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  1. Divorce looking likely

    This may help you to understand them a little bit!
  2. "avin a laugh"

    My local Volvo garage (Volvo approved, not a main dealer) wanted two hours at £150 per hour just to diagnose a slight central locking problem. Don't know how much it would have been to fix the problem.
  3. Paypal

    Does a PayPal business account carry any extra charges? Banks sting you right, left and centre for a business account.
  4. One more bullet pen

    Sold to Scobydog pending the usual. Many thanks.
  5. Handmade Mach 3 Razor Handle

    Razor handle in black, gold and silver acrylic, polished to a high gloss. Takes Mach 3 razor heads (not supplied). Two available, shown in different coloured blades (for illustration only). £23.50p each including P&P. Thanks for looking.
  6. One for the golfers

    A pen for the golfers out there. These pens are a fairly compact size (138mm approximately), suitable for slipping into you pocket to mark your cards. They take a Parker style refill (supplied), which is extended and retracted by twisting the little golf ball on the end. The tip is embossed with a golfing theme. Comes in a velvet pouch. Two available one in amber and black colours and gold plated fittings, the other blue with chrome fittings. £26.00 inc P&P, payment via PayPal
  7. One more bullet pen

    Hi guys, I have one last bullet pen left (for the time being) in dark walnut. Comes in a velvet pouch and takes Parker style refills (one supplied). First come, first served, £27.50p inc P&P. Cheers, Paul.
  8. Can't decide whether to buy a fountain pen or a Rollerball, but only want to buy one pen? Here is the answer, the Alpha Dual. Just unscrew the tip and replace with whichever type you require, this pen is supplied with both types of tip. Dressed in Amboyna Burr, exotic and expensive that is among the most sought after woods. Finished in a CA finish and supplied in a velvet pouch. The Rollerball refill is a Beaufort Inks refill. These are high quality inks and refills. £60 including Royal Mail Special Delivery
  9. One for the ladies

    Here is a nice pen for the ladies, or men. Nice size to fit in the handbag or manbag. An Epsilon dressed in Birch Burr, with a twist action and takes Parker style refills. Comes in a velvet pouch. £27.50p inc P&P, First come first served.
  10. Are your initials F.C.H?

    Sold to Roundtower, many thanks.
  11. Are your initials F.C.H?

    Are your initials F.C.H? If so, this could be for you. A metal stamp with the Initials F.C.H. The stamp is quite old, not sure how old. The letters are 6mm x 22mm approximately. £10 including P&P
  12. Watch out for armed bears

    The right to bear arms, I suppose!
  13. Black Friday Bullet Pen

    Hi, I have a one off Black Friday Camo Bullet Pen for sale at £25.00p including P&P. First come, first served. Cheers, Paul
  14. Today is : international men's day

    Your **** is international? Tell us more!