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  1. meopta 6x42 number 4 reticle brand new £200 bausch & lomb elite 3000 3-9x50 dimplex reticle £100 pickup from bexhill-on sea east sussex
  2. lee safety scales lee precision pocket cleaner lee case trimmer lee case length gauge lee case conditioning combo lee shell holders 243 collet dies lee perfect powder measure lee single stage press lee primer ram tim hannam case cleaner £100 pickup from bexhill-on-sea east sussex
  3. compete lee reload kit for 243 all you need to reload 243 plus collet die set for 243 £100 pickup from bexhill on sea east sussex only
  4. hi starting to see pigeons about trouble is all game dealers in my area are closed anyone no of anybody taken pigeon at the mo in the bexhill on sea and winchelsea area i am not one for shooting and throwing in the hedge type of person can any one help thanks
  5. trigger is hard on 511 and you cant do anything about it but you can buy a trigger kit for a ruger 10.22
  6. i put a plastick washer just pass the point so the wing does not slide down so much
  7. apart from they spin round in the ground being the rods are round
  8. its started got the first phone call pigeons on the the rape so i had a look flock of about 300 on the rape going to be a nightmare getting any where no borders and very wet and muddy lets hope we get some heavy frost to stiffen ground up bexhill-on-sea east sussex
  9. jcbbracken

    WANTED .243

    got a cheap cz 601 in 243 with a lisenfeld 6x12-56 30mm scope no mod £250 pick up from bexhill on sea east sussex also complete lee reloading kit for 243 £100
  10. you cant download kodi app on a roku get a gen 2 fire stick you can hardwire to internet with it you can download youtube on kodi app
  11. complete 243 lee reloading set up with lee 243 collet dies pick up from bexhill-on-sea east sussex £125 lee scales lee single stage press lee powder measure case length gauge and shell holder lee 243 collet dies this is the same as the lee 50th aniversary kit plus all the dies needed
  12. just bought some good quality pigeon floaters from durhamdecoys very well made with screw lock not like the twist lock ones which are useless bought two off ebay £25 for 2 inc postage
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