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  1. I'm from Yorkshire myself
  2. Isn’t that normal in Yorkshire?
  3. My lab went right off the Earls, just after I had bought a full bag. I tried him on Harrington’s and he absolutely loves it.
  4. moondoggy


    Are you kidding? 😂
  5. Which end? And which group of people?
  6. I knew a woman who’d had both her little toes removed (can’t remember the reason why). She suffered no ill effects.
  7. Are you bragging?
  8. Got one little blighter this morning. Shot at it on the nuts and missed. It ran up a nearby tree and, stupidly, stopped on a branch. Nailed it. Total 550
  9. moondoggy

    Kids ey !

    I use the wife's best mixer. Not only the paint that gets stirred up.
  10. moondoggy

    Kids ey !

    Looking at the broken stick in the background, someone’s probably had a beating too!
  11. Wad Punch 28mm Diameter £6 posted, payment via PayPal or bank transfer
  12. Britool 11/16W X 3/4W Flare/Swage Spanner. It is in very good condition. £6 posted payment via PayPal or bank transfer
  13. Leather 28 gauge closed loop cartridge belt Holds 25 cartridges which are a nice firm fit Quality item in good strong leather, the inside is also lined with smooth leather Buckle to holes measure 36" to 49" over 11 holes However, I am about 34" waist and if I put it on over just a shirt, I have 3 holes to spare to make it tighter Please note, the 28 gauge cartridge is for illustration only and is not included Can be collected from near Louth in Lincolnshire, if desired £30 posted, payment via PayPal, bank transfer or cash if collecting
  14. I usually find pulsing is caused by air locks in the hose. I always flush water through first without the pump running, often takes quite a while depending on the length of hose attached to the pressure washer
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