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  1. I have several spaces remaining on some of my shoots - available immediately. Runs from 1st April to 31 March each year. You are supplied with personal & vehicle passes and can attend at almost any time without making bookings, shoot when you like. Good varied quarry. Please p.m me with your full name, email address and contact phone number. I will mail you back a set of rules for information & arrange to have you shown round ASAP. My bailiff will be showing perspective members round this Friday during the day & will call you for a chat. Now the light evenings are here, eve
  2. Good afternoon all. I'm looking for pest control opportunities in the Edinburgh area. I'm looking to use a shotgun to control Corvids, Pigeons and Rabbits on a regular/irregular basis based on the farmers needs. If you have a permission available please get in touch. Thank you, Rich
  3. I had noticed a large field rape that was recieving a lot of attention by our feathered friends. I called the farm manager who informed me that no shooting during lock down! I explained to him that I have been taking care of pests the whole time,I just contacted the relevant police force and raise a incident number. He was happy with this and said, crack on then boy. I arranged to have a go on Sunday with my big brother. The weather was horrible 40 mph wind and rain and after a couple of hours with 49 picked we packed up. I contacted me old keyboard warrior mate Motty, and asked if he fancied
  4. Hello all. I'm new to pigeon Watch and just trying to navigate through the site on this phone... 🤦🏼‍♂️ Here's a little about me. My name is Adam, 33, married, I have a dog, no kids, I work in the a Dementia specialist care home. I love the country, dogs, camping, shooting, motorcycles, metal detecting, photography & my truck! I have been shooting for about a year, and would really like to get into Decoying! I have had the idea of starting decoying since just after I started shooting, but finding my own permissions have been challenging, as I'm sure your all aware.
  5. Hello all. I'm hoping to be able to find someone I can go decoying with. I'll start with a short'ish intro as I'm new here. My name is Adam, 33, married, I have a dog, no kids, I work in the a Dementia specialist care home. I love the country, dogs, camping, shooting, motorcycles, metal detecting, photography & my truck! I have been shooting for about a year, and would really like to get into Decoying! I have had the idea of starting decoying since just after I started shooting, but finding my own permissions have been challenging as I'm sure your all aware. I have b
  6. Good afternoon all; I trust you are all well and staying safe during this current issue. I'm Looking for shooting permission/mentors or partners in the Edinburgh area. If no permissions are available, I completely understand as they are sought after. If you are bored of rough shooting or decoying alone, i'll be more than happy to pop out with you for the odd days shooting and conversation. If you want to make sure that i'm not a lunatic (and I understand if you do) then please check out the Instagram page I run: Gamekeeper_Wales. Please PM me
  7. Morning , I have a pinewood pigeon magnet that is about 15 years old and think the motor has come to the end of its life , has anybody on here replaced there motor in one and if so where did you get it from? Thanks in advance. James.b
  8. please advise where or if a reference book exists to help me understand pigeon grade, trap grade and grade 5
  9. *Large sack of plastic decoys, mostly full body and some half shell * 10 half shell flocked *canvas game bag *shooting stick (well used!) *pigeon shooting stick - cammo and padded *four poles and carry bag - bit battered 'bouncer' £50 the lot. Attleborough, Norfolk. Call 07854 719446
  10. Hi guys I’m new to Pigeonwatch! I have read the forum plenty of times for tips and trusted opinions on our beloved sport. It’s been big help over the years!! I need some help with my recently purchased "aa decoys Rotary". I want to change the speed setting up a notch, I know it has a higher setting but don’t know how to change it up. Has anyone got any advice on this at all if so I would greatly appreciate your knowledge! And advice. Cheers guys Rory.
  11. Hi All, myself and my son are experienced beaters (4/5 seasons) on a rough shoot, mixed cover and bramble woodland with our 7 & 3 year old Cocker Spaniels, unfortunately mid-season last year the landlord of out shoot in Kent decided he didn't want a soot there any more and closed it down mid-season! We managed to get onto the Marks Tey shoot for the last few of the season and my lad got to shoot on keeper's day (I don't shoot). Whilst we have an invite back to Marks Tey this coming season and beyond we would like something a little closer to home (Romford), ideally Brentwood area. I h
  12. Avery layout blind, waterproof backing, shoulder straps, framed back rest/face blind. Can be mudded and has loops for straw/vegitation and holds me and a spaniel with ease (two spaniels was a nightmare so don`t try that folks!). Too large/expensive to post, £65. I live in Perth but travel to Tyneside via the A1fairly regularly.
