sent
  9. Danny Fireblade

    Leupold scope

    PM sent.
  10. Danny Fireblade

    Leupold scope

    What scope is this? Thanks.
  11. Danny Fireblade

    Couple of bits

    PM replied to for stove and case also still for sale too.
  12. Danny Fireblade

    Clear out

    Pm replied to.
  13. Danny Fireblade

    Clear out

    I am having a clear out of camo stuff. All prices are inclusive of P&P. 1st to say on here will get it. 1. DPM ground sheet, as used by the army for their poncho's, bivvies, etc. £22 2.MTP goretex bivvy bag, £23 3. MTP goretex jacket, size 190/104, £13 4. DPM gaiters, brand new, £20 5. MTP Ammo bag, perfect for shotgun cartridges, £12 6. Olive green padded/insulated trousers, like a softie jacket, brand new, £14 7. Sonic ear defenders, same as https://www.nightgea...rs/515315ng.htm Brand new and sealed, in small,medium and large size. 2 for £20 inc P&P, please pm if interested. Can also do deals for more than two sets if required, such as 3 for £27, 4 for £32.
  14. Danny Fireblade

    Few bits for sale

    Priest arrived as described thanks. ?
  15. Danny Fireblade

    Few bits for sale

    Priest please. I will I’ll send a pm.