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  1. I always get sucked in to reading these lists too. Hendrix always makes the top 5, maybe because he was a true innovator, certainly not based on his recorded output. Never really understood what makes one guitarist 'better' than another, and who is qualified to judge? Maybe I'm overthinking this a bit..😂
  2. Bit late to this thread. Which vario’s did you go for? I’ve been using their Revolution 3 Clay set for over a year and thoroughly recommend them.
  3. I couldn't submit readings yesterday on EON's website. Ending up ringing them and giving them over the phone. They were having 'technical problems'.
  4. I can’t understand why he wasn’t escorted out by security. He shouldn’t have been allowed to just sit there afterwards as if nothing had happened. I respect the guy as an actor but it was common assault. For those who think it was staged, watch the foul mouthed abuse Will shouts at him after. Think it was cut from the original broadcast. Shame as it tarnished the night for him, particularly as he won an Oscar soon after. Bad publicity for him for sure, people will be talking about it for years.
  5. A good series, think there are 4 episodes so far. What a fantastic craftsman.
  6. Think this answers the question as to why he didn’t phone the police (taken from the Mail article).
  7. Looks like an Evolution. Nice gun, enjoy!
  8. Good post, totally agree. Worth mentioning that YouTube now has 4K content too although admittedly not on the shooting channels that I watch.
  9. Can't comment on the Mossberg but love my Supernova. I've been using it in my duck syndicate this season and it is excellent. No problems shooting heavier loads too if that is important to you.
  10. Lop is measured to the middle of the trigger, not the guard.
  11. Has your friend seen this one? https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/shotguns/churchill-ej/side-by-side/12-gauge/hercules-210622132918001
  12. Just watched it, very biased one sided view. Not sure I was expecting anything else really. I wouldn’t buy game in supermarkets after watching that.
  13. First post on link below. Worked for mine https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/146518-date-your-berettabrowningmiroku/
  14. There are 2 Browning Midas (made by Briley) for sale 1/4 & 1/2 over on ShootClay. I have no connection to the seller btw.
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