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  1. MrPhantom

    Spice Girls Tour

    Just saw on the news that the tour sold out “in minutes” and they have added 4 extra dates to cope with demand! Who is buying these tickets?!
  2. MrPhantom

    Muller chokes??????

    I’m watching this thread with interest. Been after a U3 for a while.
  3. MrPhantom

    Domestic Vacuum recommendations

    Another Shark vote here. Seems quite light to me and very manoeuvrable. We have one of the 'lift away' ones so the lower part including the roller can be easily removed which makes it lighter still. Perfect for stairs, car, etc.
  4. MrPhantom

    Side by Side Club

    Thanks, I'll look out for those as I would rather shoot fibre too. Last time I looked the only fibre .410 shells available in my neck of the woods were Eley Fourlong.
  5. MrPhantom

    Side by Side Club

    Yes, lovely gun you have there. I’d be interested to know what cartridges you used? I was fortunate to be gifted a Modern Arms Ltd .410 SxS a couple of years ago. Don’t take it out as often as I should but great fun when I do. Been using Gamebore 11g 7’s in mine.
  6. MrPhantom

    Grounds on a Sunday in the Cotswolds.

    If gibby means he is going on his own to ‘button himself’, he won’t be able to at these grounds. Coleys has a Claymate set up where you can but it’s not open on Sundays. Of course he could tag along with others who could button for him, or go with a mate!
  7. MrPhantom

    Sporting Rifle 'Spot the Difference' competition

    I’m looking at 7 guns in a gun rack. Is this the correct comp, Steve?! Only found 4 differences so far...
  8. MrPhantom

    Heads Up

    Thanks for that. Looks good, surprised it’s on primetime BBC1.
  9. MrPhantom

    Side by Side Club

    AYA no.4 - should be able to get one in very nice condition for less than your budget.
  10. MrPhantom

    Browning B325 Chokes

    My 325 had invector chokes. It will be stamped on the barrels..
  11. MrPhantom

    Eric Clapton

    Yes I enjoyed that, a very good documentary. What a life he has led!
  12. MrPhantom

    Maxus Litepipe

    I used superglue when I used to own a Maxus. Replacements are on the bay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Browning-Maxus-HiViz-TriComp-PM2003-Light-Pipe-only-2-off-Yellow-triangular-10/202352113094?hash=item2f1d2035c6:g:NhMAAOSwiYRap4Fb
  13. MrPhantom

    wanted fox hat and racoon hat

    ? very good!
  14. MrPhantom


    I get this with my light sxs. When shooting the second barrel (rear trigger) the finger connects with the front trigger when the gun recoils. I think this is why some of the more expensive guns have articulated front triggers. I don't think it is a LOP issue in my case as, dare I say it, I do shoot quite well with it ?. I just notice it more now as I shoot clays with this sxs much more than I used to. There is a thread on here somewhere where people have had similar issues.
  15. MrPhantom

    Which disposable razor?

    This one from 5 years ago? Some useful info. https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/222994-razor-blades-are-we-being-ripped-off/