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  1. On this film he had a series Land Rover
  2. Our family bus is a 2017 l200 barb double cab with a canopy on back great for holidays never run out space for all baggage. Then the bike rack on back with 3 bikes on.
  3. The same idea on the vw and they say ever 40k takes just less that 1 litre
  4. Garbage! my dad bought a 67 plate titanium x diesel new. Did 3200 miles in it and couldn’t take anymore traded it back in. Felt cheap and nasty and thrown together
  5. Sounds like a lambda sensor fault there's two one before the cat and one after changed them before on them for intermittent rough running and warning lights
  6. There will be people who make a good living out of it deleting the speed limiting function like all them company’s who removed dpf and re programmed ecu’s
  7. 1985 B reg Nissan cherry 🍒
  8. db135

    Ford Fiesta

    Better buy be new shape Kia Rio petrol 7 year warranty and more reliable
  9. A clean my beretta A400 around every 1000 cartridges rather shoot it than clean it
  10. I'm after a swivel forend cap for my Berretta A303 Thanks in advance
  11. Mine did exact same thing took it back to the gun shop as it was under warranty they fitted a new pin by there gun smith they said it wasn’t worth the hassel sending it to Winchester for that. Lasted a fuw months and pin came loose started working it’s way out took it back again and a wanted it sending away to be fixed as only a year old it came back with a new pin in wasn’t a very good job ends had just been flatted badly with a punch didn’t look as good as it was originally they’d marked the stock totally last hart with it chopped it in at a different gun shop for a new beretta A400 action over 3000 cartridges through it going off the gun pod they fitted from new been no bother But to be fair my friend bought a sx3 the same time as a did exactly the same guns in wood stock he still has his never one issue just my luck a suppose
  12. A found my 20bore to pattern tighter than my 12 with the same type of chokes in normally shoot 1/4 and half in 12gauge went to skeet and 1/4 in 20
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