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  1. MrPhantom

    Eric Clapton

    Yes I enjoyed that, a very good documentary. What a life he has led!
  2. MrPhantom

    Maxus Litepipe

    I used superglue when I used to own a Maxus. Replacements are on the bay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Browning-Maxus-HiViz-TriComp-PM2003-Light-Pipe-only-2-off-Yellow-triangular-10/202352113094?hash=item2f1d2035c6:g:NhMAAOSwiYRap4Fb
  3. MrPhantom

    wanted fox hat and racoon hat

    😂 very good!
  4. MrPhantom


    I get this with my light sxs. When shooting the second barrel (rear trigger) the finger connects with the front trigger when the gun recoils. I think this is why some of the more expensive guns have articulated front triggers. I don't think it is a LOP issue in my case as, dare I say it, I do shoot quite well with it 😉. I just notice it more now as I shoot clays with this sxs much more than I used to. There is a thread on here somewhere where people have had similar issues.
  5. MrPhantom

    Which disposable razor?

    This one from 5 years ago? Some useful info. https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/222994-razor-blades-are-we-being-ripped-off/
  6. MrPhantom

    Left handed Browning

    Actually scrub that, as you probably mean a dedicated leftie so the spent cartridge doesn't fly in front of your face when you shoot
  7. MrPhantom

    Left handed Browning

    I think you can change the cast on the Maxus with the shims supplied with the gun. You can definitely adjust the drop, as I did with mine and I vaguely remember you can adjust the cast too. Perhaps any Maxus owners can confirm (as I no longer own mine).
  8. MrPhantom

    Side by Side Club

    Yes, thanks Seadog. Mine is on the latest iOS version so that would explain it. I'm guessing an older iPad won't run iOS 11. Wait and see what Anthony comes back with!
  9. MrPhantom

    Side by Side Club

    Hi OB. All is fine using my iPad. Perhaps clear your filters and try again?
  10. MrPhantom


    There is one on the well known auction site as it noticed it yesterday. I think it was collection only though.
  11. MrPhantom

    Side by Side Club

    Thanks for posting. It’s amazing how some people treat their guns and have no pride of ownership. I imagine the original owner paid a small fortune for this gun new. I only have a no.4 but aspire to owning a no.2 or even a no.1 one day. Like what you did with the Silvers pad, looks good.
  12. MrPhantom

    Honest opinion on the kids and the internet

    I think I might be in the minority on here. My daughter is 10 now and had her first phone when she was 8. I’m not sure about android phones but if your son has an iPhone you can control the restriction level of the content they can view. I did this on her iPhone and if set correctly they shouldn’t be able to access any potentially unsuitable websites including YouTube. Only you will know the passcode. Taking the phone off the lad is not the answer. It’s a peer pressure thing, I would say 8/10 of the kids in my daughter’s class have phones and they are always messaging each other, perfectly innocently. It’s a new world and my daughter is always on the thing. Just be aware and vigilant and check his phone from time to time to see what he has been up to.
  13. I’ve had no problems with this shell with over 3k put through my Browning so far. Can’t see me changing anytime soon.
  14. MrPhantom

    Side by Side Club

    Good idea, I’m in.
  15. MrPhantom


    Thanks for posting these old adverts, very interesting. As for the XXV being 'easier to shoot with' and 'handles like a twenty and shoots as hard as a ten'... (love my XXV by the way!)