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  1. Just read this in the paper and thought might be of interest to some members. That is some rodent problem! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7904439/Eight-terriers-kill-record-700-rodents-seven-hours-desperate-farmer-called-handlers.html
  2. I'm 6'2'' and enjoy shooting my 25'' sxs. Can't see the issue really 👍
  3. I think so, although they originally came out after 425 (I'm not sure of the action differences between 425/525?). I bought one of the early ones years ago with a non-adjustable stock (which I had fitted) and I seem to get on well with it. They do seem to come with nice wood if that floats your boat. There have been a number of slightly different spec models introduced over the years (xs titanium prestige, xs pro, etc.) which would be worth considering depending on the size of your wallet. I would also look at Miroku MK38 too... So many choices! Good luck.👍
  4. I really like the appearance, very modern and certainly different to the norm. Would definitely consider one if I ever decided to change from my ultra XS. My worry would be knocking / scratching the stock. Is it even possible to raise a dent in laminate?
  5. just read an update - latest thinking is they all hit the tarmac while avoiding a bird of prey. Seems unlikely to me...🤔 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7896281/Flock-200-starlings-dead-road-crashed-Tarmac-died.html
  6. Just heard that Rush drummer Neil Peart passed away on Tuesday after battling brain cancer. My first ever gig as a kid was Rush in 1981 and I've followed them ever since. A true legend and amazing lyricist, hugely influential and up there with the best rock drummers of all time. Exit the warrior...RIP
  7. It seems I could be in the minority on here as I like the guy. Very funny stand up routines and After Life was one of the best shows I watched last year. He has always thrived on being controversial and and I'm looking forward to seeing his performance on the Globes later. Yes, he is outspoken on animal rights issues but he is entitled to his opinion (as we all are).
  8. I shoot Clever Mirage T1’s on clays. Another Italian cartridge 2.4mm 7.5, so an English 7. Have yet to try them on pigeons / game.
  9. Can’t advise you what to buy but the Browning XS and MK38 are very similar guns so not much of a change. Yes, the engraving will be nicer on the MK38 but that’s it. Try as many different guns as you possibly can 👍
  10. +1 Agree with this and was told the same when first starting out. If you don’t know what you’re doing wrong you will just be practicing your mistakes. Get the fundamentals right early on with help of a good coach.
  11. Have to agree with what’s been said, always listen to it in the car and it’s a good balance of old/new rock music. Getting a bit addicted to the Legends competition! Too many adverts spoil it a bit.
  12. I have a Black Sabel deluxe too and it is my first choice if a lot of walking is involved as it is so light. They are a decent, well balanced gun and can be picked up very cheaply these days. Mine is made by Arrieta but some are built by Garbi, two well renowned Spanish gunmakers. Certainly comparable in quality to the cheaper AYA sidelocks.
  13. Icebreaker for me. I have a couple of their long sleeve merino tops. Toasty warm. Expensive but you are paying for quality.
  14. An interesting, complicated character and he certainly lived a very turbulent life. One of the legends R.I.P.
  15. I just do one or two quick goes with the cleaning rod on my Browning. As others have said why fuss over a small amount of residue. All the modern Brownings have chrome lined barrels.
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