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  1. The banks don't give a dam about what you spend your cash on or how you use it but what they do want is for us all to use plastic or online transactions. Because every transaction incurs a small charge and all these charges add up. That's why they want to do away with cash. Sometime last year a TV program titled something like "billion pound deals" was shown. It scared the **** out of me. It basically said in 10 years if we allow it 5 to 8 companies could be handling 90% of the worlds transactions. What happens when 8 becomes 7 then 7 become 6 and so on. if you can find it, it is well worth a watch.
  2. Seen today what i would say is the same plant in a garden, asked the owner he said its a "dog rose"
  3. Think I might have filled my mouth full of toothpaste, squirted lemon juice in my eyes, then found a dark corner to squeeze into in A & E. Bet they would have found the required medicine pretty dam quick.
  4. Deerhunter Champ D.Lux Waistcoat Solid. Having a tidy out and this has been sat in the wardrobe for a year or so. Good condition one of the seams in one of the pockets needs restitching. Size 2xl. £10 Pick up only. Any questions just ask.
  5. Many years ago when the handgun ban was being implemented I was having a shotgun renewal interview. I asked "you collecting lots of handguns then?" Answer "yes but we have had a significant rise in them being stolen, now we have no idea where they are" !!!!!!!!!
  6. Yes, but I am asking about the two company's above.
  7. One last night. Walked straight into my scope view which was trained on a rabbit! So 1481
  8. Time to renew my shooting insurance is fast approaching. I use both shotgun and rifle in my shooting. Have been looking at Gunplan(nfu) and Country cover club. Anyone used either of these company's? and if so, would you recommend them? Insurance to cover. Pigeon shooting Clay shooting Rabbit .22lr Fox 22-250
  9. Need to buy a new shooting/skeet vest. Going to buy quality this time. What do You all recomend and which ones to avoid.
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