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  1. Had a couple of bits done at Weldon and the gunsmiths ok.
  2. Got a 24" benelli super nova here, new this year, used twice at clays?
  3. I've got a freelander 2 diesel it's been spot on round fields, muddy tracks etc if your using it off road get a auto.
  4. I have had a lot of pcps over the years, for my money the 100 is the best.
  5. There's someone called logunator on airgun bbs, has a good rep from the North east.
  6. Had one of the new ones with the galling supposedly fixed, it wasn't. Tried the fixes, opening up the pin on the , anti galling strip etc, messed around with a brand new rifle, still galling after 20 or so shots, it's a disgrace HW send them out, avoid.
  7. tharsus

    catapult elastic

    Have a look at Celtic catty website, all you need there, wasp slingshot is another good site too.
  8. My dad had one, looked nice but the insides are made of monkey metal, heavy too. But a better make second hand would be my advice.
  9. Don't know if they are open but have a look a chambers gunspares
  10. Did the same with a crosman 1377 for the grandson, cut the stock down and stuck on a red dot, 2 pumps and it's ok at 5 yards.
  11. The working Springer £10 Casting with lefty kreh £15 Hooked on bass £8 Stickmaking £8 2 cooking books £10 Rook & rabbit rifle £10 Prices are posted thanks
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