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  1. A stunning picture of a stunning dog. I lost my dog at the same time as you lost yours. I still talk to him.
  2. moondoggy

    Gary Rhodes

    Gary died of a subdural hematoma following a collapse at home after dinner. R.I.P. Chef
  3. You Yorkshire men are so tough, leather sheaths. How’s the sensitivity?
  4. Yes, it can be recast. The top lever operates the correct way for a right handed gun.
  5. moondoggy

    Gary Rhodes

    The Evening Standard mentions a fall in his restaurant kitchen. A very sad loss, used to love his programmes.
  6. Great report, keep them coming please. What do you use the driftwood for?
  7. Great news about your boy wanting to be outdoors, my son was just like that. To enhance your bushcraft experience, treat yourselves to a Kelly Kettle, children love them. If you have a knife and axe, then you could get away with just one spoon knife (also called Crook Knife). If you can only afford one, get one to suit your dominant hand. I personally would avoid the Mora double sided ones. Just make sure your tools are razor sharp. You need to be able to shave your arm with them, and that includes your axe. Go out together and have fun. These are precious times, nurture them.
  8. To make spoons from logs you need: An axe. For cheapness and quality look at Robin Wood’s carving axe. A knife. Look at the Mora 120 or 106. Spoon knives (both left and right handed). Look at Ray Iles spoon knives. Good quality at a good price. Also, arm yourself with a folding pruning saw. You can get all this from Woodland Craft Supplies in Peterborough or Ray Iles at The Old Tool Store near Horncastle If you really want gouges, look at Ashley Iles (Ray Iles’ brother). They are based in Spilsby. However, though gouges can be used for spoons, you only need the items listed above. I don’t know if you have seen any of his stuff, but if you need guidance and inspiration, then look on YouTube for Barn The Spoon. He also has an excellent book called Spön. The wood should be as green as possible, ie. cut straight from the tree. Silver Birch is an excellent wood for spoons. If you need any more help, just let me know. Warning, spoon carving is very addictive. Cheers, Paul Here’s one I did earlier
  9. Not a chance. Tight as duck’s botties round here!
  10. You can get beeswax from Thornes Beekeeping based in Rand, just outside of Wragby, near Lincoln.
  11. I have been looking at slightly newer models of late as we are looking at buying a 2000kg twin axle caravan and, according to the Caravan Club Outfit Matching Service, they are the only car, other than Discovery’s and Range Rovers that will pull something of that size whilst maintaining the 85% rule. Other vehicles will pull, but don’t have the kerb weight to avoid the ‘tail wagging dog’ effect that these large vans can cause. As such, I have heard nothing but good things about them. Older models can be thirsty. I know they are a bit harder to find as they are not that common, but I like that. I believe that they are very capable off road. That being said, I have only been looking on the internet, so I have not actually sat in one or driven one yet.
  12. From what I have read, they are only effective in well sealed, very well insulated houses. Thus, they are no good in old, draughty properties. I believe they run at much lower temperatures than conventional heating systems and work by being run over much longer periods and utilising the much larger heating area of under floor systems. We have been doing this kind of research as we are looking at moving from our old cottage to a brand new house and four of the five houses we have so far considered, have air source heat pumps. Of the other two, one was oil fired and the other LPG.
  13. It was your shooting that caused it all! Congratulations
  14. Like this? https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Reloop-Club-Series-CD-Case-100-Holds-Approx-100-CDs/art-DJE0002884-000?campaign=GShopping/UK&ProgramUUID=HADAqJarPzAAAAFlea9yjI.G&gclid=EAIaIQobChMInuG47erp5QIVwxUYCh1cfAruEAQYAyABEgJIe_D_BwE
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