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  1. Just watched the reports on the floods in Bristol... one particular street the cars were abandoned and water was up around the windows. Why do these people appear to be so stupid enough to drive into it and then turn round and say " ooh it was so scary the water was really deep " Am I missing something here. ??
  2. Who knows...this rise in the power return to the common man is all very well, but far right politics is really frightening.
  3. Quite right ... I've built a great deal of social housing over the years and many of the occupants seem to have a bigger disposable income than I do...nice shiny new cars outside many, there's even one up by me with a £50K 14 plate motor home parked outside. and yet we were still employed by the local authority to put a new 7k kitchen in it. Something's gone wrong somewhere. Not trying to be funny but some of these anti monarchists are also supporters of a particular party advocating total public accountability of Government and Monarchy... who do they think pays for their leaders jau
  4. Yes I like to drive the infectious pests off the forum..
  5. Very true. I think the net contribution globally is also much underestimated. The Monarchy is greatest thing the British empire still has imo. and we should ensure it remains that way.
  6. Yes I appreciate that...I was going to Type You too Brutus But I thought someone would correct me to You To Brute, which would also have been wrong when it should have been et tū, Brūte
  7. Very noble of you Gordon...well said. No fitter sportsmen and women out there IMO...puts most other sportspersons in the shade. I think a lot of non tennis fan Brits underestimate the scale of this achievement on a Global scale. Still each to his own.
  8. Et tu Brutus... You seem to take an unhealthy interest in my posts ...not thinking of putting yourself up as a moderator are you
  9. I doubt it ... probably the same people voting for that trans gender rapper on x factor..
  10. Incredible achievement.... in a sport when winning is down purely to your own efforts..One of the few great sports, in the true sense of the word... that still exists. Worth every penny he earns.
  11. It depends very much on the age of your property to be honest. If its a modern property ( since about 2008) which is generally airtight ( double glazing, vapour barriers, weather sealed doors etc ) you will need one which is equivalent to 500mm2 per KW. (I think its 500 I will check tomorrow at work )) If your house is older, generally not to current air leakage standards you will still need one for a fire over 5KW but the first 5kw is discounted. However Nobody goes to the trouble of having APT's done on older properties.. why should they ? The problem lies where home owners wi
  12. Jim Kerr Just watched him sing live on strictly.... one word Darrrrliiing three syllables.... Terr ib le ! sounded like a bloke they just dragged in from the nearest amusement arcade.
  13. The galvanised wire ones are best for peanuts and sunflower hearts and the Perspex tube ones with a galvanised base for seeds IMO. I try and buy the ones which don't hold food below the lowest outlet because it tends to be uneaten and sits and rots. The most important thing is start off with them only 1/2 or 1/3 full and see where how quickly the birds empty them perhaps most importantly is to clean them regularly with hot soapy water. Once every couple of weeks normally on a Saturday morning I stick all of mine in the dishwasher.
  14. Plenty about and while the weather is still reasonably mild they will all be in the countryside, fields woods and hedgerows. Wild birds don't need to be fed during Spring, Summer and Autumn and particularly in the breeding season because although you might think you are doing them a favour the young of most species cannot easily digest mass produced bird foods, especially peanuts. Now its starting to get colder they will start moving into urban areas, parks and gardens and taking advantage of the free hand outs. Also have you ever heard of the saying up with the lark...? Most ga
  15. Adge Cutler

    Dog Owners

    My next door neighbour went away once for a long weekend and left their Westie access to the garden via a dog flap, plenty of water and a auto feeder. It barked incessantly from Friday evening all through the night and was still barking Saturday afternoon when I called the police. They called the RSPCA andbetween them they accessed the property and took the dog away. It was actually bleeding from the throat and was totally hoarse when they rescued it, as well as being completely traumatised by the whole thing They were given a warning but still did the same thing 6 months later.
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