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  1. Rear wiper and washer not parts test if there is anything wrong with its pass and advise been testing since 1999
  2. With old tractors drain oil fill with new and a pint red diesel run for ten mins then drain and replace filter
  3. I’ve been a mot tester since 1999 and that’s pass and advise
  4. As long as they have the test kit 👍 there easy to get hold off I’ve even seen them on eBay https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/euro-car-parts-combustion-leak-detector-set-542770800?type=shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjw2NyFBhDoARIsAMtHtZ4mJWzazSUBjESVD_UfLdLqdFdAZxWCCIGX5IqnQwlQRKrDUOS3PlYaAmk7EALw_wcB That’s them euro sell them also
  5. To rule head gasket out really best bet is do a chemical test we call them a “sniff test” the chemical in the tester is blue and if any combustion gases are found in the radiator it goes yellow. Maybe a possible intermittent thermostat fault if it passes a sniff test
  6. If there’s no external coolant leaks I’ve seen fuw egr coolers crack internally and look like a head gasket faults on rangers. Easy to start with as you can disconnect the two coolant pipes that go to it and join them together as a temporary thing to see if that fault is gone.
  7. I’ve seen that a couple of times on older Audi A3’s. ive just fitted a complete second hand A/C pump inc clutch to keep the cost down for the customer. One thing to watch for that the old pump hasn’t shed loads of metal filings into the system as that can cause problems for the replacement pump
  8. A couple year back I got given some 65mm cartridges for a gent who was retiring from shooting must been over a thousand in the bag. I used every one through my A400 xplor never had one jam
  9. I’ve got 265/70/17 on mine that’s the biggest tyre you can put on them on standard off set wheels and without spacers
  10. For 5 big tubes of dinitrol and 5 litres wax oil cost me under £80 took me most of the day to apply it I wasn’t rushing. I did it on a dry day and the pickup was clean underneath. I did have access to a compressor and already had the spray guns for both as I’ve always done my cars as it really makes a difference in them lasting longer. Never had to replace any corroded brake pipes or chassis welding over the years for most
  11. I used dinitrol on my l200 was nearly new when I got it so no corrosion to worry about it’s water based so easy to clean any over spray off. Once dried it’s like a flexible rubber coating. Filled all the box section and chassis with good old wax oil thinned out with white spirt
  12. When I had a sx3 I pattern plated it and it was shooting very flat a did my Miroku trap gun at same time it was shooting hi from point Aim
  13. db135


    A think Dacia’s are just made up of the parts that failed the lax Q.C checks on the Renault line 😂
  14. db135

    Is it possible

    A do remember she couldn’t hit a cows **** with a shovel when it came to shooting them rabbits 😂
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