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  1. Cheapest I have found is Powertoolmate. I am looking at an 18 volt 12.0 AH and they are the cheapest by far.
  2. Lighter fluid, brilliant stuff to have around the house. Just used it today on exactly the same thing, removing clear stickers from some new stainless steel light fittings.
  3. Ashley Iles. Hand made in Lincolnshire. I bought a selection of four chisels and they are superbly made. There are some good videos showing them being made.
  4. Expresso???? No such drink. Back to school for you my boy.
  5. I’ll let you know when we put our cottage on the market then! 😂
  6. Spare a thought for us who live near Louth. If you live near RAF Conningsby, you have to expect it I’m afraid. I really don’t mind, they keep us safe.
  7. Worst possible place, virtually impossible to remove
  8. They will not usually harm you. Leave them alone and they will leave you alone. Swarming bees are usually placid.
  9. Bees that swarm in trees and other such exposed objects are only temporary. A colony of honey bees cannot survive outside. They will move on usually after a few hours or the following day. If for any reason they don’t move on, they will die. However, if you know of a beekeeper in your area, give them a ring and they will collect them and make good use of them. You should have a local beekeepers association who will have a list of beekeepers willing to collect them for free. These will then either be added to the beekeeper’s own apiary, or they will go to a beginner who is just starting out.
  10. Have a look on here, you should see what it should have come with. They also sell covers if you can’t find a lid. Might be worth contacting them, you never know, they might have a spare lid kicking round. https://www.castironchimineas.co.uk/home.htm#
  11. That is true. There should also be a little tool to open and close the door when it’s hot. However, you can just use a stick or similar item for that.
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