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    Shooting: rifle, air rifle,shotguns , fly fishing, course fishing ,stick making, clay shooting..
  1. WOW. a real work of art. and so useful. I take my hat of to you. well done.
  2. could you post to bedfordshire?
  3. I use surgical spirit for this, 6 to eight weeks. it works.
  4. I have a cz in 17HMR. It's a basic rifle, but you have to give it 10 out of 10 for accuracy, from 50-150 meters. lovely weapon. if the C&H is the same but looks better, ie stock, warranty etc.. GO FOR IT..
  5. Hey Browning ?? items received, all good. thank you very much. ROY.
  6. I have owned the mk1 and mk2. should have never got rid. You have a good clean weapon there. ENJOY my friend.
  7. What a pity your so far away, or I would have the lot.
  8. my shooting pal popped in early yesterday morning , to arrange a day on the barley stubble on my shoot. Literally over the fence of my garden. I said I had seen a few odd ones flitting about but no real numbers, as it had only harvested two days before. As we chatted I said,, come on lets walk over and have a look. I grabbed a couple of auto's out of the cabinet, put 4 boxes of cartridges in my bag plus 6 shell decoys, and walked the 300 yards or so to the barns [on the hill]. we set up in about 3 minutes flat and waited for the fist one to come in, in two hours we were done. with 44 birds on the deck. Considering we went for a recon. we were both surprised and walked back grinning from ear to ear. What great sport. I love pigeon shooting.
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