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  1. Sorry at work at the mo. Have not got time to read the previous 21 pages so forgive me if it's already been asked. Are these new licences for the shooter or for a certain farm/piece of land?
  2. That's one he'll of an upgrade. Your selling 12 shotguns and 2 rifles. Shouldn't these be in guns for sale trade?
  3. Thinking about getting some custom fit passive ear protection, as I cannot afford electronic. I see that both Boots and Specsavers do ear protection for shooters. Anyone got any dealings with either and what are they like. Thanks in advance. Iain
  4. Can anyone tell me, or send me a link showing how to remove the ejectors on the above gun. Having problems with the lower barrel. Thanks in advance, Cheers Jaf4fa
  5. After months of no birds, got a call from a mate saying the field next door had 100-200 pigeons on it. Thinking it was a wind up, curiosity got the better of me. Dusted off the kit and went a mooching. Yup, they're back so set up as quickly as I could. Ended up with 30 woodies and about 40 feral. All a bit skittish but still came to the pattern. One very cold but Happy Boy.
  6. Hi, do you have a LOP for this gun and will you RFD?
  7. All the pigeons went quiet the other day and those that came over were not interested in the pattern. My shooting companion mentioned that pigeons have partial IR vision and the pigeons on the magnets were several hours old and would not get the interest of passing birds as they were cold. We decided to change them and managed to pull in about another 30 birds. Good luck or Good judgement, any ideas.
  8. Bought one from AA decoys about a month ago and its fine. What I would say is give them a ring when ordering and upgrade the battery to a bigger one, as the battery that comes with it is not really up to the job after 3 hours.
  9. OB my dear chap, thanks for the info. Realistically been working my butt off and not shooting enough, Thanks though, I'll drop them a line with a couple of photo's
  10. Juat aquired a SxS Lucchini which I have dated as 1959. It has all the correct Italian proof marks but the barrels also have "English Steel Vickers Works Sheffield" stamped on them. I wish to contact the makers but have no email, can anyone help?
  11. Anyone had any experience of these. Cheers.
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