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  1. I enjoyed that, thanks for posting. Very respectable score using an ill fitting gun! Interesting to see the shot cam footage with eco wad steel shells. Can’t see me trying them anytime soon.
  2. I bought a mint Benelli Supernova last week. Will be nice to shoot a gun that I don’t feel too precious about. This is the short barrelled (24”) version but it is almost as long overall as my Browning O/U. The previous owner had lost the spare chokes 🙄 but I was able to source an extended Briley from a member on here. The LOP was a tad short as standard - I needed at least 0.5“ extra. Benelli replacement pads for ComforTech stocks are £100!! I ended up buying an aftermarket (non Benelli) spacer instead which seemed to do the trick. Looking forward to a fun day on the clays on Friday.
  3. I’m looking for a Briley extended choke (Mobil) for my Benelli, light modified or modified only please. Anybody got any to sell? Thanks all 👍
  4. Loved the John Carpenter version and always deliberately steered clear of the latest remake as it got such bad reviews. Might check it out now 👍
  5. What a nice position to be in. My 12 year old daughter has zero interest in shooting and I can't see that changing. Even offered many times to pay her to work the buttons when I'm on the clays but she flatly refuses 😆 As previously said, I would start her off on stationary targets first. If she struggles with those she won't hit a moving clay. Most of all, make it fun with lots of encouragement.
  6. MrPhantom

    The Meg

    Yes I liked Happy Gilmore too. Very funny in places.
  7. Unlikely, the advert is 11 years old.
  8. Interesting point and I think you’re right, certainly on the bigger registered shoots. At one shoot I go to there are still stands marked as decoyed pigeon, teal, distant crow, low partridge and even fox (slow orange rabbit clay!).
  9. I was told once it was to simulate a dropping duck, could be either! Hard target when edge on and dropping fast.
  10. Enjoyed that video, some good targets in the wind. I’ve been meaning to try Barbury for a while now. I think the Gnat has finally convinced me to go ✈️
  11. SOLD! Nice meeting you, David.
  12. Yes it’s an ejector, 70mm and 14.75” with no pad.
  13. I wonder if it makes the clay fly differently. It would be fun to randomly drop a couple in to the clay stack to scare my shooting mates. It's a self-run shoot before anybody asks!
  14. MrPhantom

    Suppers Ready

    I never really ‘got’ Genesis but love Peter Gabriel’s subsequent solo albums. I should make more of an effort to listen to the early stuff. Was Suppers Ready when Gabriel dressed as a flower onstage?!
  15. There might be some confusion here. The Browning Midas choke with the gold band is steel not titanium. The Briley titaniums have different coloured bands depending on constriction and are considerably more expensive.
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