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  1. moondoggy

    Dash cam's

    Which model Nextbase do you have/recommend?
  2. moondoggy

    Side by Side Club

    With that sales pitch, I will not be rushing down south to buy one from him.
  3. moondoggy

    Puds when you were a kid. What was your favourite ?

    A proper steamed Spotted D1ck with custard.
  4. moondoggy

    Barbour Hat (as new)

    How about a balaclava? 😂
  5. moondoggy

    Brexit? This is much more important.

    Use warm water from the tap, not the kettle. Keep repeating the process until all the crystals disappear. Store your honey where it is warm. Honey will crystallise quicker when it is cold. It is very important not to overheat your honey. Too much heat will ruin the honey and it will only be suitable for baking.
  6. moondoggy

    Brexit? This is much more important.

    A few seconds in the microwave does it for me. Depends on the source of the nectar the bees collected. Rape is the worst for crystallising. So much so, that you have to do a snatch and run from the hive to the extractor before it crystallises and makes it impossible to remove. Rape honey is the Bain of beekeepers lives.
  7. moondoggy

    Cert has landed!

    Reminds me of my 15th birthday when mine came through. Only a small piece of card, about the size of a postcard, in those days. Oh how things have changed.
  8. moondoggy

    Post marsh visit posers

    Three very handsome labs and wonderful companions.
  9. moondoggy

    Hello from Lincolnshire

    Hello, great to see another Yellow Belly on here.
  10. moondoggy

    You couldn’t make this up

    In the olden days, they used tu plug iron into the light fitting. You could even buy BC two-way adaptors in nice brown Bakelite. At least you could iron in the centre of the room without the risk of tripping over those dangerous trip hazard extension leads.
  11. moondoggy

    Christmas & Christmas Dinner!!

    Don’t think I would get one of those in my oven.
  12. moondoggy

    Christmas & Christmas Dinner!!

    The advantage of ordering from a butcher is that you decide what goes in to it.
  13. moondoggy

    Christmas & Christmas Dinner!!

    Sounds like a blast, literally! 😂
  14. moondoggy

    Christmas & Christmas Dinner!!

    For no waste and great for those who can’t decide, how about a bird within a bird within a bird. I used to get one from our local butcher. I think I used to get turkey, duck and pigeon or pheasant. They are all boned out, so little or no waste. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall made it famous with his huge 10 or 12 bird roast. I think he started with a turkey and finished with a woodcock. They are delicious and always well received by guests (unless they are veggie or vegan).
  15. moondoggy

    Name that ****

    Afraid you’ll get the Skoda eh?😂