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  1. Thanks for your help and well wishes guys. Very much appreciated as I can understand how hard it must be to share your own experiences and have those memories brought to the surface. Thanks again.
  2. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has experience of going to the doctors for depression or other conditions? My baby passed away a month ago and I'm finding it hard to cope. Haven't spoken to anyone about it or really left the house. Worried about going to the doctors in case they think I'm unfit to have guns and tell the police, and then they revoke my SGC or something (even though they're stored with an RFD at the moment- purely because I haven't yet convinced the missus to put a safe in the house) It's not like I'm going on meds or anything- wouldn't dare touch them. Just need to talk to somebody. Anyway, if anyone has gone through something similar RE doctors then I'd appreciate the advice. Thanks
  3. Thanks to everyone for your replies. I've gone down the slow and steady route (just showed him a Vegas holiday photo of me holding a gun). He didn't seem that bothered- was more interested in playing on his trampoline lol. he doesn't know where meat comes from and has no idea about guns. The reason for telling him is so that the ex doesn't tell him and paint me in a bad light (making me out to be a killer walking round with machine guns and 'sniper rifles' in the street!!) Think I'll just leave it now and just not avoid talking about guns, if it comes up in conversation then that's fine. Went out and bought some waterguns so think we'll start with that lol. I also let the firearms team know the situation with the crazy ex. My guns are also VERY secure (don't want to say how in case the ex searches and finds this post- wouldn't be surprised!!) thanks again, Mitch
  4. Hi all, Bit of an odd one but maybe some will have useful advice? Situation is I've met my partners child (8year old) and they're city people so never even seen a gun. My question is how should I broach the fact that I shoot (not animals as he wouldn't understand) and use guns etc? Without him worrying that I'm dangerous etc Bearing in mind that there's an idiotic ex husband who is likely to tell him all sorts of things about me and paint me in a very bad light/ try to fight for some custody on the grounds that I'm dangerous. Same situation went well with the other kid but he is much older and understands completely. Thanks, Mitch
  5. HAWKE LRF400 laser rangefinder reduced to £75
  6. Hardox targets are provisionally sold at the moment, but you will have second dibs. I live within walking distance of Severnside so wouldn't be a problem.
  7. 1. Lyman stainless steel electronic digital calipers £25 + P&P https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lyman-Stainless-Electronic-Digital-Imperial/dp/B000GU74LM 2. Samsung Galaxy Gear virtual reality goggles- £50 + P&P brand new no box http://www.johnlewis.com/samsung-gear-virtual-reality-3d-headset-for-samsung-galaxy-s6-7/p2393589?s_afcid=af_108052&awc=1203_1475593574_2d82a195188401cec9d2df649e972e95 3. Hawke LRF400 laser range finder with neoprene case- £75 incl P&P brand new http://www.hawkeoptics.co.uk/laser-range-finder-pro-400.html SOLD 4. Cross fountain pen brand new (middle one red croc leather)- £45 incl P&P brand new no box 5. Rolson Multitool- will include this for free if someone comes to collect something in person. SOLD 6. .999 fine silver 1 Troy ounce in protective packet (x2) - £10 each SOLD 7. Shanghai Tang designer money clip- £30 + P&P brand new with box https://www.shanghaitang.com/gifts/dragon-lovers/dragon-money-clip-silver-4H501F200DX.html 8. Apple in ear Headphones (old style with cable) - £5 + P&P brand new in box 9. Jinhao pens- Dancing dragon, dragon pearl, silver chain dragon, another similar Jinhao pen, plus 2 fountain pens and 2 roller balls (plain blue and marbled red)- Jinhao's £10 each plus P&P. Set of 4 blue and red pens £10 + P&P all brand new http://www.hisnibs.com/Jinhao.htm 10. Panasonic LUMIX digital camera with Leica lens- £50 + P&P 11. Anglo Arms