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  1. one of my framer cut hes barley of today Another said rape in 9 days.
  2. i use O'tom Tick Twister when i get them on the ferrets.
  3. One gun for Saturday 27/02/21 meet for 7 shoot until 3ish nust have own gear and insurance will let person know on Friday. Dave👍
  4. Hi not taken someone out for a bit.ive got about 1000 acres of rape this year birds just starting to hit in some areas. Going to let the numbers grow then ill start to take some people out so bear with me. Dave
  5. Hi just to let you know ive been taking peaple out for a few years from pigeon watch . The only one ploblem i had once someone did not turn up.They are all pretty good people on here. Dave
  6. ill have half a lamb if still going Dave
  7. ttab


    ATN X-Sight 4K PRO 5-20x Looking at buy one of these .Any good ?
  8. I swap the the pork and use Rabbit I made some sweet chilli rabbit one last week.
  9. Have a look at this site i get my bit from here www.tongmaster.co.uk
  10. Ive been told i have epilapsy now i have only 1 episode since last june only ever had 2.just wondering if i will keep my licence whne it comes up for renewal in September. Dave
  11. Sorry place now gone will be putting more dates up. Dave
  12. Pigeons have started to hit the rape numbers are building up.ive not got much rape this year only about 250 arces.
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