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  1. Well I had no trouble understanding you. Great video and that’s a super little dog you’ve got there.
  2. I would be very concerned if you were starting them any younger. Carry on boss. 👍
  3. You’re children work for you? Isn’t that slave labour?🤣 Is the hug in lieu of pay?
  4. moondoggy

    nice night

    Got any spare rooms?
  5. I don’t think it’s an app, I think that is what is happening to a lot of the youth of today
  6. They do smaller ones for less than £300. It’s like saying is a Purdey worth the money when a Baikal will do the same job. These are good quality BBQ’s, so if you can afford it, then I say ‘fill your boots’, if not, get a cheapo one from Aldi. I know which I would sooner have. But then I am a DIY’er who buys professional tools. I much prefer to have quality things, regardless of cost (within reason and my budget, of course). The other way of looking at it is, if you are prepared to spend that kind of money, then make the effort to ensure you use it. Also meant to say, at the restaurant where my son works, they use theirs in the kitchen under a large extractor. It is to give certain items of food that BBQ flavour. I use my BBQ with a gazebo if necessary. Where there’s a will........
  7. Rory Stewart must have taken many hours of Photoshop work by a highly skilled person to get to that result!
  8. Sorry, sold nearly a year ago. You can still buy them from the guy who developed it using the following link. https://robpendleton.co.uk/aga/
  9. My son swears by the Big Green Eggs. They use one in the Michelin Starred restaurant that he works in. He also has the old one that they threw out when they bought a new one.
  10. I will have a look in my shed when I am next in there
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