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  1. Neil Basu confirmed it was a fake at the 1600hrs press conference yesterday.
  2. Surprisingly each force can train what ever they want. There is best practice but each force are free to do what they want. The Chief Constable carries the can if it goes wrong and they havent followed best practice. Most forces comply but a few do stray.
  3. It's a lonely place gripping the brass rail but if you do the right thing for the right reasons you will be alright. I've done a few courses over the water. I got very very drunk.
  4. Things haven't changed much, what they talk about now is honestly held belief, what you have to justify is your first and last round. What was you thinking to take the first shot and why did you stop. It's all about threat assessment. Apologies I thought you were job
  5. I would say they didnt put a gun to his head and pull the trigger as it's not taught by any police force in the uk as far as I know. Apologies I know that all the police over the water carry as I've spent a bit of time there myself. I meant to say where are you trained to shoot if you suspect they have an IED.
  6. Yeah I've seen the videos, why?
  7. We train to shoot centre mass unless you suspect they are wearing an IED then you take an alternative poa to the t zone so as not to disrupt the device. What are you trained to do if you suspect they are wearing an IED?
  8. I have no idea why they didnt put the muzzle to his head, I've never been taught that or taught it but if that's your force policy then you must have a good reason for doing it. I have no idea where he was shot but you may be privy to that. I dont know what the policy of the met is or the city is in regards to the training they received. I dont have the answers to your questions as I wasn't there. I don't know what you train but its obviously different from what I do.
  9. When they shot de Menezes they thought he was a bomber, I know one of the lads on the job as he now works with me. My constabulary practice shooting the t zone. I've been an afo/ofc for 15 years and practiced it loads. I dont say that in the heat of the moment it is achievable but it's well taught and practiced. If you don't do it then it's down to your force but many forces have as tactical option.
  10. This is why they should aim for the medulla oblongata, disrupting it does not allow the body to control muscles either clenching or relaxing. That's why de Menezes what shot 7 times in the head.
  11. Just to let you know Chris Green DVDs are £10 each posted this weekend on west country films. They say £25 but go to a tenner when you add then to the cart. https://www.westcountryfilm.co.uk/dvds/
  12. I sometimes use a zippo one, I have no complaints and the cheaper ones on ebay seem to be just as good.
  13. That's awsome, I watched a bit of crocodile Dundee last night and have been Google the knives this evening. One could make its way into my collection one day.
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