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  1. MrPhantom

    Are side by side guns obsolete

    Haha.. nice looking gun all the same! Interesting information thank you, just had a quick look on GT and I can see what you mean. Somewhat out of my price range! Possibly am getting mixed up with model 53. I didn’t realise they had full pistol grip and beavertail forend. For that money I think i would buy a no.1 instead. Still, I can dream...
  2. MrPhantom

    Are side by side guns obsolete

    Nice.. but I meant Aya 56 side by side. Similar to Aya no.2 but with side clips and heavier. Never seen one in the flesh.
  3. MrPhantom

    Are side by side guns obsolete

    AYA Model 56 maybe? Quite rare these days and expensive as a result. I would like to try one for a round of sporting if I ever got the chance.
  4. MrPhantom

    Are side by side guns obsolete

    I hope you’re right although I haven’t noticed the cartridge companies expanding their range. I shoot clays with a mate (he uses a 16g, me a 12g) and we both take regularly take our side by sides for a bit of fun. Try getting a 65mm Clay cartridge for a 16g! I think Hull do one but at double the price of 12g. To be honest I’d love a 16g but cost is prohibitive for me at the moment.
  5. MrPhantom

    Upstart Crow.

    Now that was a classic, probably the best comedy he has ever done.
  6. MrPhantom

    Thread of the year

    The introduction of ‘Side by Side Club’. Also enjoyed the lively extreme pheasant shooting debate.
  7. MrPhantom

    Miroku MK60 Grade 5 or Browning Crown

    Interesting thread this. I’ve always admired the Heritage and it was on my wish list. Never heard of the Crown until now but what a fantastic looking gun. Nice dilemma to be in. Let us know the outcome.
  8. MrPhantom

    Barrel Wall thickness for used gun?

    Still use my 25” Black Sabel deluxe made by Arrieta. Nicely balanced gun and decent quality.
  9. MrPhantom

    Side by Side Club

    Thanks for explaining, interesting reading
  10. MrPhantom

    Side by Side Club

    Just out of interest how can you tell? If I'm looking at a secondhand gun and I'm told it has been restocked, is that a good thing from a buyers point of view? I'm guessing a gunsmith would try to replace with a piece of wood at least (if not better) quality than the original if possible. Certainly looks excellent in the case of guzzicats example.
  11. MrPhantom

    The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs,Coen Brothers Movie.

    Nice to see old Tom Waits as the gold prospector. Love his music but rarely see him in films. Thanks for the heads up, definitely worth a watch.
  12. MrPhantom

    Muller U3 Choke Invector Plus

    Looking for a Muller U3 Invector Plus to fit my Browning. Thanks!
  13. MrPhantom

    2k budget - 692,725?

    If you’re just after a gun for clays, take a look at a Browning Ultra XS if in stock. Should get a good one for less than your budget. Similar design to 425/525, very nice gun for the money.
  14. MrPhantom

    wifi booster

    I've used these too and would recommend also 👍
  15. MrPhantom


    Cotswold Clay Club is open at Farmington quarry near Northleach. No button delay system but it’s a friendly club and I’m sure you could tag along with other shooters. 4 traps on each stand so good variety of targets.