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  1. I had one ran it 6 years it was 1.3 diesel got great mpg and only let me down once faulty fuel pump relay. It failed to start at home so never left me at side road. I just changed the oil and filter every 6k as if negligent oil changed takes the timing chain out they only take 3.5 litres oil so why not preventative maintenance in my eyes. I sold it to a friend 2 years ago he’s never had any trouble loves it
  2. I’ve worked in ford garage years and wouldn’t have a ranger given. I run a 2017 L200 barbarian different league
  3. My dad has one thought work when he was running open cast coal sites late 1980’s early 1990’s good off road and reliable think now the main thing be corrosion issues on any still alive
  4. Working in a garage over 30 years now no way I would payed that for a alternator from the dealers. Would of got the serial numbers off it and got a one from the car breakers or one from euro car parts or similar places like that
  5. From euro car parts you can buy a LUK kit that includes DMF for around £350 ad say
  6. I’ve only ever seen one before. I smelt it before I saw it. I honestly thought there was a dead rotten sheep about. The smell was horrible when I got close to it for a look there was loads flies all over the end off it 🤮
  7. It was from bi pod lying on my front in a grass field. Same sort situations when I shoot rabbits
  8. 30g 6 fibre wad whatever make they have in that thru 1/2 choke
  9. First time I’ve tried the cci sub hollow points in my cz 452 22lr didn’t think that was a bad group? I bought the rifle off a friend who did a lot of target shooting with it he’s had it about 10 years and only ever used Winchester’s in it. A asked him when he last cleaned it said never and he’s had it from new.
  10. I have no means of weighing but not that heavy. I’d say no more than 20kg
  11. I have a new shape L200 now it fits in fine just no dog now lost to old age and with family commitments at minute not planning on getting another just yet I can put on a pallet if anybody wants to arrange there own courier just thought
  12. It was in my 2014 Isuzu dmax blade not sure of the make of the canopy it had on possibly aero class it will go out and measure the hight them measurements are length by width at the bottom by width at the top
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