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  1. Boys 8-10 shooting clothing

    I’m looking for some shooting clothing for my lad for when he accompanies me beating. Anything considered even slightly damaged as he’s only going to ruin it and will be grown out of it in a matter of days. Size 8-10 cheers nick
  2. Browning 12g Invector plus

    I have a mod choke available if tightchoke cant find one.
  3. lmporting choke tubes

    I never have a problem bringing them back from the us. I done it 4 times this year.
  4. Vintage pens

    Brilliant thank you.
  5. Vintage pens

    Thank for looking, that's the type of thing I'm looking for a ballpoint a fountain and a pencil.
  6. Vintage pens

    Where abouts as I've just been posted to Abingdon. Just googled it and they are in the hundreds, so not for me. I'm looking for a 60s 70s 80s Parker that go for about £20/£40
  7. Vintage pens

    Thanks for the links.
  8. Vintage pens

    I've just got a new posting which is office based for the next few years so I'm looking for a ball point, a fountain pen and mechanical pencil. It doesn't have to be a set but I would like them to have a bit of age. I'm also looking for a leather pen holder for them. Parker, papermate etc as I'm looking to spend tens of pounds not hundreds. Thanks for looking Nick
  9. I passed!

    I did my firearms instructors course in Merseyside, it was a right laugh!
  10. Scotland SGC application time scale

    I guy at work got his SGC on Tuesday after an 8 month wait. It was a straight forward application with no issues. That was in Ayrshire
  11. A happy event.

    I love my borders Walter and Betty, they are fantastic dogs.
  12. Fieldsports Channel.

    This bit
  13. helen bailey

    Helen Bailey murder: Fiance Ian Stewart found guilty http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-39053015
  14. Low Life

    I'm sorry to hear this but it seams that it is very common, my sisters grave constantly had things taken from it flowers, trinkets, photos etc she died when she was 15. The most regular culprits were not kids they were 40+ both men and women. One old boy in his 60s was taking the things off the grave and throwing them in a nearby stream. He didn't like the trinkets as it spoilt the look of the graveyard. We don't put things on her grave very regularly now.
  15. plastic bullet holders

    Pm your address and I will send them when I get them