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  1. just to let you no ozzy is doing very well can walk up and down stairs can go for for a 20 minute walk no probs can jump on his bed not let him play ball just yet better let get a bit stronger on his other legs
  2. if you still have them by then i will have them
  3. if you can drop them off in bexhill on sea i will have them
  4. just come back from vets had his stitches out today he has been given the all clear so now he can play again but take it slow he just jumped into the front seat of my hilux he can now walk up and down stairs he also sits on his bum and gives me his front paw now
  5. took him to vets thursday to check his stitches were ok everthing is ok stitches will come out on the 30th then a week after he can play as normal he is doing very well he walks ok cockinghis leg needs a bit of practice he can walk down stairs ok but up stairs not so good but i am sure he will get the hang of it he can also jump up on my bed without any problems thanks for asking
  6. cant believe how well he is doing in a short while
  7. just got back from vets ozzy pleased to see me tail wagging walking quite well spoke to vet the reason the screws broke was becuse the bone did not heal he has something to do with intracondylar fissure hes bones will not heal so waisted the last 4 months with the surgery if i had it all done again it would have been the same outcum so the amputasion was the right and only option
  8. hi thanks for all your replys he is going in for op monday to have the leg taken off as you can see from picture of my dog he is a nice lean fit small dog which i am sure he can handle life on three legs he is not used for game shooting just pigeon shooting im not into shooting big bags so i am sure he will cope and have fun doing it
  9. pdsa will not help they have to many dogs to deal with now due to corvid people out of work
  10. was not insured also out of work due to corvid live in a flat been taking up and lifting him up and down stairs for the last four months now on pain killers for back ache this way he will get rid of arthritis and be able to play again in a couple of weeks
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