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  1. Quills

    They would be fantastic.
  2. Pocket Watch - Waistcoat

    For some reason I’ve wanted a silver pocket watch since I was a small boy, but never got around to getting one.
  3. Quills

    My apologies, I live in SW Scotland and Oxfordshire. However I would prefer post as I’m rarely at either. thanks, nick
  4. Quills

    I’m doing a bit of float making so I’m looking for a supply of goose, duck, crow, cock pheasant tail and any other quills. I also have a few mates who do the same so I’m looking for a few to see us through the year. Thanks Nick
  5. Can opener

    A lad at work gave me one like this it’s a Remington 1918 bayonet, I will have to give this ago.
  6. Chris green and his pump gun

    I really fancy watching the Chris Green wildfowling DVD’s but I can’t justify the expense to watch them once.
  7. Small pocket torch

    I’ve just ordered one from China. I will let you know in 6 months if it’s worth £1.98 😂.
  8. Kicks full

    It’s a choke.
  9. another what gun thread.

    I do some duck shooting so I bought an SXP in 3.5 inch a few years ago. Cheap and cheerful.
  10. another what gun thread.

    Since I started this nearly 3 years ago I have a bought a gun in 3 1/2 inch. I get out quite a bit probably 6-10 times a month on the foreshore where I can. I am a member of a great club and love it.
  11. Boys 8-10 shooting clothing

    I’m looking for some shooting clothing for my lad for when he accompanies me beating. Anything considered even slightly damaged as he’s only going to ruin it and will be grown out of it in a matter of days. Size 8-10 cheers nick
  12. Browning 12g Invector plus

    I have a mod choke available if tightchoke cant find one.
  13. lmporting choke tubes

    I never have a problem bringing them back from the us. I done it 4 times this year.
  14. Vintage pens

    Brilliant thank you.
  15. Vintage pens

    Thank for looking, that's the type of thing I'm looking for a ballpoint a fountain and a pencil.