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  1. I have some chokes I'm looking to swap. I'm looking for some chokes for a 20 bore hatsan escort v1, anything but full please. I am also looking for 1/4 or 3/4 in 12 bore invector plus. I have to trade : 12 bore invector plus cylinder and full 12 bore beretta Mobil full and modified Thanks for looking Nick
  2. Thanks mate I will give them a go next time I'm in town
  3. Where abouts do you get them as I like a sauageroll
  4. If Chris doesn't want it could I have second dibs please. Thanks Nick
  5. I'm still looking for chokes if anyone has any avalable
  6. I will give it another go on friday
  7. I've stopped trying the tower at westlands I just waste cartridges!
  8. No that's a good idea I will PM him
  9. I've just got my daughter a hatsan escort 20bore but it just has the one full choke. Anyone have any for sale? I'm also looking for a choke key. Thanks Nick
  10. As long as they have been stored correctly they will be fantastic.
  11. Can any of you experienced pipe smokers recomend something for a beginner, a fancy a brier with a bent stem but undecided.
  12. I gave up the ciggies about 10years ago but still enjoy the odd cigar. I've been thinking about getting a pipe as you can let it go out and it doesn't last as long as a cigar.
  13. Sorry for the bump but I'm still looking for the above. She's hit her first clays with one I borrowed and now she's hooked. Nick
  14. 20 mins drive to the Scottish side of the Solway and then a bit of a row if we're off to the English side.
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