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  1. jcbbracken

    pigeon floaters

    just bought some good quality pigeon floaters from durhamdecoys very well made with screw lock not like the twist lock ones which are useless bought two off ebay £25 for 2 inc postage
  2. jcbbracken

    Pick up Insurance

  3. jcbbracken


    just been planted here
  4. jcbbracken

    Help anyone, Magnet motor total failure

    bought a few motors of ebay but not man enough unless you just use hypa flaps on them just orderd a 60w one from china waiting for it to come
  5. jcbbracken


  6. jcbbracken

    shell decoys

    bought 12 hand painted off ebay £45 look very very good and they dont shine like the enforcers
  7. jcbbracken


  8. jcbbracken

    dogs eating habits in summer

    his back to normal now thanks
  9. my five year old lab keeps missing meals in the summer even after a hard days retrieving sometimes wont eat for a whole day drinks plenty of water as normal people say this is quite normal any bodys dog do the same
  10. now i cant get hodgdon 414 for 100 grain bullet reload what are people now using
  11. keep it simple dont bother with remote
  12. jcbbracken

    Flapper info ? Recommend one ?

    buy cheap buy twice
  13. jcbbracken

    Flapper decoy?

    you can fit a hypa flapper to a ff5
  14. jcbbracken

    lithium battery

    have you tried putting your ff5 on a magnet arm with your new battery nice and light
  15. jcbbracken

    lithium battery

    i bought a buffalo river 12v 4a lithium battery pack comes with car charger and mains charger great for chargeing in car on the way to shoot which i run my ff5 will run for a couple of days they are £28 on ebay item number 332061566661