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  1. Hope I am not going to regret this! Does anyone close to the Norfolk town of Diss fancy some rabbit shooting? On one of my perms(smallholding) we have a serious issue with rabbit numbers "knee deep"is how the owner describes it to me. I have shot over 60 in 3 visits and made no impact to numbers whatsoever. It is moderated rifle shooting only, in the evenings and when the nights draw in by lamp. There is livestock on the perm. If you fancy it, let me know. I will apologise in advance for not getting back to you straight away.
  2. By chance just been on face thingy and here in rural Norfolk someone is asking how to get catch a mole and release it!!! And 67 suggestions. Got a sneaking suspicion my reply will get me another ban😟
  3. Nice shooting, great to see when you don't hesitate you smoke them. Thanks for the vid.
  4. Hell some world class shots here! My cz with Ely subs zerod at 70 yards works fine for me. 70 yards means it's also zerod at 16 yards. So anything between 16 yards and 80 yards no need to hold high or low just point and shoot. At 100 yards 4" drop. Years and years of rabbit shooting has given me this knowledge. As for groupings I never put 5 in a rabbit.
  5. Know that title would get your attention! I have split the shaft on my hammer and need a replacement also the cleats that secure the head. Try as I might I just can not seem to find one. It's a 1 lb Stanley ballpeen shaft length 13 3/4 ". Those are the only markings on the head. It has been in my possession for 35 years and was second hand then. I know I could just buy a new one but that isn't my style. So anyone got any ideas?
  6. wishy735


    What a cracking gesture, in the true spirit of pigeon watch.
  7. That's ok by me. It means I am £50 better off, thanks for bringing it to my attention 😁
  8. Two years ago my doctor who is also a customer of mine had the cheek to charge me£50. So later that year I stuck said £50 on his bill and last year also and will continue to do so every year. Love a bit of karma😁
  9. Have you put them on the 2020 tally?
  10. 26 yesterday evening .22lr = 235
  11. Rabbit shooting this evening with .22lr normally get around a dozen or so. My freezer is almost full so anyone who is local to Diss ( norfolk/Suffolk border) and would like some let me know and you can pick them up.
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