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  1. Today is : international men's day

    Your **** is international? Tell us more!
  2. Bah humbug....

    Are you going to post your address then so we can all pop in?
  3. Christmas Pen

    Sold and posted. Many thanks.
  4. Christmas Pen

    Sold to Crazycooker pending the usual
  5. Christmas Pen

    A one off Christmas Pen This is an Omega Red Acrylic fountain pen. Comes with a blue ink cartridge and an ink converter, so you chose, cartridge or bottled ink. Supplied in a red velvet drawstring pouch. £40 including p&p
  6. The Return of the Bullet Pens

    After a break due to family circumstances, I am starting to produce my pens again. As they were popular with the Pigeon Watch masses, I am beginning with bullet shaped, Bolt Action Pens. These are longer than the previous bullet pens as they now take Parker style refills. As such, they are slightly heavier. They are gold plated with a copper coloured tip and are supplied in a velvet, drawstring pouch. The pen pictured is in dark walnut and finished in a polished, high gloss CA finish and measures 134mm long. The price is £27.50p including p&p
  7. Canada Geese Picture

    For Sale Black and white picture of two Canada Geese Framed by myself using professional framing equipment Mounted in a black and white double mount within a black gloss ribbed moulding and corded ready to wall mount. The frame is approximately 12.75" tall by 11.00" wide £20 plus £5 P&P Can be collected from near Louth in Lincolnshire
  8. Man Cave Accessory Part 2

    Reduced to £20 plus £5 P&P Can be collected from near Louth in Lincolnshire
  9. Man cave accessory

    Reduced to £15 plus £5 P&P Can be collected from near Louth in Lincolnshire
  10. Favourite Country Songs

    Blanket on the ground Build a hide on it Shoot some pigeons ps. The last two aren't songs, just what you do after the first song if you didn't have any Johny Cash!
  11. Pellet pens

    Someone in Wales is selling them on eBay
  12. Dubbin to waterproof cartridges

    Japanese Camellia Oil is used to protect samurai swords and carving tools etc. Might be worth a try.
  13. Imminent Forum Software Update

    Are we to be offered counselling?
  14. Glorious Yorkshire

    +1 for Bolton Abbey. Went to the Devonshire Arms this summer to watch stepson play cricket and meet his new, Spanish, girlfriend. It was a glorious weekend. Could quite happily live in that part of the world.
  15. Man Cave Accessory Part 2

    Framed 'Garry Dog size 6 and Munro Killer size 6 salmon flies. Ideal for decorating your man cave (or house, if the missus will allow). These were framed by myself a few years ago using professional framing equipment (Morso guillotine, Keencut mount cutter, Pistorius underpinner, etc.). The overall size is approximately 10.25" x 6.5" Featuring a double mount and a green moulding with double gold lines £30 plus £5 P&P Can be collected from near Louth in Lincolnshire. Alternatively, I will be in the Spalding area on Thursday/Friday this week.