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  1. Blast I was 5 miles away yesterday shoting a few clays.
  2. Intelligence? He is a remoner and tried time after time to stop the brexit process. Lock him up.
  3. Unfortunately I have lost all trust in social media posts and a lot of, so called reliable media. They have time after time showed to be unreliable.
  4. KISS . keep it simple springs to mind.
  5. Suggested that........…................ Its cold in my garage
  6. Thanks but unfortunately that's how it has been repaired twice. I think that would work on an area that don't get as much hammer but its on an arm. Did you stick it on top? That's what I am thinking it needs. A page patch with plenty of adhesive
  7. Hoping PW members can come to the rescue. Have a very dark coloured sofa which the dog ripped with its claw a few years ago. Have had it repaired a couple of times by experts but the repair has now failed again. Its on an arm so gets a lot of use. I am not bothered about looks just something that will hold. Was thinking of a large puncture repair patch, they are dark and a cushion would hide it.
  8. If you can afford it and you enjoy the sport, why not have a change. I do because I enjoy it.
  9. Sounds like it's the xs for you then. You should try one.
  10. And I thought we were talking about the petals on wads! Anyway I am lost.
  11. Sorry read it as plastic wads in paper cartridge's, that's what confused me.
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