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  1. Quite heavy for 16, is it scaled?
  2. Music to my ears, are you absolutely convinced?
  3. Imperial game as already mentioned, also Gamebore extreme grouse in 29g are super soft through sxs. Similar to Neutron I also find speed to be more contributory to recoil, for example 30g dark storm are much less snappy than 28g as they are slower.
  4. I thought that it was necessary to have a specific deer condition... very happy to be wrong though!
  5. Jeez, reading some off the comments in here it appears that we are having a pretty good go at destroying support for shooting through infighting. No wonder Packham is quiet, hes just sitting back and watching..
  6. Must.. resist... winding ... up... A use for Boris water cannon..
  7. I really didn’t get on with my baikal hushower but I only used subsonic carts (Eley four long and subsonic Magnum) it never felt like it packed enough lunch to kill pigeons and was only really useful for short range rabbit stalking, seems like I was too hasty in getting rid!
  8. Pickers up will thank you for using 5’s, funnily enough I use these for pigeon too. 6’s for early Grouse, anything lighter for clays. ‘See bird, shoot bird’ works for all.
  9. Chatting to farmer locally his thoughts/hope we’re that by the time they’d finished on acorns the rape would be well away. ALTHOUGH.. with today’s wind and rain many of the acorns are on the deck so won’t be around for long.
  10. Local smith charges 20 per barrel to open up.
  11. Sorry for the hijack, but I have tried to get land cleared and they will only advise ‘it’s cleared for 243’ and not ‘up to’ and when chased don’t respond. I was looking to shoot HMR over the land which I have written permission for, am I right I n thinking that this would be ok? fAO are pretty useless here (Essex)
  12. Good point, Vermin and ground game... oh no .. I NEED a new gun... I can’t find a link..
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