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  1. Thanks I did a lot of research and uncovered a number of things which they had failed to do.
  2. Well I got my tickets back in November. The police tried so hard to not allow me to have them reinstated. I had a meeting with the firearms dept which whilst polite was basically a meeting to say I was not getting my tickets back because I had been a naughty boy and Norfolk police were incompetent. I stated that whilst I respected their decision I did not agree with it and I would be taking civil action and I suggested that they inform the chief constables of Norfolk and Lincolnshire that they would soon be summoned to court to explain the actions of their respective firearms departments. I received a phone call 48hrs later saying they were in the post.
  3. I didn't get the chance to, they made an appointment to check firearm security and then hit me with it. I have not filled any paperwork in for Lincolnshire.
  4. Norfolk became aware because for the first time ever a doctor actually filled in a medical report. Norfolk called me naive and stressed the importance of declaring it in future and issued certificates because they considered them historical.
  5. Thanks I have been in touch with them today and they are more than eager to take my case on. I have not been asked anything by Lincolnshire! I only informed them that I had moved to Lincolnshire. The only thing I have provided is a doctor's report which was asked for by my new doctor in Lincolnshire who I have yet to see.
  6. Why are they correct? I have not lied to them. If I had remained in Norfolk which borders Lincolnshire I could have carried on shooting all over the country. They are aware of the medical prescriptions otherwise they would not be taking this stance. Good enough for Norfolk but not for Lincolnshire.
  7. Today I had the firearms officer turn up and asked me to surrender my shotguns and rifles, which I did. (Please don't tell me if this was right or wrong) I have moved from Norfolk to Lincoln and had been granted both SGC and fac in march.having both for over 20 years I had not informed Norfolk that I had taken antidepressants (sleeping tablets) in 2008 and 2012. Norfolk picked up upon this and questioned why. my reasons were accepted as historical and perhaps naive. However Lincolnshire police see this as reason to take away my shotguns and rifles, because I had been dishonest with Norfolk. Lincolnshire police are saying I have been dishonest and that in Lincolnshire that means I can not have shotguns or rifles. I however after sitting here seething for the past 6 hours can not see how Lincolnshire can apply their rules over another country. Lincolnshire have not asked me to fill in any paperwork, other than get a doctor to submit another report, with the same information that was available 4 months ago. Lincolnshire have not allowed me to or asked me to fill in any paperwork. If I had emitted to inform Lincolnshire of the medical prescriptions I could be a bit more understanding but they have never asked me. Think I could be needing a local legal professional who can help me.
  8. Have recently moved into a small village on the outskirts of Lincoln having relocated from Norfolk and was hoping that someone would introduce me to the local clay grounds/shoots, midweek and weekends.
  9. Utterly disappointed with the ending. Did they run out of ideas. Positive pigeon watch could have written a better ending using our members as characters.
  10. Another shooting smart strikes, through ultra X's pro. Love them.
  11. I have the ultra X's pro and suffer the same problem. I either use a light weight glove or I wrap a couple of fingers in that stretchy fabric tape, you see being applied to rugby players on the pitch. Don't remember what it is called but something is saying horse bandage.
  12. Sold now. Good luck Scott.
  13. Are these items any use to someone, no idea what they are worth. Moving house so having a clear out.
  14. This medical declaration seems to be a complete farse. Five years ago my fac and sgl were granted with no problems , even though my doctor had not filled the form in the police had sent him. This year upon renewal doctor fills form In (no charge) and forwards to police. Doctor puts down 11 years ago I had been prescribed anti depressants (sleeping tablet's) due to not being to sleep because of problems with my business. This year had to jump through hoops, because of one prescription 11 years ago! Utter madness.
  15. At no cost! Well please let us know how you get on.
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