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  1. Honey Monster

    Family of swans shot dead

    Aha, and I asked 1000 times for any example of this and didn't get even one. We had some discussion several months ago. BTW for you information Christmas is coming so we, Easterns have a carp poaching season, not swan.
  2. Honey Monster

    Fitting magnets in walking stick ferrule

    Yes. I did. I used neodymium disc magnet with hole in the center. 30x5mm. Check on fleabay. Easy to attach magnet by using a woodscrew.
  3. Honey Monster

    Can anyone identify this bat?

    Brown long-eared bat
  4. Honey Monster


    Nikon is ok. I have a Nikon action ex 7x35. I'll take it for next shooting.
  5. Honey Monster

    Scottish Members Clay Day 11

    6th no problem for me.
  6. Honey Monster

    Scottish Members Funday 10

    Yes. I'll be there.
  7. Honey Monster

    Scottish Members Funday 10

    Hopefully weather will ok. Any info about snow level at the range?
  8. Dear Supporters I am delighted to inform you that my solicitors, Duncan Lewis, received written confirmation from Mr Evans of Field Farm Fisheries earlier today (Monday, 2 February) that the business has changed its policy and will not discriminate against anyone. This means that that everyone is equally entitled to fish regardless of their nationality or ethnicity, and we can now stop our legal proceedings. In accordance with my earlier commitments, I am arranging to distribute the monies left over from your generous donations to angling charities and I’ll issue a further statement soon confirming the charities who will receive the donations and the amounts. Thank you all so much for your support. I am pleased that we have been able to achieve this result. Thank you once again! Rado Papiewski
  9. Honey Monster

    Shotmaker dimensions

    What did you us as a coolant?
  10. Honey Monster

    Scottish Members Funday 10

    I'm in.
  11. Honey Monster

    Shoe bullying

    A centipede?
  12. Honey Monster

    Cartridge prices too good to be true

    69.95 per 1000. Was was the minimum wage then?
  13. Yep. He was so desperate, so why not grab a shotgun and shot everyone he doesn't like? He was only defending his property, he was only desperate. And in return polish guys in shell suits should visited his home in the middle of the night instead going to court maybe?That should be ok, they were just desperate...... Yes, madness, indeed. Case is simple- one guy has placed a sign. Other guy felt offended. Now court will judge. The end. Btw using a term "racist" everywhere and for everything is not the best imo but even equality act 2010 use this all the time for some reason .