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  1. Sorry mark. Have been away. Try Philip thorrold. He is on the Suffolk/Norfolk border near thetford. I know it is a fair distance from you but you won't regret it.
  2. Thanks, have seen a couple of the traps you describe on tne net. Obviously I am looking to trap and release these endangered birds into there rightful environment.😎😎
  3. Yes had a sneaking suspicion that might be the case.
  4. Has anyone got a mechanical pigeon trap they would recommend? I live in a market town in Norfolk and my garden is getting battered by them. Shooting is not an option due to the proximity of neighbours. Thanks.
  5. Just seen your post, are you sorted now?
  6. could think of better pics to collect but hey whatever floats your boat.
  7. I agree would be nice to have a few more pics of the wood
  8. anybody got one of the above 1/4 choke? for sale
  9. Hi Matty. have got 2 year old (next month) 28" silver pigeon in A1 condition, complete with all the 5 chokes, key and hard abs case. £1000 been offered this by a gunsmith but would rather sell it myself.( he would only put £150-200 on top) Not in a rush to sell it but something else for your consideration. Good Luck
  10. bazzashadow. Have you got any contact info for tibenham? I only live 20 mins away and news to me! very welcome as it is.
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