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  1. Side by Side Club

    Thanks for posting. It’s amazing how some people treat their guns and have no pride of ownership. I imagine the original owner paid a small fortune for this gun new. I only have a no.4 but aspire to owning a no.2 or even a no.1 one day. Like what you did with the Silvers pad, looks good.
  2. Honest opinion on the kids and the internet

    I think I might be in the minority on here. My daughter is 10 now and had her first phone when she was 8. I’m not sure about android phones but if your son has an iPhone you can control the restriction level of the content they can view. I did this on her iPhone and if set correctly they shouldn’t be able to access any potentially unsuitable websites including YouTube. Only you will know the passcode. Taking the phone off the lad is not the answer. It’s a peer pressure thing, I would say 8/10 of the kids in my daughter’s class have phones and they are always messaging each other, perfectly innocently. It’s a new world and my daughter is always on the thing. Just be aware and vigilant and check his phone from time to time to see what he has been up to.
  3. I’ve had no problems with this shell with over 3k put through my Browning so far. Can’t see me changing anytime soon.
  4. Side by Side Club

    Good idea, I’m in.

    Thanks for posting these old adverts, very interesting. As for the XXV being 'easier to shoot with' and 'handles like a twenty and shoots as hard as a ten'... (love my XXV by the way!)
  6. Worst movie you have ever watched.

    He was great in ’High Fidelity’!
  7. Barbour Jacket

    I bought a newer style Barbour wax jacket ready for the winter, mainly for nostalgic reasons I might add. I really like it and it’s great for what I use it for (ie walking the dog) but if you want a totally waterproof jacket I would look elsewhere. It’s a heavy coat and not at all breathable but it is warm. I’d buy another, but for use as an all round shooting coat in all weathers I much prefer my Goretex jacket.
  8. Range Rover

    Not wishing to derail the thread but just read this in the DM: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/cars/article-5495633/This-Range-Rover-sets-record-time-deadly-mountain-road-China.html I think I want one now
  9. Browning ultra xs - Prestige ??.

    Different engraving, titanium chokes with the Prestige.
  10. freelander or summat else

    +1 Had mine for over 10 years, very reliable
  11. Head Phone time

    Nice find. Love that battered old Strat. Just listened to the original, prefer this!
  12. South Worcester

    Cotswold Clay Shooting at Farmington quarry near Northleach are open. They don’t have traps with delay however.
  13. Is it snowing yet

    Snowing quite heavily in Cheltenham. Supposed to be clay shooting in an hour and already the A417 is blocked due to collisions. Looks like I’ll be staying in :(
  14. Richer Sounds

    I like Richer Sounds, always had good deals from them in the past. I guess it it up to the individual. It matters not a jot to me what Julian Richer's personal prejudices are.. everybody has the right to an opinion. I'm not a Queen fan, but would you let Brian May's beliefs put you off buying and enjoying the music?
  15. David Gilmour Heads Up

    Thanks for the heads up. Just watching it now on iPlayer. What an incredible light show...