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  1. An interesting, complicated character and he certainly lived a very turbulent life. One of the legends R.I.P.
  2. I just do one or two quick goes with the cleaning rod on my Browning. As others have said why fuss over a small amount of residue. All the modern Brownings have chrome lined barrels.
  3. For £2k you are in the ballpark of a secondhand Browning 725 pro sport or ultra XS prestige. I would also agree with Miroku MK38. If he likes Beretta why not a used 682 gold e as this is still regarded a classic, or stretch the budget a bit and try a DT10. I would stick to the ‘big 3’ with this budget personally and get the best he can afford. Try as many as possible - what fun! 👍
  4. This thread reminded me of the recent 'Freddie Mercury' tattoo on Jodie Marsh. I would be mortified 😂 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7353473/Jodie-Marshs-fans-joke-tattoo-Freddie-Mercury-looks-like-Chris-Kamara.html
  5. Now that is a good list. Can't argue with that 👍
  6. Exactly my experience. I swapped out the Midas chokes for Mullers and, to me, my XS felt better instantly. I ended up adding a couple of oz to the stock too to get the balance exactly how I wanted it.
  7. No 4’s have ejectors. Are you sure it’s not a no. 3? Nice gun all the same.
  8. Incredible numbers. Struggling to identify animals in bottom left of picture? Wallabies??
  9. Looks like great fun, as it should be. Wouldn't want to be doing the pick-ups on that first stand 😁
  10. Another Shark fan here. I’ve got a Shark lift away and it does everything well - hard floors, stairs... Had a Henry before this and wouldn’t go back.
  11. On average that’s 2 pigeons killed a minute for 8 hours. Is that even possible? Not for me and I think I would have probably given up after 2 hours. Red letter day for sure.
  12. Still driving my 54 plate 2.2 dci and will look at getting another later version when this one dies. Relatively trouble free up until the last 2 years where I’ve had a couple of scary big bills with a new fuel pump and clutch. Interested in opinions on the new Xtrails and how they compare to the old style. Looks-wise it is a totally different car.
  13. I've been given a box of 12g 70mm 7.5 Winchester AA Club cartridges from a relative. Any idea of age or rarity? I'm guessing 1990's but a google search reveals nothing. Plenty of images of AA's with black/red box but none with light brown/sandy coloured box like these. Will put a picture up later if they are of interest - if not I will just shoot them!
  14. I would say very similar scores for me. Maybe it’s an age thing and sentimentality creeping in, or perhaps since I lost my dog six months ago but much prefer a few hours on the clays in good company these days. Incredible buzz when you’re shooting well on a testing layout.
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