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  1. I’m 60, am I too old? I make fantastic coffee!
  2. One last Wednesday that I forgot to mention 1505
  3. Long commute for me then 😂
  4. Hope your season continues in the same vein. Love the woodwork on your gun.
  5. Love it. That is the kind of wine you want coming from the back of your vehicle!
  6. I’ve got an old Remy 1100 if you’re ever near Louth in Lincs
  7. I have the charcoal type. Not used it for donkey’s years, but I remember it chucked out a good amount of heat. It occasionally went out, but easily relit.
  8. Amazon do several under £15
  9. My SGC is up for renewal in February next year. Just got the letter from the police stating “No letter, no license”. I believe it was our police force who started this questionable practice. Anyhow, just called my surgery who have made an appointment for me to go in this Saturday to get the report and pay them a nice big fat £54. I am going to make sure I get a receipt so that I can claim it back in the future when someone decides that this is an immoral practice and any payments should be refunded, PPI style. I won’t hold my breath on that one though.
  10. Are you still wanting this badge?
  11. Bet Boris would fire it without a backstop!
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