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  1. AberFowl

    SX3 barrel

    Perfect. Thanks for replys
  2. AberFowl

    SX3 barrel

    Looking for an Sx3 barrel Black In very good or better condition
  3. I ordered Cooper discoverer AT3 Had them on my shogun before and they did OK for me
  4. I guess if they were that bad there would be none left on the road. I once got told a skoda was a heap of **** and not worth touching...myne did well and cost very very little for the 4years I thrashed it around Time will tell
  5. Bought a 52 plate lwb 2.2 diesel today 74k on clock, serviced every 6-9k, seems tidy and w'll looked after Hopefully it does the job and lasts a good while! Now to decide on some At tyres!
  6. I bought a frontera instead Hopefully a good one!
  7. Nice new thumbhole cz455 in the local gunshop..will go get it Thanks for replies!
  8. Mainly rabbits with other small vermin here and there £500 to spend on a gun Already have a decent scope and separate tin of pennies for mod Which gun to go for?
  9. Not worth the 800+ mile round trip
  10. Ported 1/2 and 1/4 If anybody has either or both for sale pm me please Thanks
  11. Keep it quick and simple 30mile commute daily No serious off roading...wet rough tracks, stubble parks etc.. 2004 kia sorento around 60-70k Or 2004 jeep grand cherokee around 75-85k Will be dressed in a set of all terrain tyres Reliability? Any known issues? Comfort isn't a big issue. Don't want to be left at the lights by a mobility scooter but not wanting to keep up with the local power rangers on bikes!
  12. Contact scolopax on here I shot there..May be able to help. Pm me if you need
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