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  1. If it’s chambered for 2 1/2 is it still ok to use a 70mm pidgeon/game cartridges in them ok?
  2. Sorry to hear that ☹️ When I lost my last dog a just had to keep telling myself he had a good life some poor dogs don’t get that
  3. I’ve had him four weeks now he was 17weeks old when I got him. I lost my last dog 7 years ago to old age and never felt ready for another dog I was hart Brocken when he died and with my son been born not long after we just had too much going on. Bailey has been great settled in well he comes to work with me every day no problems it’s my first Labrador and taken well to basic whistle commands so far am really surprised how fast they pick it up he’s 21 weeks old now he likes to mouth hands he’s gradually doing it less. Introduced him at distance to guns going off never phased him
  4. Lol there isn’t any don’t know why it up loaded it that many times
  5. It’s in garage making start with a new galvanised chassis now
  6. I had a escort for 3 years had to go back under warranty once something broke. Had the fuw jams now and again but as said for just over £300 with a 3 year warranty do the job. Once warranty ran out a chopped it in for a beretta A400 xplor got £150 back for the escort. Took the ten year beretta warranty out on the A400 More than likely when it’s warranty out will get traded in for a new one
  7. Got some leather lined Aigle wellies last Christmas best I’ve ever owned and most comfortable
  8. I used to work at a garage who were a great wall dealer. They must be made of recycled bean tins as the only car I’ve ever seen in 30 years in motor trade to be rusty before plates go on . Had loads come back with corrosion issues on body work. Head gaskets been replaced we’re common thing. If I was after a cheap pickup around 3 grand to use as a farm hack and not be bothered about probably fit the bill. We’re ok off road as did a off road experience day with them through Great Wall who were Imported by IM group same people who import Subaru
  9. I had one ran it 6 years it was 1.3 diesel got great mpg and only let me down once faulty fuel pump relay. It failed to start at home so never left me at side road. I just changed the oil and filter every 6k as if negligent oil changed takes the timing chain out they only take 3.5 litres oil so why not preventative maintenance in my eyes. I sold it to a friend 2 years ago he’s never had any trouble loves it
  10. I’ve worked in ford garage years and wouldn’t have a ranger given. I run a 2017 L200 barbarian different league
  11. My dad has one thought work when he was running open cast coal sites late 1980’s early 1990’s good off road and reliable think now the main thing be corrosion issues on any still alive
  12. Working in a garage over 30 years now no way I would payed that for a alternator from the dealers. Would of got the serial numbers off it and got a one from the car breakers or one from euro car parts or similar places like that
  13. From euro car parts you can buy a LUK kit that includes DMF for around £350 ad say
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