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  1. If you're thinking in that league try Staffs Synthetic Stocks for your own spec, colour s etc etc ...
  2. For improving contrast I find the rose/ copper from ESS ICE (an oakley firm) works well for my olde eyes ... and as three blurb says they do make a good lense for driving. Found on mil surp sites
  3. Have you searched the Bay? They 're not too fussy about where the noise comes from, but on a bad day I use a set of plugs with them.
  4. As said what suits you may not be what suits another ... For a colo(u)r guide try https://www.decot.com/content/General_Info_Recommendations.htm I prefer bronze , browns and some of the gentler oranges yet find yellows uncomfortable ... ymmv
  5. I've used Trade Secrets range and also CCL Traditions kit, both do a good job. Be prepared to thoroughly prep the wood and take your time with the finish. Of the two I'm currently using the CCL because it has a pot of red oil of arkanet which seems to make an figuring stand out better. Also use CCLs stock conditioning oil for regular upkeep. Check your prices, I've seen the CCL kit range from £20s to £50s on DeBuy
  6. Diggory Hadoke at Vintage guns, and Elderkins sometimes have the odd one or so
  7. Was in Decathalon recently lookng at waterproof trousers and there were several hunting style types to choose from ..... but all were finished at long 34-36 and altering them with the zips and lining would be a pain for those with short legs. Might be worth a look.?
  8. Been a (v) long time but Cambridge Gun Repairs at Fordham?
  9. I have a B, Rizzini 28 gauge round body and it's an excellent gun. The advice on a solid rib for a game gun is well worth considering. Mine came from Eldekins of Spalding, a good old fashioned gunshop and gunsmith but may be a bit distant for you. If you're not planning to deal directly with Rizzini maybe a call to the importers at ASI and asking about the fitting/ custom option might be worthwhile. Whilst they're trade only I've found them very helpful and a pleasure to deal with.
  10. Napier Protector 2 ... bought an older one from ibay that only took barrels upto 30", but easy to lengthen if needed, does what I need very well. Not sure the new price is best value
  11. Give Staffs Synthetic Stocks a call and speak with Danny, his website is a work in progress but his workmanship and marksmanship is excellent. Some very lightweight mouldings available with colours, patterns and fittings to your wallets desire. I've had one on a Howa and another on a T3 S' sporter that was lighter than the original.
  12. Brake cleaner ....outside n stay upwind
  13. Drink The Botanist Gin with your Tonic, it uses Bog Myrtle. Might not be totally effective but could distract ...after the event
  14. ?? After washing shoot clothes they're rinsed in pemethrin and left to dry. Nets etc are treared with the left over mix. Seems to last for several washes and keeps ticks and other similar nasties away too. I have used Avon skin cream when I can find it, but avoid Deet.
  15. Well now you've got a definitive answer to confirm your theory .... From Gunman's post above .... "The choke is a now laid down percentage restriction of a bore size. " And your sons got one of the ideal combos ...so on with the game ... Good luck.
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