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  1. +1 I would buy the heaviest gun you feel comfortable with if you are semi serious about shooting sporting clays. Yes, some people will say they get on fine with their game guns but sporters are heavier for a reason. I regularly take my SxS to shoot a round for fun but shooting any volume in a short space of time with a light gun and you will feel it.
  2. Just picked Yala Enki out of a hat in Gold Cup sweepstake at work. 100-1 😭 Might be worth EW at the bookies. What say PW?
  3. Chrome lined barrels on 425 onwards. Invector plus chokes on 525 (I think) onwards.
  4. I pay into a Junior ISA with Coventry BS as they had the best interest rate at the time. Tax free but you are limited to max savings of around £4k a year. Child can’t access the savings until they are 18.
  5. MrPhantom

    Keith Flint

    +1 I have great memories of their live shows in 90’s and Keith was always a huge presence onstage. Outwardly it appeared he had so much to live for. Tragic. RIP
  6. Black Mirror - some episodes are better than others, but most are excellent. Stranger Things Mindhunter A few oldies if you haven’t seen them - Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Homeland
  7. A few more local to me: http://www.cotswoldcc.co.uk/ http://www.old-downs-pursuits.co.uk/ https://www.hailesclayshooting.co.uk/
  8. Mid ‘80’s according to this link http://www.shotguns.se/html/aya_serial_numbers.html Never heard of a Viscount by AYA - put some piccies up!
  9. MrPhantom

    White Stuff!!

    About an inch here, roads are clear and daughter's school is closed!
  10. The seller has it on GT for £200 cheaper which is a very fair price. That would make it worth the drive!
  11. I switched to 24g in my SxS a couple of years back for clays and haven't noticed any deterioration in my scores. Shooting 100 28g in a relatively short space of time was not that pleasant for me. Wasn't expecting there to be much difference but I found the 24g way more comfortable to shoot and didn't feel in any way disadvantaged by the lighter load. I'm tempted to try a round with 21g but I suspect that might be a step too far.
  12. The Ultra XS is the standard sporter, XT is the trap version. Ultra XSH is somewhere between the two - a trap version of the XS with a sporter forend and multichokes. The Prestige is a bling version of XS. Nicer wood generally and different engraving. Comes with titanium chokes as standard. I notice they have just introduced an XS Pro too. No idea about this one! I’ve owned a standard XS for years and no real desire to change. Quite heavy but that’s no bad thing.
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