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  1. Yes, but not clear whether S1 or S2.
  2. +1 A little goes a long way. A drop or two on the tip of my finger will totally cover one side of my stock. Leave for a few minutes then palm it off.
  3. Invector Plus are longer than the standard Invector chokes - different thread so are not interchangeable. If your gun uses Invector plus it means your gun has back bored barrels. Whether there is any advantage of back bored vs normal is debatable! Think it has been discussed before on here.
  4. Is this just for the revolution 6's only? I've been using the revolution 3's for about 6 months and they're excellent but not sure i'd stump up the extra £250 for this service.
  5. Thanks, this makes sense. I started with a large crate but I read that the crate should be just big enough for the pup to be able to stand up and turn round. I ended up borrowing a much smaller one and she does seem to settle much better at night in this one. After seeing your set up I’ll try using the large crate again so she has more space to relax during the day.
  6. Some great replies on this thread and I’m watching with interest. I’m in a similar situation to you in that I’ve got an 11 week old lab. She is full of energy and I need to watch her all the time but I’m pleased with first few weeks so far. I just concentrated on the basics - sit command, recall when I call her name and retrieving a sock dummy or ball. I practice this for less than 10 mins every day with treat rewards and it’s working. Just keeping it fun. The bit I’m struggling with is the crate! She is fine sleeping in it overnight but definitely not fine when I put her in it for short periods during the day. I’m persevering... any tips gratefully received!
  7. How about ‘Willow’ or ‘Coco’? I’m in the same boat and getting a lab pup first week of June. Good luck with her.
  8. Yes you are quite possibly right about larger grounds using Claymate. The 4 other clubs where I shoot local to me certainly don’t though. To me on the odd occasion it is worth an extra 10p a shot.
  9. It is pretty extortionate although there are 20-odd stands to choose from, offering every shot in the book. The only reason I can justify going there is if I’m practicing alone. Using claymate you can set a 3 second delay on the button which is great if you shoot mid week by yourself.
  10. I just saw this, fantastic! https://www.thedrive.com/news/40130/prince-philips-casket-will-ride-in-a-custom-land-rover-he-helped-design
  11. You're way more observant than me, I was struggling to ID the s/auto. Hope he picked up his empties 😃
  12. Well it wasn’t too shabby on Top Gear just now.
  13. There are 2 clay grounds that I regard as ‘local’ to me at 18 and 21 miles away. I will be going next week.
  14. I watched his live stream last night and his story is incredible. It will be very interesting to see this unfold over the next few days. He’s not happy that’s for sure, and justifiably so.
  15. If not sorted yet I’ve just noticed a couple of extended Teagues on that well known auction site.
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