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  1. ttab

    Pigeon Decoying

    Place has now gone . More days to come
  2. 1 gun for Saturday 21/07/18 must have own gear and insurance meet for 7.30 shot until 1 ish or longer if day is good. will comfrim friday night when ive had a drive around. Dave?
  3. 1 Gun for tomorrow 18/02/2018 Decoying on Rape meet for 7 shot until 1 ish or late if day goes good. Must have insurance and own gear. Dave
  4. ttab

    Ferret finder collar cap

    Try ebay they have at £5.49 each.
  5. ttab

    Wednesday 6th.

    NIce offer Jdog Dave
  6. ttab

    Pigeon Decoying

    The place has gone will let people know if any change . More days to come. Dave
  7. 1 Gun for Sunday12/11/17 meet for about 7 shoot untill 1ish must have own gear and insurance this depends if am working htan its a no go . I will let the person know on Friday. Dave
  8. ttab

    Lots of pigeons.

    On some parts of the rape i shoot am seeing flocks 20-40 on other parts seeing no birds at all.
  9. ttab

    Pigeon Decoying

    Had a good day time i got set up was 8.30 pack up at 1.30 end up with 47 pigeons went mad for the frist 90 mins shot 21 after that slowed down after that then just 1 and 2 drop in at a steady rate. David
  10. ttab

    Pigeon Decoying

    Yes got a few on one area of rape on 300 acres but the other 600 arces not a thing.
  11. One gun for tomorrow 29/10/17 meet for about 7am shot untill 1ish later if day goes good. Must have insurance and own gear. David
  12. ttab

    Pigeon Decoying

    Pigeons have started to hit rape giving them time for the numbers to build up now. just need some time of work
  13. ttab

    Pigeon Decoying

    Talking to the farmers looks like there is about 1000 arces of rape going in