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  1. I sometimes use a zippo one, I have no complaints and the cheaper ones on ebay seem to be just as good.
  2. That's awsome, I watched a bit of crocodile Dundee last night and have been Google the knives this evening. One could make its way into my collection one day.
  3. I'm having the same issue with my supernova its giving me all sorts of problems. I have to take the trigger group out to un jam it and when it doesn't jam it miss feeds. Luckily I have a back up gun for this season.
  4. I use https://www.michaelswift.co.uk/ to service my watches. Fantastic service and very reasonable.
  5. I've just got back from KL after a month. Every night they had this on the news reports and in the papers. They had pictures of dogs and helicopters all over the place. The Malaysia police were saying that she had been kidnapped until about 7 days ago they were putting road checkpoints up quite away from the area as they thought that kidnappers may try to move her to Thailand as that's where most kids kidnapped in the area end up.
  6. I think some comments have been deleted off the thread.
  7. I can't help with the 1/2 but are you looking to sell the 1/4 as I only have a full and my daughter need something more open.
  8. Dont get disheartened, it took me 5 years to get my first and only permission, I beat regularly at a local shoot full of farmers, drank with the local farmers in the village pub, put loads of miles and hours in but never got allowed a single day. Then out of the blue a farmer who had seen my card as I put them everywhere gave me a call and I got 600 acres.
  9. Phoned up but they are all sold sometime ago. They website just hasn't been updated. 😩
  10. Thanks for the link but when ive enquired in the past the the only ones they have are 12g and I need 20.
  11. Does anyone have any of the above for sale. My daughter has a full but I'm looking for something more open. Thanks Nick
  12. I dont know as I dont work for NE I just posted the link for interest.
  13. Here's the first of the new general licence's https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/carrion-crows-licence-to-kill-or-take-them-gl26
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