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Found 12 results

  1. Due to the usual reasons (all fairly innocuous! old age, changes of jobs etc) we have 3 vacancies this year on our small, DIY shoot twixt Beverley and Driffield in EAST Yorkshire. You'll find my adverts this time most years in the past! This is an established mixed bird (mainly pheasant, but partridge and wildfowl also) syndicate at a point where much of the work has been done. We have just started shooting on a new farm (we've moved off one farm due to a new owner, but found another bit of similar land - with significantly less mud!) and do have some setting up to do - but we have the
  2. Looking for any rough shooting/ boundary days going. Ideally to join syndicate but happy to take one off days here and there if offered in the mean time. Happy to travel, have my own pointer looking to shoot over and 4x4. Trustworthy, experienced gun up for a laugh and social. If you have any leads I'd love to hear from you. Many thanks Nicky.
  3. Bristol Twelve Bore club has limited vacancies for rough shooting. The club has farms within easy traveling of Bristol as well as a Wildfowling section of foreshore and deer shooting on a 1500 acre wood over the bridge in South Wales. Club membership may be of interest to licence holders who want to join a small group with the same sporting interests. PM me if you are interested.
  4. Hello, I am looking for shooting in the East Yorkshire area in exchange for fishing on a prime beat of the Driffield West Beck. I'm looking for preferably rough/walk up shooting and Duck flighting/wild fowling but would be more than happy with regular Pigeon shooting as well. If someone would be happy to take me a a guest or on a few trips then that would be great too . I am a young gun (18) but am very experienced and am currently training up a young springer who is coming along well and has accompanied me on a few trips. Many thanks Will
  5. A full gun has become available in a well established DIY walk one stand one shoot in Northumberland. 1000 pheasants and 150 ducks released.10 days averaging 50 head. Plenty of opportunity for walked up days on over 2,000 acres including small area with grouse. A friendly shoot showing good quality pheasants and ducks. £650 for a full gun.
  6. Hi All, I am selling all my decoy kit to a lucky winner, here is a list with prices I paid for individual items, will sell as one lot. The decoys have only been used a few times. A1 Mega Cammo Holdall with internal bin seat. 15.99 A1 Ghost Netting 25.99 A1 12 Full Flocked Pigeon 60.00 A1 6 Full Flocked Crow 30.00 A1 12 Shell Pigeon 36.00 Magnet (Dual speed) inc Batt 60.00 U-Call Crow Call + Speaker (Fox & Crow Cartridges) New 60.00 5 Hide Poles 25.00 5 Bouncers/floaters 35.00 250 28g x 6's 12g Cartriges 50.00 New Browning Quick cammo hat 15.00 Total 407.98 The magn
  7. Caveat: new to pigeon shooting so please bear in mind - no advice will be too basic My permission is a smallish cattle farm with some woods and mainly pasture. I have identified a flightline across the fields and set a hide and decoys as per the general advice (pattern, wind direction etc) but nothing. I assume that this is because of two possible reasons: 1) They would not generally feed on these fields so it would be unnatural for them to come down irrespective of the decoys. I have read that some people have had some success decoying on pasture......?? 2) The flightline seem
  8. Hi All Langstone and District Wildfowlers And Conservation Association (LADWACA) has filled most of its places for the forthcoming 2014 season, but has a handful of spaces remaining. Although primarily a wildfowling club they also have rough/woodland shooting, offering snipe & pheasant (during the season), pigeon, crow, squirrel etc all year. (Some excellent roost shooting can be had during the early months of the year too ). You can get more information about the club from the link below (which is the ladwaca website www.ladwaca.com). Langstone Wildfowlers If you have no access t
  9. Hi all, An opportunity to join a rough shoot near Chester We are a friendly, rough shoot with 2 adjacent farms on the slopes of the Dee estuary, near Chester. Access is very easy, as we are minutes away from the North Wales Expressway. We have woodlands and copses, 2 pheasant pens, crops, and duck ponds. There is pigeon/crow decoying, both weekends and weekdays (just book on)and duck flighting in season. We rear and release some pheasants from poults using the two pens, and work to improve the woodland (for shooting) . October to December we have stand and beat days for phea
  10. Hi guys I'm new to shooting predominately shooting clays and rough shoots looking to find a few opportunities reasonably close to me although I do not mind travelling. If anyone knows of anything I'd love to hear from you. Joe
  11. Just wondering could anyone suggest or recommend anywhere good to do a little rough shooting, Chester, Wirral or north wales area would be great. Any info or help would be great, many thanks, Andy.
  12. I just went out and took the dogs for a walk and as the weather wasn't looking too bad I took the shotgun. I walked the first two fields working my spaniel through the hedges and woods with nothing showing but my wifes dog seemed very keen so as we went into the next field I kept the spaniel to heal and sent out the pug to work the hedge which she did quite well but nothing showed. As she was so keen today I thought i would give her the chace to work the brambles and marsh at the end of my perm which usually holds a bunny or two, she had been working the cover for about two minutes when she st
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