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  1. I have one on my cz452 22lr I’d say they are accurate there designed for subsonic ammo though. I have mine zeroed at 50m
  2. Used them a fuw times definitely recommend. I bought my air rifle mail order just before the law changed to face to face sale around 2007 and some leather lined agile wellies last Christmas they beat everyone on price for them at the time I got them
  3. My A400 has had thousands of 27g hull super fast through it no issues will even cycle hull 21g x light ones have tried a fuw through it was surprised it did
  4. I bought a pair about 4 years ago I use them around the farms they get covered in cow muck and I don’t clean them. They are still going strong I think they were only £60 when I got them. And for the money you carn’t knock them. My other pair of wellies are leather lined aigle I was bought as a Christmas present last year there really good but they were a lot more expensive.
  5. I cancelled my tv licence 2 years ago filled the declaration form in online as I don’t watch anything to do with the bbc. Just Netflix or YouTube on tv
  6. A used to own a fabarm classis was lovely gun 3 inch chambers and the manual said full choke was ok for steel. A only sold it as wasn’t using it a great deal at the time and needed the money for a new car Had beaver forend pistol grip single trigger
  7. Hi I use it for clays, crows and pigeons I don’t do any duck or goose shooting but it is 3 inch chamber and steel shot proof. I bought it new and payed extra for the gun pod2 fitted in stock it’s got a shot counter in it. It says well over 6000 shots and it’s just over 2 years old
  8. I’ve had a sx3 but my A400 xplor different league
  9. If it’s chambered for 2 1/2 is it still ok to use a 70mm pidgeon/game cartridges in them ok?
  10. Sorry to hear that ☹️ When I lost my last dog a just had to keep telling myself he had a good life some poor dogs don’t get that
  11. I’ve had him four weeks now he was 17weeks old when I got him. I lost my last dog 7 years ago to old age and never felt ready for another dog I was hart Brocken when he died and with my son been born not long after we just had too much going on. Bailey has been great settled in well he comes to work with me every day no problems it’s my first Labrador and taken well to basic whistle commands so far am really surprised how fast they pick it up he’s 21 weeks old now he likes to mouth hands he’s gradually doing it less. Introduced him at distance to guns going off never phased him
  12. Lol there isn’t any don’t know why it up loaded it that many times
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