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  1. I have the same problem and have just come across this: - https://www.kingfisheruk.com/interior-brick-and-dust-sealer-matt-finish-item-26bds5#26bds5 Not tried it yet, but it has excellent write ups. Also, importantly for me, it claims it is breathable. Another point is that it seals the brickwork against staining. This is also very important to us as a couple of our exposed walls are in our kitchen. We have exposed some Georgian walls, raked out the old cement mortar back down to the original lime mortar and repointed using lime mortar. Being mostly Georgian brick,
  2. Arsing people, is that a Norfolk thing? Is it legal? How do you do it politely? 😂 Sorry, couldn’t resist
  3. But does your terrier wear stilettos?
  4. Female urine kills the grass though.
  5. A party of large girls wearing stilettos, job done 👍
  6. One this morning on the bird table Total 748
  7. Does pooping all over my beehives count as justification? Surely not good for hygiene reasons?
  8. No it’s not, he didn’t buy mine 😢
  9. You could open a chain of restaurants, I’m sure it would go down well on the high streets. 🐿
  10. If she does the other side the same, you will have a Brazilian! 🤣
  11. I have mine with Cointreau and sugar, delicious. 👌
  12. I dumped them recently. Went with Octopus, brilliant, within two months my payment dropped by £50 per month. Never had a reduction all the time I was with EON. Also, the majority of bills from EON were estimated. With Octupus they ask me to submit readings every month and within hours, I receive and email with an accurate bill. Switch, you won’t regret it.
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