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  1. Thanks for the id everyone. My wife has given up telling him to put things down when they are out walking the dogs. He's a proper lad, always has something in his hand that he's found that his mother hates.
  2. I thought it might be a deer as he found it in the woods. But I'm not that clued up on deer having never been close to one.
  3. Does anyone know what the skull is in the left of the pictures. My son found it while walking the dogs and he has asked me to id it. The one on the right is a sheep skull he previously found. I'm stumped.
  4. Just watched it, its a fake, the guy buying the pizzas is disco boy who does a lot of these prank videos.
  5. Brilliant let me PM how you want paying and I will get it to you asap
  6. Brilliant thank for having a look for me.
  7. Its a strange one but does anyone have any old tobacco pipes they no longer want. I like to smoke the odd pipe and I've got in to restoring them (everyone needs a hobby). I've bought a few on ebay that I've given a second lease of life. I'm not looking to spend a lot and will even take broken ones as I need spares. Thanks Nick
  8. Someone left a shotgun on a train near me a couple of years ago , phoned the police when he realised and it got picked up a couple of stations later. I believe he kept his licence after a telling off.
  9. Browning is derelict now and has been for the last few years. It's just waiting to get redeveloped.
  10. I have a miiband 4. Does all of the above and about £20 off gear best.
  11. Neil Basu confirmed it was a fake at the 1600hrs press conference yesterday.
  12. Surprisingly each force can train what ever they want. There is best practice but each force are free to do what they want. The Chief Constable carries the can if it goes wrong and they havent followed best practice. Most forces comply but a few do stray.
  13. It's a lonely place gripping the brass rail but if you do the right thing for the right reasons you will be alright. I've done a few courses over the water. I got very very drunk.
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