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  1. One under the bird table this afternoon Total: 54
  2. Love baking bread. You can’t beat a crust cut from a freshly baked loaf, smothered in best butter. 😋🍞 Currently using Marriages Strong White flour with Saf Levure Active Dried Yeast.
  3. Try, richg on PW. He supplies Remmy spares.
  4. The Hammond Drawbar is still an iconic sound that many have tried to replicate. The biggest contributor to that sound is the Leslie Speaker. It’s a speaker unit with a rotating baffle that revolves at two speeds. If you watch the video closely, you will see him throw a switch just in front of the lower keyboard, this is followed by a change in speed of the reverb. These organs in good condition, can go for thousands of pounds and the same goes for the Leslie speakers.
  5. moondoggy


    Does she like ‘three in a bed’? Sorry, couldn’t resist. 😂
  6. Great to see youngsters are still taking up these old highly skilled jobs
  7. Looking at the bottle tops in the last picture, it looks like you have given it a thorough testing! What a great item.
  8. Wow, now that is a skilled job. Must be a very big extension. 😂
  9. A classic organ (Hammond Drawbar), with a classic tune, superbly played. Enjoy.
  10. Me too, especially tools. They make some very good tools that are very hard to source on sale in the UK
  11. One this morning under the bird table 13 Unlucky for some, especially the squirrel
  12. Any of you guys remember Tony Myers from Hull? I used to live next door but one to his father. The lounge of his house was the workshop for his bikes. Also, I used to work with his brother Roger Myers, an aircraft designer at British Aerospace.
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