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  1. Victor Meldrew’s slipper?
  2. Found it very easy and smooth. A vast improvement on five years ago when I had to ring them up to make them get their finger out.
  3. Tried local shops, farm shops, supermarkets etc. Been searching the internet for days. There have been tins of Allison’s that normally retail at around £1 with 15 bids and up at £34 with £4 delivery and two days still to go. There are some very rich, desperate people out there.
  4. I thought loo rolls were bad, but has anyone tried buying dried active or fast action yeast? I can’t find any anywhere. Strong white flour is almost as bad. It seems everyone in the world has taken up bread making.
  5. Look like a Mayfly to me
  6. Mag mount on a steel plate or old biscuit tin
  7. He is still involved, he has handed a 60% controlling share over to his staff. He also gave each employee (not execs) £1000 per year of service out of his own profit from the move. He May not share our views on our sport, but he treats his employees well and that counts for something in my book.
  8. Silence of the Lambs. The pit scene
  9. It was 14 in our area. We used to have someone who used to say ‘14 for Van Gogh, have you got your ear on?’ Come on good buddy, do you copy? 10-4 10-10 till we do it again Maybe he’s caught van aerial disease!
  10. Have a look at: - The Sausage Book by Paul Peacock
  11. Well I will NEVER buy another Sony tv. I will always look for another option on other electronic equipment before considering Sony. I know from the Sony Community Forum that there are many other people that now feel the same way. Their loss. As for Julian Richer, he is entitled to his opinion on our sport and my stopping using his shop won’t change his mind, but, he runs an excellent business and gives superb service, so, I will always use his shops where I can.
  12. Better than Sony. Our 43” Sony did an automatic software update, which caused it to go into a constant start up loop. Sony said it needed a new main board, about £200. As it was out of warranty, it was to be at the owner’s cost. My logic was, their software update that caused the failure, so their responsibility. Lots of people with the same or similar model have had the exact same problem with no help from Sony (unless it was still in warranty). They really know how to treat their customers. I threw the two year old tv out and bought another make. By the way, the Sony was from Currys and had the standard one year warranty. The Phillips that replaced it came from Richer Sounds and came with a six year warranty.
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