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  1. Hi Chris, I am in Tunbridge Wells and looking to find some shooting opportunities in Kent. I work both in TW and Staplehurst. I am a bit of a novice, willing to learn from experience, would appreciate being taken out if only to observe and learn how to decoy etc. Any offers welcomed - thank you in advance
  2. Would be stoked to get this opportunity.... Looking for similar offers within a couple of hours of Lewes East Sussex
  3. Would be stoked to get this opportunity. Worth a few hrs in the car for me!!!
  4. Any pigeon shooting available please msg

  5. Thanks for the update, still gutted I didn't get the opportunity it was a one off! Well done Dorin enjoy! Thanks for the private message Vince and for keeping me in mind if another opportunity arises! Have fun Joe
  6. Hi guys I'm new to shooting predominately shooting clays and rough shoots looking to find a few opportunities reasonably close to me although I do not mind travelling. If anyone knows of anything I'd love to hear from you. Joe
  7. Just a quick post to say I had a great time at Mill Farm Hankham East Sussex nr Eastbourne this morning. It was the second time I have shot there everyone is very friendly, good layout - 50 and 70 layout skeet and something else that was far too advanced for me but looked a lot of fun. Thoroughly would recommend this ground. Joe
  8. Just sent you a PM Vince - a great opportunity look forward to hearing from you. Can shoot Monday, Thursdays Saturday afternoons or Sundays. Cheers from East Sussex
  9. If you fancy some company then I'd love to tag along I am new and looking to learn and shoot some pigeon. Was hoping to find some shooters on here to teach me the ropes i don't expect to shoot on your permissions but would love to learn by being in the hide. Cheers, Joe Oh and I live in Lewes not far from Crowborough
  10. Hi everyone I am reasonably new to the forum and have enjoyed reading lots of different posts about something I really hope toget in to this year. I have been shooting clays for a couple of years and done the odd rough shoot. I would love to get in to pigeon shooting. I live in Lewes East Sussex and am willing to travel upto 2 hrs really. I was wondering if there is anyone that wouldn't mind showin me the ropes next time they are out. I don't expect to shoot on your permissions but I'd love to learn more and for me that's done best when in out there doing it! So if there is anyone willing
  11. Lewes East Sussex I would love to just get out there with somebody even if I don't shoot on the day just learn about pigeon shooting would be great!
  12. Would anyone be kind enough to invite me on my first pigeon shoot? I live in Lewes, East Sussex. I have shot clays and done some rough shooting this year I would love to get in to shooting pigeon and hope also to join Chichester wildfowlers. Thanks Joe
  13. Hi does anyone have any contacts or know of land for shooting in East Sussex preferably close to Lewes / Brighton but really don't mind travelling a bit. Thanks Joe
  14. Hi I'm Joe 29 and living in Lewes. I started shooting clays a couple of years back and come from a non shooting family. I am hoping to meet some new shooting buddies so that I can co minute and improve in the sport I love. I live in East Sussex and have enjoyed some rough shooting but would love to find some land to shoot regular pigeon days on. I also visit Wiltshire regularly and don't mind traveling to the land if ever the opportunity came up. Well that's me in short looking forward to getting know more about the forum and develop my shooting. Best wishes Joe
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