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  1. Is it the manual or auto version?
  2. I had lessons at the age of fourteen. I was, in those days, very slightly built and I was started by my instructor on a twenty bore side by side and I was absolutely fine. In fact, I received my shotgun certificate on my fifteenth birthday and immediately got an AYA Yeoman twelve bore and I was absolutely fine with that. They were also heavier loads in those days (early seventies). So, I think you have to make a judgement based on his build, strength and type of gun.
  3. You have inspired me, so at the weekend, I bought a rotisserie for the BBQ and bought a pork loin joint from the local butchers. Stuffed garlic in to slits and tied on some sprigs of rosemary, scored, oiled and salted the skin. Here is the result - it was delicious.
  4. Just looking at the photo I’d have said they were Pigeon Controller’s puppies. Lovely looking litter.
  5. Let me have your address and I will come and drive into your van! 😋
  6. I use a mobile phone app called Tally Counter, it’s free.
  7. You’re not called Nigel Farage are you?
  8. moondoggy


    Never seen a hedgehog walking a dog. Didn’t even know they kept dogs! 😂
  9. Since I lost my dog two months ago, I can’t bring myself to go out after pigeons, it just would not be the same without him by my side. However, I will always be interested in shooting and love to follow what other people are up to. I still have a passion for shooting squirrels and rats with the air riffles though. Time is a great healer, so I will see how I feel in a few more months.
  10. Primus 2000 is a Nimbus 2000 with a gas conversion 😋
  11. Your left hand is massive!
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