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  1. MrPhantom

    Excited much

    Have fun, I’m sure it will be an amazing show. Always liked Metallica but not seen them live since the late ‘80’s. Ticket price has gone up a bit I see (just seen the ‘Enhanced Experiences’ tickets!!). Will expect a full review when you get back. 🤘🤘
  2. MrPhantom


    I was wondering that but just checked again and all is working as normal
  3. Wow. Somebody is getting a bargain! Wish you were closer, etc. Sorry you are giving up shooting.
  4. Have to agree with this. Think they are 27g - I was quite glad when I finished the slab and could change to something else.
  5. Quite a lot harder to shoot sim pairs with a pump! Particularly a pair going away. Good fun though.
  6. Nice collection, would love to see the H&H. Any chance of putting some pictures up?
  7. Sandwell Field Sports sell a tuned, customised Hw99 which they market as the ‘Imp’. Got amazing reviews online and I’ve always been tempted to buy one. Only in .22 though.
  8. Coleys is an expensive ground to shoot at, as in price per clay, compared to others. Their cartridge prices are very competitive however and I regularly buy mine from there. Not tried their Gold Cup cartridge yet..
  9. That’s interesting as I find them quite soft although that is through a 8.5lb gun. I found hull superfast and fiocchi fblack more uncomfortable to shoot. Currently using Clever mirage T1 which is classed as their budget cartridge and I can see me sticking with them for a while.
  10. If you can get hold of gamebore velocity plus, they are a good budget cartridge at around £200/1000. I personally wouldn’t pay the extra for white gold.
  11. Rabbits are travelling a lot slower than you think. I always used to have problems hitting these too until I was told this! Always missing in front, yet the dust kicked up made it look that I was behind. Try to ‘shoot their feet off’ with minimal lead helped me.
  12. Yes, Coleys definitely do have this system and it is great if you fancy a quick practice on your own. The problem is that it is the most expensive ground that I've ever been to! From memory they charge 40p a clay (but could be more). As Bobba says, visit a few clubs in the area and ask if somebody will press the button for you. It's always more fun shooting with others.
  13. MrPhantom


    I genuinely did not know that! Interesting.
  14. MrPhantom


    Both are protected!
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