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  1. Used condition wading jacket, comes with hood. £25 posted
  2. I received a reply from vintage fishing tackle today saying the value was £200-240 for the pair, still no information anywhere on the rod though. Cheers
  3. Been thinking of it, but guns, dogs and family life is taking up too much time!😀 Cheers
  4. Not since I was a kid, there is a lot of fly fishing gear here since he passed away. Cheers
  5. They belonged to my Dad, I asked Hardy a while ago and they seemed to think it's a old rod and records were destroyed in a fire? Didn't chase it up but it looks modern to me, just can't find anything about it. It's 8'8" . The reel is a ultralite, don't think it's particularly rare. Cheers
  6. I have a hardy sapphire #4 8'6" rod and a jl h # 5 reel, any idea on what they are worth, can't find anything about the rod. Cheers
  7. Used to feed akela dry but it gave one of the terrier bad guts, use millies wolfheart now, good stuff.
  8. It's a composite door, needs a new cassette that's what the broken beading is called.
  9. Recently bought a 24" super nova and I love it, cracking gun.
  10. tharsus


    Have a look at proshot catapults or wasp. Things have moved on a bit from Barnett.
  11. Sold my most recent shotguns and air rifles on freeads, worked well.
  12. As above rubber mats and boot liner to fit the 2006 shape subaru, free picked up Cheers
  13. I would be looking at a Winchester select for around £600 second hand if I could not afford browning/beretta/miroku. I have owned a 525 and now have a Winchester English field, not much in it.
  14. First refusal to kernel gadaffi as he got in touch first Cheers
  15. I have a carrier bag full of fly tying materials that belonged to my dad, free to anyone that can pick it up from Tyneside.
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