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  1. db135

    Scottish route 500

    Thanks for all the reply’s guys loads good points 👍 and definitely no speeding “Bert” my old series 3 petrol landy he’s about done at 45mph on a good day 😂 but as said that’s the key slowly does it and enjoy the scenery and will definitely be up for eating out in pubs and cafes
  2. db135

    Scottish route 500

    I’m 44 years young 😂
  3. db135

    Scottish route 500

    Am not much of a cook so will definitely be eating out a lot 😂👍
  4. Any you ladies and gents done the Scottish route 500? I really have a itch to do it. Was thinking doing it in my series 3 and camp or B&B on a evening. Won’t be this year now. I see there is a few guide books you can buy anybody recommend one?
  5. When I had my interview for a grant for .22lr My fao advise me to put down 600 on form as the main use of it was vermin control I’ve been fine with that As I like to pop into my local gun shop at least every month anyway
  6. A friend of mine had a cz 455 traded it in for a browning t-bolt seemed to think he was up grading😬 well two months down the line he traded the t-bolt back in for a new cz455 and said he was rectifying a big mistake he had made . I’m sticking with my cz.
  7. I tried them all and with working in a ford dealers seen lots of rangers and there problems. Two friends work in a Mitsubishi garage tried the L200 say they see very little trouble. So bought a 2017 barbarian that was ten months old with 5200 mile on now got 30k a change the oil and filter my self in between the 12500 mile services I’ve always done that with any car I’ve owned and always serviced me well. A like to think of it as preventative maintenance. The pickup been great my dad lends it quite abit to tow a mini digger he loves it
  8. Nice group with the .22lr. What ammo where you using there
  9. A remember years ago on a ford course when keyless first came out and remember saying to the trainer won’t be long before they can clone the signal or copy it and steal that car in minutes he said a was being Ridiculous. Really didn’t take them long
  10. Vw Passat alltrack 2.0tdi with dsg gearbox
  11. If it’s a ford the dealer will have a master set to remove them. I work in a ford dealers and we have boxes of different ones to match all the ones fitted to all the model ranges locking wheel nuts vein of my life wish they were banned
  12. On this film he had a series Land Rover
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