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  1. Yes inevitable really. I haven’t been to Glastonbury for years but have friends who go every year. I think Cheltenham Gold Cup will be very different this year too!
  2. You are quite right - 'conserving endangered wild birds' is the reason. Much tighter than it used to be.
  3. This is an enjoyable watch, particularly if you appreciate fine English (or Scottish!) guns. Would love to shoot a Dickson RA one day...
  4. Well that cheered me up 👍
  5. I can relate to this as I feel the same. I’ve got the funds and I think if I don’t do it this year I never will. Just waiting until this lockdown is over and I can start travelling to demo some contenders. Top of the list to try is a K80 Parcours, after handling one at a clay ground recently. Before that I was tempted by a Browning B15 - I know, totally different!
  6. Seriously? Sour Cream and Onion Pringles are my favourite crisps. Really unhealthy snack though, full of saturated fat ☹️
  7. As said on the other thread I’ve owned mine for 12 years and it’s used daily for commuting and as weekend shooting vehicle. Happily take it across fields when shooting but know its limitations. Great for stubbles, farm tracks, snow, etc. but no deep ruts, steep muddy inclines or any more serious off-roading. It just hasn’t got the ground clearance (the exhaust always looked vulnerable to me) but I haven’t got stuck yet. Switchable two/four wheel drive is handy and good sized boot for kit.
  8. Looking at the rules on gov.uk website for tier 4 you can only go out for ‘essential activities’ and/or meet 1 person not in your household in tier 4 for exercise only. Pretty much like the last full lockdown. No way will group sporting activities be able to go ahead.
  9. Love my xtrail but it’s an older model (54 plate) than the one you’re considering. Bought when 4 years old with 40k on the clock and been driving it ever since. No reliability issues, 2 largish bills in 12 years (new fuel pump, clutch) which I guess is to be expected with a car that is now on 140k. Plenty of space in the boot for dog and shooting kit and not so new that you feel precious about it when you take it off road. If your car has a full service history and is the right price I would say go for it. Actually scrub the service history bit as it’s only done 7k!
  10. I ordered a set of Vario's and I'm getting the impressions done next week. With regard to the batteries, I understand that they degrade even when you have switched the plugs off - I think they only last a few weeks. Pretty cheap from Amazon (£12 for 60) so not too much of an issue to swap them out before a shoot.
  11. It was always a green 996 / 998 for me, since seeing it used in the Matrix Reloaded years ago. A very cool bike and a bit pricey these days.
  12. Bargain price for a very nice gun. This won’t be around for long.
  13. He probably doesn’t own a video player anymore. After all it was 17 years ago! 😂
  14. Driven past that pub loads of times. Must give it a try one day. Ta for the recommendation 👍
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