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  1. Can anyone on here remember the guys name who was selling his home made priests a couple of months ago?? I want to ordder some more
  2. Sorry but too far away. looking for one sussex area
  3. Wanted. !000 water bowser on a trailer. Sussex area
  4. Get yourself a springer!! Mine is now 4 years old. Picks up 50 days a year and beats on another 10-15 days. Retreives anything and everythig from partridge to pheasants and the odd rabbit. Great temperement and quiet if left alone for the day. But i too am rather biased. Had springers now for some 40 years+. Never needed anything else, never wanted another breed....... I just love em!!!
  5. Flightpath, from brights seeds. You can buy online and the will deliver. Grows to about 4 to 5 ft high. Plenty of cobs on it, some very low to the ground. Will normally stand until the end of the season. I have used this for a few years and found nothing better. Even at rhe end of the season there are plenty of cobs left. flail at the end of the season and there will be plenty of food for your birds for weeks to come.
  6. A few years ago my 2 year old springer went lame. Took her to the vets......serious problems with her. All sorts of tests done to her. Lucky she was insured because the final bill was £10,000 plus!!!! Insurance paid out with no problems at all. Unfortunatly it turned out that her immune system was attacking her own body, nothing could be done for her. She had to be put down at 2 years old.......heartbreaking!!! Have I insured my latest springer??? Without a doubt......£40 per month for total peace of mind with regard to vet bills. I would advise anyone to insure their dogs, after all they work hard for you for 10 years. Look after them
  7. I have used Skinners duck and rice on my 4 year old springer for ages now. Excellent food and hard stools. Plenty of energy too as she works 3 days a week. Highly recomended
  8. Garmin Nuvi 1490T 5" Sat Nav Bundle with UK and Full Europe Maps, Bluetooth and Free Lifetime Map Updates. Route around the tailbacks with premium lifetime traffic avoidance for UK and other European countries Lane Assist with Junction View shows correct lane choice at exits/junctions with accurate road signs Bluetooth® for safer hands-free calling, dialling and answering through the sat nav speaker and microphone Preloaded street-level mapping for the UK, Ireland and all Europe (44 countries) Lifetime Map Updates mean you've always got the latest maps, POIs, street names and junctions Used but in very good condition. I have lost the suction mount for this but you can buy these dead cheap on fleabay etc. Comes in original box with with car charger, USB cable to connect to computer, disc and manual. Dead easy to use and gives good directions. £65.00 posted ALSO comes with micro sd card so plenty of storage
  9. Hi everyone, Just like to say a big "thank you" to everyone who has comented about this problem. Special thanks to Spinach for his comments and help. I now know what the problem is and how to sort it out once and for all. Thanks again everyone Richard
  10. Hi John, You are correct, nothing on her ears or nose but loads on her soft belly and inner thighs.No she is not an itchy dog at all. Never heard of "skin flora" what the hell is that? Medicated shampoo would probably help but what i really need is a way of stopping it in the first place. Keeping her away from brambles is not an option for a working dog ha. No sill coat suggestions either but any other ideas that may help would be welcome
  11. Has anyone ever come across this before?? Springer spaniel with an alergic reaction to brambles??? Whenever she comes into contact with brambles her belly and chest comes up in these horrible white pussy spots. Doesn't bother her one little bit but the wife spends an hour in the evening popping the spots. puss comes out, spots go away within a couple of hours, no problems. Great little springer, hunts like a demon but a pity about the reaction to the brambles. At the moment she works mainly picking up on partridge days but also does a couple of days a week on pheasants. Anyone have ANY ideas on how to de sensitise her to brambles.........my vet hasn't a clue, she has never come across this before and i have never seen it. Any help much appreciated
  12. Not really too long to wait. Keep me in mind when you have bred her. Thanks
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