  13. Hi All, I am a new shooter based in central Bedfordshire. I have been shooting clays for just over a year and at this point am 95% self taught. I’m loving my new hobby, however being a young (20) first generation shooter is proving to have its challenges. I felt slightly too inexperienced to get myself onto a game shoot last season, however I am hoping to get myself onto a game shoot or 2 next year. Only issue with this, and this is a bit of a confession on this forum, I’ve never killed anything. The thought of it doesn’t bother me and morally I have no problem with doing it,
  14. Ex-Gamekeeper (now wildlife artist), approaching retirement years, seeks permission for rabbit control with single well controlled dog, and/or possibly pigeon shooting. Living in Cawston, Norfolk, so around North/Mid Norfolk. Well known charity artist for Wild In Art and Break, full understanding of safety, crops, game species and general trust building through respect. Phil Daniels (see ukartist.co.uk) Email: phil@ukartist.co.uk Tel: 01603 879378
  15. Hi guys just wondering where do people locate their magnets and flappers in a horseshoe pattern. If using both together and using them separately. Cheers Rory.
  16. Experienced shot, with a trained lab looking for shooting opportunities in the Lancashire area, thanks in advance
  17. I am currently looking for permissions from land owners / farmers for vermin control / crop protection. I am fully insured up to £10 million. I shoot alone and I take shooting very seriously! I use a very quiet pneumatic charged .22 air rifle with night vision capability. I am available to shoot most days / evenings. Thank you. Craig - 07496531378 c_smith1983@hotmail.com
  18. Hi there, Two of us would like to get out for a weekend's rabbit and pigeon shooting, first weekend of July, anywhere around Reading (I am based in Hook, so south would be optimal)... We'd ideally like to do a whole weekend of sport as my mate now lives abroad and this is the first trip we've had for a while. Hope you can help! Mike
  19. Just curious to see what types of manual calls you guys are using If you have ever thought about getting into the use of call's would really like to hear peoples opinions on calls in regards to the imported calls that are all factory injection moulded and the hand turn custom side.
  20. Hi there, I am looking for any sort of Pigeon Shooting equipment, Decoys, Magnets, Hide Nets, Poles, Flappers, the lot. Let me know what you have got and what you want for it! Thanks RJD121
  21. Hello I have been shooting clays and wingshooting for over 20 years, mainly in the US. Just moved back to UK and got my SC last week so I got myself a nice shotgun and I am ready to go. Looking to get into pigeon shooting and , since I don't have any contacts or permissions yet, I am willing to pay for some shooting as it becomes available over the next few months and depending on the local crops etc. I live around Fordingbridge- Ringwood and I am willing to travel perhaps up to 1 1/2 hours for a good place. I can be contacted here, but better at jmmartiherrero@hotmail.com. Cell is 0
  22. Please help was shooting today and the grub screw at the back of the trigger guard has come out, it is still in the gun but i am guessing it has to be screwed back in internally as i can't get it out. Is this a job i can do or has it got to go to a gunsmiths. I do not know as this is my first shotgun.
  23. Hello all, We are running a competition until 28th October. Send us your image through facebook tagging us in your image https://www.facebook.com/A1decoy/ or tag us in your twitter image https://twitter.com/A1_Decoy Best of luck!
  24. I am looking for pigeon shooting and permission in North Lincolnshire area, ideally Brigg/Scawby/Wrawby area but willing to travel further. I am a BASC member, fully insured, no dog, shotgun only, have all my own decoying and hide kit, will take all spent cartridges with me and make sure no damage to crops or fences. Thanks, hope to talk soon.
  25. Is anybody a member of the national pigeon and pest control. I have recently been on the nppc website this looks like a good thing. Is it? Also is there any land available in Leicestershire?
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