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  1. Anyone do PCB repairs?

    Did you have any luck getting your PCB repaired?
  2. Worst movie you have ever watched.

    Are you dazzled by my superb technique?
  3. Worst movie you have ever watched.

    'Brick'. Waste of 110 minutes of my life. Anyone who wants to buy the DVD, it's yours for £2 posted.
  4. First trap gun for the wife ?

    Read the title and thought this was a swap!
  5. I have just been doing some remedial brickwork on my house on a wall at the base of a flue. Found this lot inside where a back boiler had been removed some years ago. We had cowls fitted a few years ago, after I found Jackdaws nesting in one of the chimneys. I couldn't believe the amount of stuff that came out of there. The old place has enough trouble breathing without them choking it up. The people who live opposite currently have some nesting in one of their chimneys.
  6. Canaries

    You after one going cheap?
  7. Reading

    I know, I have two CD's with them on. I don't know how they got away with it.
  8. Reading

    Janet and John, book 1!
  9. Anyone do PCB repairs?

    Might be worth trying these people https://uk.electronic.partners/about-us/ They may be able to help you
  10. What weed is this?

    Leaves are edible and the seeds can be roasted and used as a coffee substitute. The plant is related to coffee.
  11. Eye domination

  12. Choices?

    Yes, Swedish elves are very rare. I did hear a whisper that IKEA were looking at supplying them.
  13. Tree identification please

    Cherry Plum, I have lots of them, all in flower. I eat them when they are yellow. The wood makes nice hand carved spoons as well.
  14. Help!!!

    Have a look at the Peter Child's pyrogaphy machine. Uses fine wire tips that you can make yourself and are very easy to use.
  15. Concrete lintel.

    I used to fit curtains for my ex wife's business so have tried many methods. Hammer drills are no good, you need an SDS+ drill and bits. There is a vast difference in performance between the two. Or, as Peck says, fit wood, but you still have the problem of drilling into lintel. The wood method is only easier if you have a lot of track brackets to fit. I.e. Is it track with lots of brackets or pole with two or three brackets? Hope this helps.