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  1. Bore cleaner and an old toothbrush will clean the piston. For the gas port's I have a small screwdriver that I have ground so it has two flats and is tapered. First time you do it you will be surprised how much carbon comes out. I have a 302 that will cycle 24 gems no problems. It's always the gas ports that are the problem.
  2. Did she hit it ? I wasn't watching, not even on the 5th time of watching.
  3. Have used about 2k of them, never had a problem. Good rabbit stopper.
  4. We are on the same wavelength.
  5. Not sure of his house number, could get a lot of junk mail 😜
  6. Spotted a bird yesterday on the Norfolk Suffolk border and having a problem trying to identify it, any suggestions? Spotted about 20 yards away. Somewhere size wise between a robin and starling. Brown in colour, in meadow land, tuft on its head with very fast wings. I thought creasted tit but apparently not know around here?
  7. Knew I kept it for a reason!
  8. In this day and age I don't believe anything that is said, how many times have we jumped up and down only to find out we have been hoodwinked.
  9. He has acted like a fool but as my grandfather said to me " they will suck you further than gunpowder will blow you" I quite like the lad and when in the future he comes home with his tail between his legs. I for one will give him a second chance but only a second chance.
  10. wishy735


    So girl's going through puberty, are all sweetness and are never violent or anti social?
  11. Don't leave, we all know the truth and one Day someone will have a bigger solicitor.
  12. wishy735


    Do work for a customer of mine who is a big cheese in the organisation, he has mirror views and i describe him to friends as blofields henchman. What a to**er
  13. Good honest video, loved it.
  14. I am lost for words. This is P.W. not, Commando training school.
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