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  1. moondoggy

    opt out organ donation

    Surely, that means all children and young adults would be denied treatments? Hardly seems fair.
  2. moondoggy

    Spider / Bluebottle

    I caught a 6" zip!
  3. moondoggy

    Preserving wings

    Never did me any harm. woof woof, meow, moo, cockadoodle doo!
  4. moondoggy

    Preserving wings

    Inject them with formaldehyde
  5. moondoggy

    Axe heads

    I am interested, do you have a link?
  6. moondoggy


    Poor girl wouldn't know which way to turn!
  7. moondoggy

    AGA Barrel Lifter

    Now Sold
  8. moondoggy

    Dashboard lights

    Read this first, it helped me solve a fault on a trailer board. https://www.ebay.co.uk/gds/Trailer-plug-guide-and-wiring-diagrams-/10000000002022212/g.html
  9. moondoggy

    Upskirting bill

    Will this law see the film Basic Intsinct banned?
  10. moondoggy

    AGA Barrel Lifter

    Now £100 inc p&p
  11. moondoggy

    Plum Tree

    Cut it down and give the logs to me to turn in to spoons! 👍
  12. moondoggy

    Ditchman's health problem

    Must have been really bad if it burnt the camera!
  13. moondoggy

    Fancy a drool over a new motor

    Perhaps you should change your name from Team Tractor to Zebedee!
  14. moondoggy

    Fancy a drool over a new motor

    Down hill with a back wind helps. Bet that hurt. Not much padding in a Series.
  15. moondoggy

    Fancy a drool over a new motor

    If you want driving fun, get behind the wheel of a Series 2 Landrover and try to drive it in a straight line at 50 mph!