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  1. had a micro random timer on my flapper did not last very long anybody no of a good random timer thats going to last
  2. hi meet my new lab chester 13 months old part trained bit hypo at the mo loves the ball
  3. think i shall leave this dog thanks for your advice
  4. seen a 3 year old part trained lab for sale but it is hard mouthed can this be fixed
  5. try fa andersons ther in east grinstead
  6. jcbbracken

    black lab

    thanks there seems to be a shortage of gundogs for sale did speak to andy brown at cotswold gundogs might be able to sought me out next year
  7. jcbbracken

    black lab

    looking for a small black lab part trained 1-2 year old does not have to be a field trail champion just for pigeon shooting in east sussex area thanks
  8. no acorns this year might push them onto the rape early this year
  9. duplex reticle the scope is a elite 3000 pick up only sorry
  10. bausch and lomb 3-9x50 scope £100 pickup from bexhill-on-sea east sussex
  11. meopta 6x42 4a reticle brand new never been used £175 pickup from bexhill-on-sea east sussex
  12. do springadors make good pigeon shooting hide dogs have allways had labs thinking of a change what do you say
  13. had to put ozzy to sleep last week he had bad arthritis in his front shoulder could not bear the weight of his body any longer kept falling over it has been a painfull year with two ops all for nothing im gutted at least he is in no more pain
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