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  1. Sold now. Good luck Scott.
  2. Are these items any use to someone, no idea what they are worth. Moving house so having a clear out.
  3. This medical declaration seems to be a complete farse. Five years ago my fac and sgl were granted with no problems , even though my doctor had not filled the form in the police had sent him. This year upon renewal doctor fills form In (no charge) and forwards to police. Doctor puts down 11 years ago I had been prescribed anti depressants (sleeping tablet's) due to not being to sleep because of problems with my business. This year had to jump through hoops, because of one prescription 11 years ago! Utter madness.
  4. At no cost! Well please let us know how you get on.
  5. Because God told him to, I guess. About that time he started to go off the rails.
  6. I would change your solicitor.
  7. James Anderton honestly!! My grandfather was a sergeant in the Manchester police force when Anderton and stalker both joined as probabinarey constables. He actually had each of them walking the beat with him. In later years he said I never trusted the pair of them. At my grandfather's funeral Anderton was present but he was not asked to attend the wake but stalker was and did attend. I spent a while talking to stalker at the wake and myself my father(ado fireman) uncle (raf pilot 617 Sqn) we all agreed that the pair of them were never too be trusted. How true did that turn out to be.
  8. Purchased my current home in 2007, built 1964. I had a mortgage of £38k. I received all original title deeds, solicitor said mortgage company, could not be ***** to hold/store and pay for them.
  9. Some years back I got stopped by the rozzers, after stopping I was talked down too and was informed I had been doing 35 in a 30 zone but I was lucky because in Suffolk we only prossecute if you are doing in excess of 37. "What do have to say" says the rozzers. My reply "Well why did you ******g stop me then" not one of my best moves to be honest. An hour later I was on my way.
  10. Ok, for the shed concrete base the exact size you want. For the log store use gravel to stand your logs on. Log store can be felting battern (2x1) with a osb roof felted. Shed pressure treated timber (4x4) for floor joists 3/4" osb on top. Framing 4x2 ( doesn't have to be pressure treated) 3/4 osb nailed on to Framing. (Helps to keep it square) when errectd. Tyvek house wrap, then felting battern (2x1) vertical. Then nail your choice of cladding onto those batterns. Shed good for 30 years plus.biggest tip I can give you is to make shed to fit your base, if you make your base oversize water wil
  11. Channel 41 Sony movie on Freeview here in norfolk.
  12. And ask yourself when and who started it.
  13. wishy735


    Pressure treated timber, keep it of the concrete min 4" and you will be fine. Also don't but it up against the brickwork of your house, leave at least 1/2".
  14. You can identify as British but I am English. Just like lots of Scots, Welsh and Irish identify as Scottish, Welsh or Irish.
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