keyring torch- will throw in with second person to buy something. SOLD 12. Anglo Arms paracord bracelet- will throw in with first person to buy something. SOLD 13. Napier cleaning kit- £15 + P&P brand new with case SOLD http://www.bushwear.co.uk/napier-airgun-pull-through-kit-993101.html?gclid=CIHVute8wc8CFUwW0wod54wPqA 14. Black powder dispenser- £15 + P&P 15. Jack Pyke multi gun cleaning kit- £10+ P&P brand new in box SOLD http://www.jackpyke.co.uk/search/multi-gun-cleaning-kit.aspx 16. Shot box cartridge box lockable 150- £20 collection only Birmingham or Newport SOLD http://www.uttings.co.uk/p105021-shot-boxes-150-cartridge-case-camo-mf035-cam/ 17. Tumi tan leather man bag- £50 + P&P (RRP £400 mines in fantastic condition) SOLD http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Rare-Original-Tumi-Heavy-Leather-Tan-Weekend-Carry-on-Bag-made-in-ITALY-/282162322251?hash=item41b22f5b4b%3Ag%3AW78AAOSw9IpXzMBY 18. Caldwell dead shot front and rear combo bag- £20 collection only Birmingham or Newport SOLD http://www.uttings.co.uk/p109213-caldwell-deadshot-combo-front-and-rear-bags-cadcu/#.V_POXdR4WK0 19. Yukon Ranger Digital nightvision monocular- £100 incl P&P well used. SOLD http://www.scottcountry.co.uk/products-Yukon-Ranger-LT-Digital-Night-Vision-Monocular-6033.htm (This is the later version- mine is 5x42 and in OK condition but box is pretty battered) 20. Leather Bushcraft belt holster- £10 + P&P brand new http://www.bushcraft-kit.com (email me for pictures of this- not on his website but top quality item) 21. Cork handled priest with carbon fibre shaft and brass end- £10 + P&P brand new Bought off pigeon watch I think- never used. 22. Response alarm home alarm system- £75 + P&P brand new never used. http://www.responseelectronics.com/burglar-alarms-c8/sl2-response-wirefree-multi-user-alarm-system-868mhz-p136 23. HSF roll up shooting mat- £30 collection only Birmingham or Newport SOLD https://www.amazon.co.uk/FHS-7502-25-Rolled-Shooting-Matt/dp/B017Z4OQ80 24. Nikon spotting scope RAIII 82WP PLUS stay on case (worth £80 on its own!) retailed at £400 I'm selling for £100 + P&P. If you collect from Birmingham or Newport then I'll include an extendable tripod with case. SOLD http://www.uttings.co.uk/p106889-nikon-ra-iii-wp-82mm-angled-spotting-scope-green-bda316aa/ 25. Hardox AR500 steel targets (fox and 100mm gong plus 3 heavy duty shackles)- £20 collection only Birmingham or Newport all brand new! SOLD http://www.bhtargets.co.uk/product/fox-head-target-in-ar500/ http://www.bhtargets.co.uk/product/100mm-gong-in-ar500-with-one-hole/
  8. Hi all, Does anyone know if Falcon club is open this weekend and what discipline they will be shooting? I've lost the timetable and the website seems to be down... Thanks, Mitch
  9. Just cartridges are not usually cheap, but they certainly are convenient if you're miles away from a gun shop
  10. There were extenuating temporary circumstances that meant I had to. Besides, why are you all up in my ***? This post wasn't entitled "oh help please give me sympathy because I got mugged". I'm purely asking if anyone has any of the above items listed so I can hand over my [hard-earned] cash. If you can help me with that, great, I'll be very thankful. If not, politely **** off.
  11. Fortunately I was insured, but getting knocked unconscious with a crow bar didn't do me any good! Plus, you know insurance companies will never pay out full value!
  12. Hi all, I was mugged a little while back and had the above stolen, therefore I'm on the lookout for: 1. A Samsung Galaxy S7 edge preferably in gold but doesn't matter. 2. A designer wallet like Mont Blanc, Gucci, Prada, Tumi etc. Max £400 3. A watch from the big names like Tag Heuer, Breitling, Omega, etc not planning on spending more than £2k. 4. A metal or leather key ring. Max £100. Please let me know if you or anyone you know is selling something similar to any of the above. Thanks, Mitch
  13. I would like to buy an American car such as the Dodge Ram/F series pickups or even a mustang/camaro/charger. Not planning on spending more than £15k. Cheers, Mitch
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